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The Harvest of the Sea
Including sketches of Fisheries & Fisher Folk by James G. Bertram (1873)


  • Preface
  • List of Authorities
  • Chapter I - Fish Life and Growth
    Classification of Fish - Their Form and Colour - Mode and Means of Life - Curiously-shaped Fish - Senses of Smell and Hearing in Fish - Fish nearly Insensible to Pain - The Fecundity of Fish - Sexual Instinct of Fish - External Impregnation of the Ova - Ripening of a Salmon Egg - Birth of a Herring - The Rich versus the Poor Man's Fish - Curious Stories about the Growth of the Eel - All that is known about the Mackerel-Whitebait-Mysterious Fish: the Vendace and the Powan -Where are the Haddocks? - The Food of Fish - Fish as a rule not Migratory - The Growth of Fish Shoals - When Fish are good for Food - The Balancing Power of Nature.
  • Chapter II - Fish Commerce
    Early Fish Commerce - Sale of Fresh-water Fish - Cured Fish - Influence of Rapid Transit on the Fisheries - Fish-ponds - The Logan Pond - Ancient Fishing Industries - The Dutch Herring Fishing  - Zuyder Zee Herring Fishery - The Fishers of Friesland - The Herring in Holland - The Dutch Cure - Dutch Salmon - Salmon Fishing in Holland - Law of the Fishing.
  • Chapter III - Italian, Scottish, and French Fisheries
    Comacchio - The Art of breeding Eels - A well-designed Eel Farm - Profits of Eel-breeding in the 16th century - Progress of Fishing in Scotland - A Scottish Bus - Newfoundland Fisheries - The Greenland Whale Fishing - Specialty of different Fishing Towns - The General Sea Fisheries of France - French Fish Commerce - French Sea Fisheries - The Basin of Arcachon - French Sardine Fishery - Sardine Curing - Want of Statistics of the British Fisheries.
  • Chapter IV - Fish Culture
    Antiquity of Pisciculture - Italian Fish-Culture - Sergius Orata - Re-discovery of the Art - Shaw versus Gehin and Remy - Jacobi - Shaw of Drumlanrig - The Ettrick Shepherd - Scientific and Commercial Pisciculture - A Trip to Huningue - Bale and its Fish-market - Huningue described -The Water Supply - Modus Operandi at Huningue - Packing Fish-Eggs - An important Question -Artificial Spawning - Danube Salmon - Plan of a Suite of Ponds - M. de Galbert's Establishment -Practical Nature of Pisciculture -Turtle-Culture - Best Kinds of Fish to rear - Pisciculture in Germany - Stormontfield Salmon - Breeding Ponds - Design for a Suite of Salmon-Ponds -Statistics of Stormontfield - Acclimatisation of Fish - The Australian Experiment.
  • Chapter V - Anglers' Fishes
    Fresh-Water Fish not of much value - The Angler and his Equipment - Pleasures of the Country in May - Anglers' Fishes - Trout, Pike, Perch, and Carp - Gipsy Anglers - Angling Localities - Gold Fish - The River Scenery of England - The Thames - Thames Anglers - Sea Angling - Various Kinds of Sea-Fish - Proper Kinds of Bait - The Tackle necessary - The Island of Arran - Corry - Goatfell, etc.
  • Chapter VI - Natural History of the Salmon
    The Salmon our best-known Fish - Controversies and Anomalies - Food of Salmon - The Parr Controversy - Experiments by Shaw, Young, and Hogg - Grilse: its Rate of Growth - Do Salmon make Two Voyages to the Sea in each Year? - The Best Way of Marking Young Salmon.
  • Chapter VII - The Economy of a Salmon River
    The Salmon as an article of Commerce - Fecundity of the Fish - Mr. Stoddart's Calculations -Dangers of Overfishing - Growth of our Salmon-Fisheries - The Golden Age of the Fisheries - Grilse-Killing - The River Tay: Statistics of its Produce - The English Salmon-Fisheries - Upper and Lower Proprietors.
