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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
The Joneses -
Hiliah Rebecca Jones Killian

Hiliah Rebecca Jones Killian

The Joneses - Hiliah Rebecca Jones Killian

Hiliah Rebecca Jones Killian, Grandfather Joseph Hubbard Jones's
sister, the daughter of William Stephens Jones was married to John W. Killian, September 6, 1873. September 6 is our anniversary, Rodney Lee Flood and Donna Colleen Jones. There are a number of people in the family married on this date.

My father, Lee Otis Jones, always referred to Hiliah Rebecca as Aunt Becky.  Jewel Wagner, niece of Bellzona, Joseph's wife,  also
called her Becky.

John Killian's father was Andrew Jackson Killian. His mother was Margaret. John died at Boone, Arkansas, shot to death.

John and Becky had seven children. They were:  1. Minnie 2. Mary B. 3. Laura Elzora, 4. John 5. Julia 6. Hattie 7. Lytle (male).

Mary B. was married to William H. Young, second to Ragsdale. Laura married Dallas Lafayette Vanzant. Julia was married to Namon Beals. Hattie married Arthur Elsworth Fisher.

Of these above ancestors a great number of descendants are shown. Some of these family names are: Duensing of Wagoner, Oklahoma. Wheeler, Shaw, King, Lewis, Watson, Emmit, Vick, Byrd, Smith, Keele, Sharp, Martin, Spinks, Brooks, Brewer, Morton, Eash, Rankins, Cody, Hoover, Garret, are all family names listed breaking off from this original couple Hiliah (Becky) and John Killian.

November 29, 2000 there was a connection made with a descendant of "Becky"  or Hileah Rebecca Killian Jones, sister to Joseph Hubbard Jones. This descendant, Jackie DeFoor,  is a granddaughter of Becky and this is her account:

John Killian was killed in Valley Springs, Arkansas.  He was close to home,  because when they heard;  Laura, his daughter,  ran all the way to where he was.

In the Newton Cemetery at Rally Hill, Arkansas (this is on a Jones farm) a grave  next to Andrew J. Killian, father to John Killian,  has a standing metal marker, about the size of a regular stone;  it is said to be John W. Killian who was murdered ca. 1894.  Jackie DeFoor, his descendant,  was told at the time, late 1960's, the missing piece off the marker had his name on it."

According to this, John Killian would NOT have been buried at Coweta, Oklahoma, where some histories show him to be.  It is not known where Becky is buried at this time, year 2000.

Author's note:  To find the truth of a matter sometimes the information must be presented, as this last revelation proves.

In fact, William Stephens was said to have been buried around Eufaula by one descendant.  Another said he was buried at Hennessey, Oklahoma still another said, out of  Marshall, Oklahoma.  At this time, 2005 I still am not sure of where he is buried.

Jerry Young,  author of Joneses Pioneers Of The Prairie,  did some searching around Eufaula but found nothing.  Of course, there is the gigantic lake covering so much of the ground in that area.

It really doesn't matter, after all, if we can't find their burial place. The fact is that they lived and we and our Creator know that. The living descendants are the most value to our world. The tie of blood kin is strong and worth every effort to reconnect as a family. Even better is when this sharing of information becomes possible.

Was John around forty years old when he died?  The family shared beautiful pictures of the grown children of Becky. They are handsome people who are well dressed and have a mature manner about them. A little of the sadness can be seen in their eyes. These photographs speak to the strength of Becky who didn't run away from her responsibilities with her children.

I have been told by two different sources that Becky married a Creek Indian man after John was shot. So far no photograph of the Creek man  has surfaced. One story was that the Indian man was a foreman on their place. If these accounts are true what a romantic love story that would make.

Notes from Jackie Defore, descendant of Hileah Rebecca Jones Killian (my grandfather's sister).
Donna Flood

This is the right woman Becky was my GRt Grt Grandmother. Her daughter Laura Elzora married Dallas Lafayette VanZant and they were my grt grandparents. It has been sometime since I looked at the scant data that I have on the Killian family.  John was murdered at Valley Springs in 1894, he was shot off his horse. His father Andrew,  was "Murdered" during the war,  according to his tombstone in Newton Cemetery. Newton Cemetery is on the Howard Jones farm.  Andrew had a brother Cyrus, their father was Jacob. They were in Carroll Co., ARK as early as 1830 in Carroll CO. I THINK they were in Franklin Co., TN in 1820. If my Mother was still alive, she died in 2005, she could tell us off the top of her head about the children.  Becky went into Indian Terriiitory (Oklahoma) before 1900. I think all her children were in it. I am moving the last of my things from TN back to GA. and do not have time to look up files right now. I really need to get that house sold. Running back and forth is wearing me out.  I am sending a copy of this email to OUR cousin Donna Flood who has a website with lots of Jones data. She has a picture of John and Becky on this site as well as some data.  Please keep me on your list and I will get back with you soon. I am adding you to my address book. Donna probably thinks I have died.  Regards, Jackie DeFoor



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