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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
The Joneses - William Stephens Jones

William Stephens Jones

     A very old family Bible shows these dates and names: William
Stephens Jones, Born December 13, Alabama, died December 20, 1891, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. His wife, Mary Ann Witt was born December 17, 1835, Tennessee. Mary Ann died August 1891, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

     In the book "Early East Tennessee Marriages," Volume 2. Brides, author Sister is listed: Mary A. Witt to William Stephen Jones. Her birthday is shown to be 12-17-1835. His birthday 12-22-1835 which agrees with  our family Bible from Bellzona, daughter-in-law of   William Stephens Jones, who came from Jefferson County in Tennessee.

     The name shown here for Mary Ann is Witt. Since one of her children was DeWitt we are going to show her maiden name to be Witt.

      William Stephens was the son of William Henry (Beaver) Jones, who is buried in the Jones cemetery in Valley Springs, Arkansas close to Harrison. William Beaver Jones, a nickname, and it is listed on his marker as such. William Stephens was the son of Rhoda and William Henry (Beaver) Jones. Rhoda was William's first wife and her maiden name was Halloway. Clarissa was his second wife.

      * William Stephens and Mary Ann DeWitt had nine children: (not in order by age) 1. Hiliah Rebecca (Becky) Jones, Killian 2. William Stephens (Billy) 3. Seborn Cicero (Seib) 4. Joseph Hubbard (Our grandfather) 5. Ruth Ann Jones, Cushman, Hendrix 6. DeWitt 7. Dora (Doshia) 8 Walsie  9. Juda

     Becky's (Hileah Rebecca) first husband was John Killian.

      Ruth Ann was married three times. 1. Cushman 2. Murray 3. Hendrix. Her last name showed Ruth Ann Hendrix in the obituary at Siloam, Springs. Possibly this branch settled in Farmington, New Mexico.

     Dora's husband was Ed Frenchman, who was Delaware and Cherokee Indian. His Indian name was Coo-Weet-Scoo-Weet (Ross). This is translated, "White Dove That Flies In The Morning."

     Walsie's husband was Pierce Watkins.

     Juda's husband was Henry Buckius.

      William Stephens Jones fought for the protection of the Osage Indian people who were relocating around the Bartlesville area. This was an uncommon thing to be done at the time unless one had the blood of the people running through their own veins or through his children's veins from their mother. There was a story told of how he and his sons met an angry crowd of men who came into the Osage camp. This may explain the tragedy that surrounded this family.

      Seborn, “Seib”  was shot and killed in 1891 at Independence, Kansas.

     Hiliah Rebecca's first husband was shot and killed.

      Juda's death was made to look like a car accident.

     Dora's tragic death recorded at the archives in Oklahoma City**.

     William Henry (Beaver) Jones, father of William Stephens Jones came from Georgia. The marker at Valley Springs, Arkansas shows this. William Henry (Beaver) father's name was Wiley or Willy who married Nancy Stewart, widow of Dr. Isaac Stewart, Mobile, Alabama. From the records of wills etc. the county of Jones there in Georgia was owned by these people. Since they stayed neutral during the civil war they were persecuted and many left Georgia for Arkansas after the civil war.*

     An account of one of the Jones women tells of how she sewed their gold in her petticoat and even though they hung her until she passed out, "I never told them where the gold was," she said.

    **Having traced their Welch ancestry to their castle of Llanarth of England and finding their crest I can see why it was no problem to marry into the dark beautiful Indian families.

      The name Jones, originally Herbert goes in a lineal descent through William the Conqueror to King Stephen and directly to Charlemagne.

      This woman, Mary Ann Witt,  is a descendant of John Sevier, first governor of Tennessee. Sevier was the son of French parents. He is listed in the encyclopedia.*** He died in 1817. He was also a senator and died while in office. History accounts do not give details as to his death. However, family accounts whisper about his death as to have been a tragedy. He was a democrat which brings the thing around to politics, also.

      In actuality this woman, Mary Ann, was probably most genteel, as one can see the fineness of her children's appearance. Joe with a soft cravat around his neck, Doshia, in a fashionable period costume, Juda's girl, Loretta, “Babe”  in her Sunday finery and later on in the book, Dennis, Gertrude and Lee Otis dressed in a very stylish manner.

     John Brewer was a photographer. John Brewer was Bellzona's family. Bellzona was William Stephens Joneses' daughter-in-law. He may have been responsible for taking these photographs.

    In the book "Early East Tennessee Marriages," Volume 2. Brides, author Sister is listed: Mary A. Witt to William Stephen Jones. Her birthday is shown to be 12-17-1835. His birthday 12-22-1835 which is correct according to our family Bible from Bellzona. Jefferson County in Tennessee is their location.

    December 11, 2000 new information was received from Jerry Young who has written a number of books and is quite an authority on this Jones genealogy.  This is what he adds:

     Rhoda Holloway was born about 1797 in Georgia. Rhoda died about 1848. She married William "Beaver" Henry Jones, 24. on January in 1823 at Madison County Alabama.

     Rhoda Holloway was the daughter of John Holloway 111 and Mary "Molly" Hubbard.

     John Holloway 111, Rhoda Holloway's father,  was born March 8, 1769. His wife, Mary "Molly" Hubbard was born about 1771. Her father was Moses Hubbard.

     John Holloway 111, was born March 8, 1769, he died July 17, 1817. His parents were Samuel Holloway and Rebecca Hubbard Holloway. Rebecca was the daughter of Joseph Hubbard (the author's grandfather's first two names as in Joseph Hubbard Jones).

     Samuel Holloway was born 1740 in Cumberland, Georgia. he died July 17, 1817. Samuel Holloway married Rebecca Hubbard 1763 at Cumberland county, Virginia.

      Samuel Holloway was the son of John Holloway and Hannah Spiers. William Beaver Joneses second wife was Clarissa Sanders.

*Joneses, Pioneers of the Prairie, Jerry Young, LTD, Tulsa, Ok. library His informtion from Arkansas Federal Census rolls.

**John Burk's History of the Commoners of England.

***Encyclopedia Americana l957 Edition.



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