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Articles and Stories on Scottish History
This is where we will be posting smaller articles on a range of Scottish historical matters.

  1. Tour through the Western Islands in 1768
    A tour which gives some interesting information on illnesses found in the Western Isles.
  2. Scottish Charms and Amulets
    This is a collection of information under several chapters.
  3. The Scottish Historical Review
    A collection of articles from this publication.
  4. Gaelic Proverbs
    As told to Jeff MacDonald by Jimmy MacKay.
  5. Some wee articles from Canada
    Wee stories of interest from Canada.
  6. Maeshowe Runes
    An article about the Runes of Orkney
  7. Claims of Ireland
    An article on Gaelic by Sharon Gunn
  8. Notes on a Deed by Lady Margaret Douglas
    Background on the Lady and notes on the Deed as at October 1560.
  9. Notes on The Scottish De Quencys of Fawside and Leuchars
    By William W. Ireland, M.D., FSA Scot
  10. Scottish Regiments at the Battle of Worcester
    An interesting article on the battle and on the surname Cone.
  11. Jottings from the records of a Farming society
    Interesting notes that reveal something of farming practices 1803-1814.
  12. Notice of a Seal of James, First Viscount Seafield
    Includes some information on this person, James Ogilvy.
  13. Auld Lang Syne
    Its origin, poetry, and music.
  14. Notes on Newark Castle, Renfrewshire
    Some information on the owners of this castle.
  15. Falkirk Place Names
    Notes on the derivation and meaning of the place-name Falkirk.
  16. The Scottish Expedition in Norway in 1612
    A full account of this expedition.
  17. Notes on the Pigmies Isle
    Some interesting information on the Pigmies Isle at the Butt of Lewis.
  18. The White Head Hunter
    A story of Graham Ogilvy
  19. Nova Scotia Overseas Highland Brigade
    Its formation and history
  20. Wee Snippets of Scottish Information
    From time to time I get wee snippets of historical information so I decided to create a page to hold them.
  21. Surgeons and Barbers
    Notes on the Corporation of Surgeons and Barbers of the City of Edinburgh.
  22. Loch-In-Dorb
    An ancient royal fortress.
  23. Chromosomes Sketch New Outline of British History
    Article from the NY Times
  24. Marguerite Garden
    Honour at last for Scots woman who 'did her bit' to help French fighters flee the Nazi occupation.
  25. Barons up in arms as Lord Lyon lays down his writ
    An article by Alastair Robertson
  26. Tolquhon Castle and its Builder
    One of the most interesting of the sixteenth century baronial mansions.
  27. Cromarty
    An interest account of the town of Cromarty.
  28. Sir Walter Scott and the Civil War
    by Lachlan Munro
  29. Clanship and Chiefs Dress and Arms
    From Burkes Peerage & Gentry
  30. The American Fur Trade
    Notes on Scottish connections in the American Fur Trade and an insight into the way of life.
  31. The Leatherneck Magazine
    This was an interesting article in the Leatherneck Magazine about Piping in the U.S. Marines.
  32. The Death of King Coal
    The last miners gala day at Kinglassie.
  33. US Bid to save Gaelic culture from Scots
    Highland games, the Mod, Sir Walter Scot and English blamed for distorting the true picture of the intellectual Gael - By Noel Young.
  34. The Kinlochroag Highland Fold are under threat
    Learn more about this battle to preserve a breed.
  35. The Norse Code
    Proving the link between the Macdonalds, Madougells and MacAlesters
  36. Dead Piper
    Story of 'dead' piper's trip to Canada holds audience spellbound
  37. History of the Murrays, Bedeque, P.E.I.
    By Rev. H. Arthur Murray
  38. They were the Mothers of Florida
    An account of a McLeod family
  39. Battle of The Raith 596 A.D.
    An account of this important battle often overlooked by historians.
