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Mrs. Dwayne Methvin

Mrs. Dwayne MethvinPicture:Mrs. Dwayne Methvin ,daughter of Paulagean Wadley, Mrs. Wilfred King. Adah Gertrude Jones Wadley is the grandmother to this girl. She is the wife of Dwayne Methvin of Dallas, Tx.

Wilfred King

George Wilfred King, father of Marlese,  passed away, age 80, Tuesday morning, January 17, 2006 at the Memorial  hospital of Texas County in Guymon, Oklahoma.

He was the son of George Solon and Laura Edith (Copeland) King. George Wilfred was born May 10, 1925 at Waca, Texas.

George and his wife Paulagean Gertrude Wadley were married June 27, 1948 at Kerrick, Tx. He worked for Phillips Petroleum and retired 1985. They had four children and they were:

1. Danese King Lindsay and spouse Bill Lindsay, Kansas
2. Chris King, Colorado
3. Marlese King Methvin, Oklahoma
4. Keith King & spouse Tami

It would catch people out on their way to town or back home. They could not see to travel and would have to stop at the side of the road. With handkerchiefs over their nose and mouth they would be trying to breathe. The road you had traveled one day would be covered the next day with sand drifted as high as the car. You would have to take to the fields to get around and find your way. The wind would blow the soil away until you could not see where the point of the plow had made the furrow. Fences were completely covered over by the sand. But, we toiled on. We hung wet blankets over the windows where before curtains had hung, just to be able to breathe more freely. Some days were so bad you couldn't cook a meal. For days and days we took the dirt out by the scoopful. We were in Boise City when one of these bad ones came. We ran for the hotel there when Dan came out of the drug store and saw it coming from the north. By the time he set the brakes on the car, run across the street to the hotel it hit. In a few minutes it was darker than midnight. They turned on the lights and you could hardly see the lights, just a small glow was visible. If you struck a match it would go right out. You couldn't see your hand in front of you. We stayed until between one and two a.m. We started to go home and had to turn back, only to almost not be able to find our way back. Finally, we left to go home again. We found a family about half way between Kerrick and Boise City, stranded. The electricity was gone out of their car and it would no longer go.

We finally did get home. This was when we were living in the Santa Fe house. We could hardly get the door open. When we finally did we saw everything was covered with sand. You couldn't tell if there was a carpet on the floor or not. We scooped the dirt out the next morning with a scoop shovel. We would clean up one day and the next day the sand would be all back again. One day the wind would bring it in from the south and the next day it would come from the north.

The Kerrick, Texas people are a wonderful bunch of people and we all stuck it out together.

We had Sunday school every afternoon and on Sundays there was church. I felt God was using me and blessing me with his word as a guide, in union with Sunday school for over twenty one years of the adult Bible class. I hated to leave since we had built a comfortable home there, but Woodson and Paulagean my grown children, had married and we wanted to be closer to them so we wouldn't be so far away for them to care for as we grew older.


Walker Taylor bought our home and wanted to move right in since school was starting. We moved and went to Guymond, Oklahoma looking for a house. We found a house that had belonged to Grady Thompson at 802 W. 5th street. I said, "You mean this house is for sale? What is wrong with it?" I had always admired the house ever since it was first built. When we came inside I was disappointed. It seemed so small inside. My husband said we had to move and it was the best we could do for the time. So, we moved and I shed many tears.

Dan was thinking of building a new home. We talked of it many times. The Lord took him home, and I am left in this house alone. It is too big now, and lonely. God only knows what my next pioneer place will be. I hope it will be on to the Glory land, and that can't be too many years away.


Mrs. Dan T. Wadley
Adah Gertrude Jones Wadley, April 16, 1968



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