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The Joneses -
Velma Louise Pensoneau Jones

Velma Louise Pensoneau Jones

Velma Louise Pensoneau Jones, Mrs. Lee Otis Jones was given her Ponca Name, Me Mah zhee, Rising Moon.  Her mother name Little Bright Moon was Me kah thing gay.  They were granddaughter and daughter of Oo hah zhing gah, Little Cook.

Velma died September 15, 2008, 3:10 p.m. at home. She was peaceful, surrounded by children and grandchildren and was smiling in her death. One of her young students read the scripture at her funeral.

Velma Louise Pensoneau Jones, born January 15, 1913, lived through the developing days of the area around Ponca City, Oklahoma. As a girl she worked for Colonel Zack Miller of the huge 101 ranch. While she was employed there, Lee Otis Jones, (born July 9, 1902 - died October 31, 1986) met her and fell in love with her. Lee and Velma lived a love story to be written and it would hold its own with any attempt at any description of range of life and living. They fought a new battle at every turn, together. They were not to be divided in their unity of purpose and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would all, each in turn, learn this about them.

For lack of time and space one can only list the things they stood for and against: 1. Interracial marriage 2. Pioneering the blending of Christian and Native American compatibility 3. Children born to them of two races. 4. Overcoming educational disadvantages due to time and location 5. Fight for equal housing. 6. Struggle for mental health reforms 7. Step by step battle through a time without special education for a cerebral palsied grandchild. S. Economic and financial struggles throughout their life, met with hard work. 9. Overcoming and meeting the problems associated with Lee's divorce and first family during a time when divorce was not commonly practiced in Oklahoma.

Velma is the daughter of Narcisse Pensoneau who was the grandson of a French trader, Stephen Pensoneau. Stephen Pensoneau was the son of Pasquelle Pensoneau, a Frenchman (his Kickapoo wife was called Shikina). Narcisse's grandmother on the maternal side was Mary Kell Canoles Ross, full blood Cherokee married to a full Yaqui Indian man. Jada Kahbeah, now deceased, formerly a resident of Hartshorn, Kansas knew of the French trader, Stephen Pensoneau. Jim Thorp, famous Oklahoma Indian athlete is descendant of this line. Jim Thorp is a cousin of Narcisse Pensoneau.

Velma is a granddaughter of Sam Little Cook, Oo-Hah-Shing gah, chief of a large clan, rain band, still existing among the Ponca people. She is a beautiful woman, physically and spiritually, feeling a responsibility toward those around her, family and tribe.

Children of Lee and Velma are:

l. Donna Colleen, married Rodney Lee Flood

2. Dennis Michael Jones married  1. Connie Daniel 2. Linda Komma

3. Alvin Lee, married Patricia Sanders.

4. Esther Inez,  married Kenneth Paul Epperson

5. Daniel Clark married 1. Clara Smith 2. Brenda Chergo

Lee and Velma's Grandchildren

Donna's children:  Rhonda Louise Flood . 2. Mark Joseph Flood. "Kay" Kharis Flood: Aaron Casey Hanger Divorce 12/97

Second child asks not to be listed.

Alvin:1. Warren Curtis Jones   2. Paul Mark Jones

Esther: 1. Leah Renee Epperson Bales-divorced Roger Bales 2. Kemy Colleen Epperson Oaks, Mrs. Gary Oakes

Dan 1. Buck Jones  2. Mekiah, "Meka." Jones

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