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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
The Collins - Jewel Hobson Wagner

Jewel Hobson WagnerJEWEL HOBSON WAGNER was born May 3, 1905. She married William "Jerry," Wagner. Jewel is a niece of Bellzona, and a daughter to Aletha Artemis Collins Hobson, sister to Bellzona, and Nathaniel Edmond Hobson. Jewel had no children and because of the Indian relationship that called cousins sisters or brothers Velma Jones considered Jewel and Lee Otis to be brother and sister, thus the children called Jewel, aunt. She was a strong person, a wonderful cook, and a lover of animals. The children never tired of being with her. If not for her none of this information on the Jones's research would have been possible. She knew their names and where they lived in Arkansas before they came to Oklahoma. She has an uncanny gift for remembering dates.

[Added 13th Sept 2001: This is to let the family know that the last descendant of Jacob Fletcher Brewer and Eda Croker, on our line,  one Jewel Hobson Wagner, has past away.  She will be buried at the Riverside cemetery in Ralston, Ok. tomorrow, September 14, 2001,  at 2:30.  There will be grave side services. Elizabeth Ann Brewer Collins, her grandmother,  is buried at the hillside cemetery there in Ralston, also her mother, Aletha Artemis Collins Hobson (Mrs. Nat Hobson). For those of you who didn't know her, she was a strong, determined pioneer of the Oklahoma scene.  She could tell many stories of early day Texas and Oklahoma.  She spoke with a very slow drawl, had a tremendous sense of humor, and loved to quote the things children of the family said.  She had a memory that was incredible and could call the names and birthdays of the nieces, grand nephews and great grand nephews,  who did not even know her name or who she was. One of my favorite quotes was when she said, "Well folks, if you have anything to say to me, you had better say it now.  I've been eating green persimmons and I'm ah closin' up!"  This stated with a twinkle in her eye. Donna]

Jewel's parents, Aletha Artemis Collins, (daughter of Elizabeth Ann Brewer Collins, and Nathaniel Stewart Collins) and Nathaniel Edmond Hobson had eleven children and they are:

1. John Henry Garret Born April 29, 1897, died January 4, 1973. He was married to Lilly Bartlett.
2. Dewey Evans (f) . Born June 7, 1898, died, October 29, 1932. She was married to Jim Bartlett (Lilly Bartlett's brother)
3. William Matthew, born February 16, 1900.
4. Ralph Perry, born February 18, 1902, died July 1903
5. Patrick Lafayette, born December 7, 1903, died August ll, 1974. He was married to Blanch Shipey.
6. Jewel, listed above
7. Ruth Ann, born December 3, 1906. Married Lovell Buckner.
8. Florence Allen, born 9-30-1908, Married Leo Patterson
9. Nathaniel Newton born October 10, 1910, died November 1910.
10. Waltzie Opal, born January 31, 1912, died April 27, l985. Her first husband: Lewis McFadden, Second: Homer Simmons
11.Eugene Debs, born December 9, 1914. Married Mildred Barger.

Collins is the root of many different surnames reaching back to the Celts, or Highlanders of Scotland. The meaning in Celt being "Stone Axe." Here again one can see the tie of an European name to an Osage name, "Strike Axe."

This is a note from Louis Hobson who is a retired oceanographer living in Victoria, Canada. He is a nephew to Jewel Hobson, Jewel is the daughter of Nathaniel and Aletha (Collins) Hobson


Merry Christmas, 2012, to all and to all a good day,

This year has been an excellent one for us because all the immediate Hobson/Barger, Cuthbert/Litchfield and Hitkari/Carlson clans of Victoria/Vancouver have been healthy and happy. Here I'll give short summaries of what each family has been doing.

Jason and Kamini have been very busy working at their fulltime jobs at EA Sports and the HSBC bank in Vancouver. In addition, raising their 2-year old daughter has them hopping. We flew together to Hawaii last May and had a great vacation on the dry side of the big island of Hawaii. We had lots of play in a very warm and salty ocean. We stayed in a two-story condominium with kitchen facilities for one week before returning home while they played for a second week. Cathy and I visited a coffee plantation and brought home some Kona coffee beans, which unfortunately are long gone. Our guide at the plantation had an undergraduate degree from Seattle University, so we had long chat about Seattle. Hoorah, Kamini is about to give birth to their second child, our second grandchild in early January. How they will manage will be anyone's guess. Somehow, I suspect, their two sets of grandparents will be involved.

Lauren, our daughter, was married in September to Robert Underhill. They had a fantastic wedding held out-of-doors at our local "botanical garden". Fortunately, we had large tents to shelter all from the sun and wind that we had that day. Good friends spent lots of time roasting rib roasts of beef and freshly caught salmon over charcoal and wood burning in a large homemade barbeque to feed guests. So now the newlyweds are renting a home in Victoria not far from the university and working for the Mayne-Island Conservancy on the island of the same name. Lots of commuting, but they seem to thrive on the schedule. Fortunately, my son-in-law likes to split wood and he is producing a large stack of Douglas Fir firewood that is keeping us warm this winter. They trade manual labour for Monday-night home cooking here on the "farm".

Catherine and I are kept busy running our "Green Mountain Farm". Our free-range chickens continue to produce organic eggs that are very much in demand, but feeding the chickens, keeping their facilities clean, and raising chicks does consume lots of time. We had bumper crops of fruit this year in the form of blueberries, plums, apples and quince. And, for the first time, we are selling Douglas and Grand Fir Christmas trees. I continue to monitor the quantity and quality of phytoplankton in the southern region of the Strait of Georgia (Salish Sea) with breaks needed to carry out small contracts. I helped a private company with their description of the "biofilm" (primarily algal cells and their metabolic products and nematodes) on mudflats just south of where the Fraser River empties into the sea. The Vancouver Airport Authority plans to build tanks to hold aviation fuel on the north shore of the river and if a leak/spill occurs, they want to know what impact it will have on the "biofilm", which is a majour food source for migrating waterfowl. After that was completed, I became involved in a project started by my colleagues at the Institute of Ocean Sciences, examining plankton dynamics in the Strait of Georgia, using sediment traps to catch sinking biological debris. This study was initiated by fisheries biologists, who argue that survival of young salmon entering the ocean from many British Columbia rivers depends on food (plankton) availability in the strait. Hence, we are attempting to determine plankton dynamics in the strait, and results should be forthcoming in the near future.

Catherine and I find some time to play. I play ice hockey in winter and she recreationally skates with me whenever possible. Also, I cycle in summer and again she rides with me whenever possible. I enjoy flying radio-controlled model aircraft whenever weather permits at our local flying field. Our club, the Victoria Radio-Control Modelers Society, puts on an annual air show that has become very popular in Victoria. We accept donations during the two-day event and usually run a 50-50 cash draw each day and we give all the money to two charities, Santas Anonymous and the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. This year we gave each charity almost $15,000 and over the history of the event we have provided each with about $50,000. To a certain degree we have become victims of our own success because both organizations now depend on our donations and we cannot quit running the show.

We already had our first Christmas celebration when Jason, Kamini and Evangeline, Lauren and Rob and Catherine's mom joined us earlier this month, because Kamini didn't want to travel later in the month when she is about to give birth. So, on Christmas proper, Lauren and Rob will again join us to make up a foursome celebration. We hope that you and yours have had a great year and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Louis & Cathy

Evangeline (GD) Kamini (DIL) Lauren(Daughter) Jason (Son) Rob (SIL) Cathy Me



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