  40. Battle of Glen Boultachan
    by David Rorer
  41. Ragman Rolls
    Of 1296 and 1291
  42. Scots and Freemasonry
    By Carson C. Smith, FSA Scot
  43. Heisker/Heisgeir : A Gaelic Site: Then and Now
    By Jim St. Clair from the Oran
  44. The Fiery Young Advocate - John Clerk
    By Alan MacKenzie (.pdf file)
  45. Communion Tokens
    Some information on communion tokens
  46. Forest to Be Restored to Scottish Highlands
    By James Owen
  47. Scots Prisoners sent to Berwick, Maine - 1651
    In November 1650 a number of these prisoners were apparently sent to Boston in the "Unity," arriving in New England early in 1651
  48. St. Andrew's Day in the USA
    An account of how St. Andrew's Day came about in the USA.
  49. The Glenaladale Pioneers
    From the Dalhousie Review Vol 11 (1931-32)
  50. British Immigration before Confederation
    Helen I Gowan, The Canadian Historical Association
  51. The Dream of Lord Nithsdale
    By Charles MacKay taken from Blackwood's Magazine
  52. The Curse of Glencoe
    By B. Simmons
  53. A Strachan in France
    A letter in French about an old manuscript
  54. Frame by frame: the lost voices from Britain's urban hell
    An article by Billy Briggs in the March 28 2005 edition of the Herald.
  55. I Heard a Shot Fired
    By John McKay, Chatham Daily Planet, April 22, 1901
  56. To Chatham by Canoe
    By Miss Annie McLeod, Chatham Daily News, April 18, 1941
  57. Wolves and Indians Everywhere
    By Mrs. James McDonald, Chatham Daily Planet, March 5, 1904
  58. One of the Grand Old Men of Kent
    By Robert Stuart Woods, Chatham Daily Planet, February 6, 1904, And Beers’ Biographical Record, 1904
  59. The Hotel Buckhorn
    By Alex McPherson, Chatham Daily News, November 26, 1932
  60. One of the many William Coubroughs in Stirlingshire
    A genealogical article by Anne
  61. Mosspaul Hotel, Hawick
    By James Edgar
  62. Articles from James Ruickbie
    This is a collection of articles sent in by James Ruickbie.
  63. Newark Castle, St Monans
    Measured Spot Survey
  64. Jim Ferguson
    More than 200 children called Ajax man Dad.
  65. Historic Castles and Houses
    A collection of articles
    by Andrew at Loyd and Townsend-Rose.
  66. Presentation Revolver
    Given to Cap't McCullem on Oct 14th, 1787
  67. Ben McConville
    Historic articles by Ben McConville
  68. Governor Troup, or the McIntosh Family
    From The History of Alabama
  69. Athelstaneford
    Home of Scotland’s Flag
  70. Memoir of the Mission of Strathglass
    Prepared by Allan J. Gillis of Ottawa
  71. Albert Campbell Burton Journals
    About the day to day experience of a settler traveling from Waverly, Nebraska to Hayes Center Nebraska to homestead some land
  72. Domestic Servant Advert
    This is an old advert wanting domestic servants from Britain for New Zealand
  73. The smuggler, the exciseman, murder most foul and the BBC
    By Ross N. Hutton
  74. Diary of Simon Morrison
    Our thanks to
    Bill McDonald for sending this transcription of an account of a voyage from Scotland to Australia in 1854 into us
  75. Winnipeg Robert Burns Club
    Founded in 1907 and is, we are told, the longest, continuously existing Federated Burns Club outside the United Kingdom.
  76. Scotland's Oil
    Some details of a report done in 1974 which reveals how wealthy Scotland could have been if she had won independence.
  77. Scotland/England migration
    A story of a family moving from Scotland to England
  78. Lieutenant-Colonel John Fordyce
    Of the 74th Highlanders in South Africa
  79. Friends in High Places
    By Kenneth C. Jack
  80. Malcolm D. MacDonald
    An article about his life in the late 1800's in Scotland and Africa.
