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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
Picture Identification Index

Page 4. Oil Derrick
Page 8. Mae Rusk, Bertha, Big Eagle, Mrs. Dennis Jones
Page 10. Louis Shoenale
Page 12. Dennis, Bertha Big Eagle, Ura May Jones
Page 14. Rose Shunk
Page 16. Mertie Rusk, Bertha Big Eagle
Page 18. Bertha Big Eagle
Page 20. Louis Red Eagle, Bertha Big Eagle
Page 22. Metza Bertha Big Eagle Jones
Page 24. Mertie Rusk
Page 26. Ura May Jones, Holt, Finn
Page 28. Jeffry and Annie Smith
Page 30. Go-Shin Smith
Page 32. Grace Snake Hide, Berry, Butler
Page 36. Sam Smith, Huhn Kah, Mohn Kah, Saucy Chief
Page 38-39-40. News clipping
Page 42. Ben Mahshunkashey
Page 44. Billy Mahshunkashey
Page 50. Bertha, Elsie Loho (O Loha Walla) Big Eagle, Rusk
Page 52. Mildred Big Eagle, Mary Agnes
Page 54. Fred Look Out
Page 56. Unidentified Photograph
Page 58. Rush
Page 60. Warren Curtis Jones
Page 64. William Stephens 1, Mary Ann DeWitt Jones
Page 68. Nancy Bellzona Collins, Joseph H. Jones
Page 70. William Stephens 11, (Uncle Billy, Aunt Mary Lou)
Page 72. Dora (Doshia) Jones, Mrs. Ed. Frenchman
Page 74. Juda Jones Buckius and family
Page 76. Loretta (Babe) Buckius
Page 78. Ruth Ann Jones, Cushman, Murray, Hendrix
Page 80. Pearl Hulsey, Ruth Ann's daughter
Page 82. Hileah Rebecca Jones, Killian
Page 83a John Killian
Page 83b Laura Elzora Killian, with her daughter in law, Lorraine and her son, Garland Lee Vanzant. 
Page 83c Laura Elzora Killian and Dallas Lafayette Vanzant.
Page 83d Hettie Killian Fisher, John Killian, and Mary Killian Ragsdale
Page 84. Dennis Homer Flynn Jones
Page 86. Lee Otis Jones
Page 89. Adah Gertrude Jones Wadley as a girl, 14.
Page 90. Velma Louise Pensoneau Jones, 1-15-13.
Page 92. Joseph Hubbard Jones
Page 94. Edward Frenchman, Second wife, Perry.
Page 98. Pierce and Walsie Jones, Watkins
Page 100. Birdie Lou Watkins, Mrs. Charles Herbert Bell
Page 102. Charles Herbert Bell
Page 104. Joseph & Bell Jones in Arkansas
Page 106. Walsie with Joneses In Arkansas
Page 110. Chilocco
Page 112. Little Cook sisters
Page 114. Lewis Broken Jaw & spouse, Jack No Ear, Baby Alfred
Page 116. Creth Little Cook, Big Snake, No Ear, Big Snake
Page 120. Elizabeth Little Cook, Pensoneau, Hernandez
Page 122. "Lizzie,"
Page 126. Chilocco Students
Page 128. Chilocco Students
Page 130. Tillie
Page 132. L.E. Correll, 
Page 134. Velma Louise Pensoneau, Mrs. Lee Otis Jones
Page 136. Velma, Lee
Page 142. Dennis H. Jones, Groom, Collins cousin, Bridesmaid
Page 144. Bertha, Osage Bride
Page 146. Osage Wedding Party
Page 150. Ranch House
Page 152. Mary Frances Keef, Thelma Collins, Osage Wedding
Page 154. Sha Wa Bin
Page 156. Unidentified Photo
Page 158. Mertie
Page 160. Mertie Rusk
Page 162. Babies in a box
Page 166. Elizabeth Ann Brewer, Mrs. Nathaniel Strewart Collins
Page 168. James & Margaret Collins Griffith's family, Texas
Page 170. Elizabeth Ann, Nathaniel S. Collins, youthful
Page 172. Jewel and Jerry Wagner
Page 174. Omy Hobson, Texas
Page 176. Aletha Collins Hobson, Ralph Hall Bartlett
Page 178. Dewey Bartlett holds Ralph, her son.
Page 180. Ruth Ann Hobson Buckner
Page 182. Walcy Hobson McFadden
Page 184. Bicycle shop, Joe & Bell, Perry, Oklahoma
Page 186. Miss Goodson, School teacher, l914, Ralston, Ok.
Page 188. Maude E. Cox, School teacher, Sorghum Ford, Ok.
Page 190. Dennis & Lee Otis Jones, sister Gertrude Wadley
Page 192. Soehnholz grandmother, Paul & Arnold Jones
Page 194. Alonzo, "Lonny," Jones, son of Uncle Billy
Page 196. Benjamin Gray Barbee, Bartlesville, Ok.
Page 198. Dan, Gertrude Jones, son Woodson Wadley
Page 202. Woodson Wadley
Page 206. Adah Gertrude Jones Wadley
Page 208. Gertrude's great-granddaughter
Page 212. John Flood, spouse Anna Tierney
Page 214. Aaron Griffing
Page 216. Maria Yelton Griffing.
Page 218. Honora C. Gosney Flood
Page 222. Four Generations, Gosney, Griffing, Flood, Yelton
Page 224. Honora, Henry Flood
Page 226. Flood twins, John and Ross Flood. Ross d 6/25/95.
Page 228. Flood twins older
Page 230. Flood twins, young adults
Page 232. Louise Flood, Mrs. Gilbert Smith
Page 234. John, Rodney, Wenona Medler, Mrs. John Flood
Page 236. Brothers John Ross & Rodney Lee Flood with Wenona.
Page 238. Prome Night 
Page 240. Mark & Kathey
Page 242. Chilocco yearbook, l955, Donna Jones.
Page 244. Rhonda Louise & Kharis Flood
Page 246. Kharis Flood [Hanger]



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