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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
Chilocco - Annie, Fannie, Creth Little Cook

Annie, Fannie, Creth Little CookAt the end of their own "trail of tears" trek, these women had a greater burden to bear, and this was the corrupting of their beautiful descriptive names into ludicrous explanation at the hands of the interpreters. One who has a stormy countenance became, "Rain in the Face." One with no ear for quarrels became, "No Ear." One who is responsible for dividing the hunt, a trusted Straight Path, or Rain Band member was called simply, the cook, or "Little Cook." A mighty warrior tall and strong in stature, against a snake like enemy, was simply called, "Big Snake." The Broken Jaw men were orators, speakers, they were those whose jaws broke apart to speak, and they were called "Broken Jaw," by the interpreter.

This is a treasured picture because it shows the mark on the forehead, symbol of the chief's daughters. Apologies made to those who differ with the term "chief." In reality they were not chiefs but were the patriarch or respected elders of their clan. These women were older than our grandmother, and since they were just beginning their lives in Oklahoma, they still wore their traditional blanket. Our grandmother, Elizabeth did not have the mark on her forehead, in order for her to fit in with the Anglo world.

These were daughters of Samuel Little Cook, "Oo-Hunh-Shing-Gah." He was of the respected Straight Path Clan, Rainmakers. The patriarch brought his family along with the tribe from Nebraska. Sam is buried on his original allotment, ten miles west on old Highway 60, turn south, go four miles, sixty feet along the first fence line east of the creek is his grave, unmarked. His wife, Esther, was buried beside him. There is no marker. They had six children and they are: 1. Creth, married Sam Big Snake 2. Annie, married Jessie Gives Water, no children 3. Fannie,married Phillip No Ear 4. David, spouse Marion Pappan 5. Henry, born 1888, died 1936, never married. 6. Elizabeth (Me-Tah-Ing-Gay, Little Bright Moon, a Wah-Shah-Zhe, Osage clan name,) born 1884 died September 13, 1963, Spouse 1. Narcisse Pensoneau, Shawnee 2. Henry (Enrique Emilio) Hernandez from Mexico. They are buried, Henry & Elizabeth at the I.O.O.F- cemetery, Ponca City, Oklahoma, Catholic Section.

There are eleven clans listed here of the Ponca tribe.

1. Rainmaker, Straight Paths, He-Sah-Dah
2. Medicine-Mah-Kahn
3. Deer-Ne-Kah-Pash-Nah, No touching of deer meat
4. Half-Breed Clan, Children of intermarried.
5. Osage Clan-The children of this clan are given snake names. The name of the Clan is Wah-Zhah-She.
6. The warrior clan, The-Ah-He-Dah.
7. The Elk Clan
8. The Ice Clan, there were only a few of these. Nu-Hay.
9. The Bear Clan-Man-Chu.These returned to Nebraska.
10. The Buffalo Clan. Do not eat Buffalo or Deer meat. Policemen. Annie's Indian name was Hay-Thaht-Dah-Way, referring to an eagle.
11. The Blood Clan, the chief's clan, White Eagle. The-He-Dah. According to Cloe Eagle Rhoades, descendant, "We consider ourselves to be servants to the people."
12. According to Melvin Hardman, who is no longer living. There were twelve clans, but he didn't know this last one.

Brokenjaw entry in "Names from Here and There"
1. BROKEN JAW, Agent wrote "that on the evening of the 11 inst. Five Ponca Indians with their families stole off from the reservation, and are reported as having started for their old reservation in Dakota, viz. Iron Thunder, four in his family, Broken Jaw, five in family, White Dog, eight in the family, The Bear, (Standing Bear) two in family ; and Little Cook five in family, making twenty-four (24) persons in all."  (a5 April 1879 Ponca Agency Letter:
BROKEN JAW,   Father of  Louis Brokejaw, Luther Brokenjaw, knows the Country, Benjamin Brokenjaw, Esther L. Cook and Mrs. Henry Bear (1902 Nebraska Name Revision Roll #46)
BROKENJAW, land patented 4 May 1916, document #613410, (Nebraska, Ponca Land Patents, Access Genealogy Website at:
BROKENJAW, was married to Nujawin. They were parents of Luther Brokenjaw who died 11 June, 1893, Lewis Brokenjaw and Benjamin Brokenjaw, allotted 26 May 1891, died 6 April 1898, heirs were the following:
1. Lewis Brokenjaw; son 7/288
2. Jeffrey Knows the Country, grandson 24/288
3. Albert Roy, granddaughter, 24/288
4.  Joe Four Eyes, grandson 24/288
5.  Hairy Bear, son-in-law 118/288
6.  Annie Little Cook Waters, granddaughter, 9/288
7.  Philip No Ear, husband of granddaughter 3/288
8.Katherine No Ear, daughter of granddaughter 2/288
9. Sarah No Ear, daughter of granddaughter 2/288
10. Sadie No Ear, daughter of granddaughter, 2/288
11. Creth Others (nee Little Cook)
          graanddaughter, 9/288
12.  Elizabeth (Me-Tah-Thing-Gay, Little Bright-
            moon), Pensoneau, Hernandez     
13. Henry Little Cook, grandson, 9/288
14. David Little Cook, grandson, 9/288
15. Edward Brokenjaw, grandson, 24/288
16. Anna B. Rhodd, granddaughter, 24/288
17.  Joseph Crazy Bear, son-in-law, 12/288
18.  Perry Crazy Bear, son-in-law, 12/288
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Archives, Brokenjaw estate, Nebraska probate #95561-15,p.1 



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