  81. St. Andrew's Society of Baltimore
    200th anniversary newsletter
  82. A journal by three generations of Walker's
    Sent in by Anita Walker
  83. The Games
    Scottish tradition turned American competition
  84. The Masonic Dollar - Fact or Fiction
    The discussion about the US $ bill and its connection with Freemasonary.
  85. Alex Kindness
    Of Bognell, Banffshire
  86. The Scots Independent Newspaper
    February 2006
  87. A Brief Sketch of the Life of Maria Amelia McQuaig
    Partly written in her 56th year and so on, some written in her 70th year, Jan. 19th  1905, Hulbert Post Office, Dundas Co., Ontario, Canada.
  88. Hints to Emigrants
    By Rev. William Bell, Published in Edinburgh by Waugh and Innes in 1824.
  89. Hints for Emigrants
    From The Emigrant's Directory and Guide to obtain lands and effect a settlement in the Canadas. By Frances A. Evans.
  90. Clearing the Land in Canada
    From Lois Sparling
  91. The condensed diaries of the Rev. William Bell
    A record of his daily life as he went from Scotland to Canada
  92. Strathpeffer Pavilion
    In the Highlands of Scotland
  93. Loyalists that came to Canada
    A collection of papers about the Loyalists put together by W. Blair Orser into a .pdf file
  94. The Royal Scots College in Salamanca
    By Denis Carlin
  95. Girl Guides in Scotland
    A history of the movement
  96. Woodstock, Ont. 1848
    From "The Church The Gaels Built" by W. Stewart Lavell. Excerpt from pg. 4, "Beginnings".
  97. Tartan Day in Idaho
    By Tim Caylor
  98. History of the New Hampshire Tartan
    By Kelly Dowling
  99. Tartan Day in France 2006
    Pictures from
    Tom Trillard-Mac Gregor
  100. Catawba Valley Scottish Society, Inc.
    First and Only Coat of Arms granted to a Non-Profit Corporation involved in presenting a Scottish Highland Games anywhere in the World.  
  101. MacIntosh Family
    By MPeters nee McIntosh daughter of the late Harry and Linda McIntosh
  102. The Children of a Bitter Exodus
    An article about the emigrants from Sky from the Weekend Scotsman, June 5, 1982
  103. The McWhorters in South Carolina
    by Karen McWhorter Wilhelm
  104. Buchanan Family from 1750
    An account of the Buchanan family by
    Shirley Davis
  105. James Farquhar
    Was this the last clan battle on Scottish soil?
  106. A Brief History of the Scottish Ceilidh and Ceilidh Dancing
    By Scotland's Ceilidh Band.
  107. Medieval Scottish Saints
    A talk given by Lindsay Irvin at the Scottish Studies Fall Colloquium, 30 September 2006
  108. The Plantation of Ulster
    By Boyd Gray
  109. Gettysburg: The American Culloden - A Clan Tragedy?
    By Dave Chagnon, The Sennachie
  110. Closeburn
    Describes a violent agitation that manifested itself in the waters of Closeburn Loch.
  111. The Lincoln Monument - Edinburgh
    In memory of Scottish-American soldiers
  112. The Old Castles and Mansions of Scotland
    Taken from Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 445, Volume 18, New Series, July 10, 1852
  113. Scottish Elections
    The results of the Scottish elections of 2007
  114. Alexander Linn
    A martyr for the Presbyterian cause
  115. Scots Independent Newspaper
    This is the June 2007 issue which is the first issue since the SNP won the Scottish Elections.
  116. National Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month in North Carolina
    Following the process of trying to make this a recognised month in North Carolina.