  • Chapter VIII - The Natural History of the Herring
    Overfishing of the Herring - The Old Theory of Migration - Geographical Distribution of the Herring - Mr. John Cleghorn's Ideas of the Natural History of the Herring - Mr. Mitchell on the National Importance of that Fish - Commission of Inquiry into the Herring Fishery - Growth of the Herring -The Sprat - Should there be a Close-time? - Caprice of the Herring.
  • Chapter IX - The Herring Fishery
    The Herring Fisheries - The Lochfyne Fishery - The Pilchard - Herring Commerce - Mr. Methuen -The Brand - The Herring Harvest - A Night at the Fishing - The Cure - The Curers - Herring Boats -Increase of Netting - Are we Overfishing? - Proposal for more Statistics.
  • Chapter X - Our White-Fish Fisheries
    Difficulty of obtaining Statistics of our White-Fish Fisheries - Ignorance of the Natural History of the White Fish - "Finnan Haddies" - The Gadidae Family: the Cod, Whiting, etc. - The Turbot and other Flat Fish - When Fish are in Season - How the White-Fish Fisheries are carried on - The Cod and Haddock Fishery - Line-Fishing - The Scottish Fishing Boats - Loss of Boats on the Scottish Coasts - Storms in Scotland - Trawl-Net Fishing - Description of a Trawler - Evidence on the Trawl Question.
  • Chapter XI - Natural History of the Oyster
    Description of the Oyster - Controversies about Oyster-Life - Do Oysters live upside down? - The Spawning of Oysters - Oyster-Growth - When do Oysters become reproductive for Dredging? - Sergins Orata - Lake Fusaro - Oyster-Fascines - Ile de Re, and Growth of the Park System - Economy of the Parks - Greening the Oyster - Oyster-Growth - Spat Collectors - Miscellaneous Facts.
  • Chapter XII - Economy of an Oyster-Farm
    English Oyster-Farms - Whitstable - Pout Oyster-Grounds - Price of Brood - "Natives" - Colne Oyster-Beds - Cost of Working the Beds - Increase of the Oyster - Demand for the Bivalve -Collecting for the Beds - Newhaven Oyster-Beds - The "Whisker'd Pandora" - Song of the Dredger - Oysters in America.
  • Chapter XIII - Our Shell-Fish Fisheries
    Productive Power of Shell-Fish - Varieties of the Crustacean Family - Study of the Minor Shell-Fishes - Demand for Shell-Fish - Lobsters - A Lobster Store-Pond described - Natural History of the Lobster and other Crustacea - March of the Land-Crabs - Prawns and Shrimps, how they are caught and cured - A Mussel-Farm - How to grow bait.
  • Chapter XIV - Foreign Fishery Exhibitions and Home Aquariums
    Amsterdam Fishery Exhibition - The Variety of Exhibits at a Fishery Exhibition - The Dutch Cure - Exhibition at Arcachon - The higher aspects of a Fishery Exhibition - Questions for Solution - The great question, How to Capture! - Mr. Buckland's Museum of Economic Fish Culture - The Brighton and Crystal Palace Aquaria and the Lessons which may be derived from them.
  • Chapter XV - The Fisher-Folk
    The Fisher-People the same everywhere - Growth of a Fishing Village - Marrying and giving in Marriage - Newhaven, near Edinburgh - Newhaven Fishwives - A Fishwife's mode of doing Superstitions - Dunbar - Buckhaven - Scene - Superstitions - Dunbar - Buckhaven - Scene of the Antiquary: Auchmithie - Smoking Haddocks - The Round of Fisher Life - Fittie and its quaint Inhabitants.
  • Chapter XVI - Stories of Fisher Life
    Signs and Tokens - A French Fishwoman - The Fishwives of Paris - The Story of a Prestonpans Widow - Psalm John of Whelkholes - Jean Cowie's Story - Fisher Names - Dramatic Sketch -Growth of a Storm - "The Last Scene of All."

A National Fisheries Society
By Charles Edward Fryer (1883) (pdf)

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