  117. Children of Alba
    A story of Scots in America by William G. A. Shaw of Easter Lair
  118. Falkirk Memorial Cairn
    21st July, 2007
  119. Selkirk Settlers
    by Rob R. Bruce-Barron
  120. Glenshee
    by Campbell of Glenshee
  121. The True Roots and Origin of the Scots
    by Craig White
  122. Restless English and Quisling Scots
    A compilation article by Jim Lynch
  123. Sir James Hector
    The Hero Scot of Kicking Horse Pass
  124. Turning of the Bull Monument
    By Wally Turnbull
  125. 20 Year Search Ends
    by Keith Rattray
  126. A Macintyre Saves Scotland
    An article about Scottish work being classified as English.
  127. CASSOC
    Clans And Scottish Societies of Canada
  128. The Emigrants Statue
    Unveiling by the First Minister of Scotland 23rd July 2007.
  129. The Edinburgh, Leith, Glasgow Newspaper
    and North British Commercial and Literary Advertiser, March 8, 1834
  130. Seeking Information
    About a spoon and a monument in Scotland
  131. Chatham Highland Games
    12th July 2008
  132. Scots in North Carolina
    Taken from a History of North Carolina
  133. Scots-Irish in North Carolina
    Taken from a History of North Carolina
  134. Settlers Dedication in Winnipeg
    Article about the ceremonies in September 2008
  135. Articles by Stuart McHardy
    About Ancient Scotland
  136. Old Time Customs
    By John Burgess Calkin, M. A. LL.D.
  137. Were the Scots Irish?
    By Ewan Campbell
  138. Gloomy Memories
    By Donald MacLeod, an account of the Highland Clearances
  139. Scottish North American Leadership Conference
    End of October 2008
  140. On the Antiquity of the Gaelic Language
    Showing its affinity to Hebrew, Greek and Latin by the Rev. D. M'Intyre (1865)
  141. Through the Eyes of a Gael
    A collection of articles on folkways and  beliefs.
  142. The Tower of Craigietocher
    Following the building of a new Scottish Castle
  143. New Cumnock Python
    Photos taken by Geoff Crolley
  144. The Scots Magazine
    A little history of the Scots Magazine
  145. North Carolina Events
    Here is a selection from various event in North Carolina during April 2009
  146. The Scotch
    Taken from the book, "The Makers of the American Republic" by David Gregg, D.D.
  147. The Scot in New France
    An Ethnological Study, by J.M. LeMoine 1881
  148. Characteristics
    A Chapter Extracted From ‘Travellers Tales of Scotland’ (1913) By Robert Hay Coats, M.A. (1873, Paisley - 1956)
  149. Scotch-Irish Settlers in the Valley of Virginia
    Alumni Address at Washington College, Lexington, Va., by Bolivar Christian (1860)
  150. The Heather on Fire
    By Mathilde Blind
  151. Scotland's National Borders
    A report on our National Borders and how they are trying to be altered.
  152. Clan Chiefs at the Scottish Parliament
    Watch videos of this event.
  153. Blackfriars of Stirling
    A research article about the history of land ownership in Stirling, Scotland.
  154. How the EU Common Fisheries Policy Permanently Damaged Scotland
    A Warning for Iceland By Dr James Wilkie and associate.
  155. Scotland's Status as a Nation
    By David Thomson
  156. Trades of Scotland
    By Alastair McIntyre
  157. Life in the Hebrides
    A story of crofting life taken from an old book about the Hebrides.
  158. Highland Dress and Armour
    From an article in the Celtic Magazine 1882.
  159. Adventures of Donald MacLeod
    An article from the Celtic Magazine 1885
  160. The Picts
    By Professor MacAndrew
  161. The Picts
    By Alexander MacBain, M.A., FSA Scot (1887)
  162. A Highland Wedding in Bygone Days
    Wester Ross Customs
  163. The Fairy Snuff Box
    From Mr. Kenneth Macleod, Eigg
  164. The Editor in Canada
    A series of articles in the Celtic Magazine of Alexander MacKenzie's trip to Canada in 1879/80.
  165. New Year in the Old Style in the Highlands
    From the Celtic Magazine of 1876
  166. Marvellous escape of Captain M'Arthur of the Scottish Highlanders of Carolina
    From the Celtic Magazine of 1876
  167. A famous Highland Minister of the '45
    Being an account of the Rev. James Robertson
  168. The Gaelic Society of Inverness
    Professor Blackie on the Social Economy of the Highlands from the Celtic Magazine of 1879.
  169. Scots in England and Wales
    Research by the BBC
  170. Tree Myths and Forrest Lore
    By William Durie
  171. The Horizontal Mill at Kirtomy, Farr, Sutherlandshire
    By Alex MacKay
  172. A Great Unknown Scot
    By W. J. Douglas
  173. The Highlands and Islands - Their Social and Literary History 1775 - 1832.
    By Provost Macandrew (pdf file)
  174. On the Antiquity of Highland Dress
    By Professor Sayce
  175. William Sinclair, First Earl of Caithness of the Sinclair Line
    By George M. Sutherland FSA Scot, Wick
  176. William Sinclair, Second Earl of Caithness of the Sinclair Line
    By George M. Sutherland FSA Scot, Wick
  177. John Sinclair, Third Earl of Caithness of the Sinclair Line
    By George M. Sutherland FSA Scot, Wick
  178. Some Ancient Celtic Customs
    By Mr Henry Whyte
  179. Ancient Celtic Laws
    By Mr Hugh MacLeod
  180. Social Life in the Highlands in the Olden Times
    By Mr J. G. Mackay
  181. Scottish Emigration to Colonial America
    By David Dobson
  182. A History of the Scottish People
    Health in Scotland, 1840 - 1940 by W W Knox
  183. A History of the Scottish People
    Migration: Scotland's Shifting Population 1840 - 1940 by W W Knox
  184. Renaissance Faire
    Held in America
  185. Caley History
    Provided by Chloe Gardner, Royal Caledonian Schools Trust
  186. Eight Days in Islay
    By the members of the Islay Association
  187. Sheep Farmers and Drovers
    A story by William Robertson (1864)
  188. Social Life among the Easter Ross Fishermen
    From an old copy of the Highland Magazine
  189. History of Tennessee
    An extract about the Scots-Irish
  190. The Gaelic Concept of Life and Death
    By H. Cameron Gillies M.D.
  191. Clearance of the Highland Glens
    By Colin Chisholm (pdf) from an article in volume 3 of the Celtic Magazine
  192. The Highland Ceilidh
    By Alastair Og
  193. Mary MacLeod of Marrig
    Or. How the Campbells went to Harris
  194. "Peermen" and their relations
    By Mary MacKellar
  195. Scottish Land League of America
    From volume 10 of the Celtic Magazine (pdf)
  196. St Hilda’s Church of England, the Headland, Hartlepool United Kingdom
    By Kelly d. Whittaker
  197. DNA research article on Scotland's R1a1 Highland Clansmen
    DNA Genealogy and the search for Somerled. By Andrew Mceachern
  198. Robert Wallace, M.P., and James Chalmers
    The Scottish Postal Reformers
  199. The Housing of Potato Diggers
    By Margaret H. Irwin
  200. The Cludgie Stane of Destiny
    By Robbie the Pict
  201. Canada and the United States
    From the Scottish Review (1890)
  202. The Wicked Clan Gregor
    From the Scottish Review (1890)
  203. The Crofters Act in Shetland
    From the Scottish Review (1890)
  204. The Correspondence of an Old Scotch Factor
    By Charles Rampini
  205. The Social Condition of the Poor in Glasgow
    Two reports for 1889 and 1891
  206. Gael’s Fire the Event of My Lifetime (pdf)
    By; Kelly d Whittaker
  207. Forfarshire
    By J. H. Crawford
  208. The Peoples of Ancient Scotland
    The Fourth Rhind Lecture
  209. The Medical Schools of Scotland
    From the Scottish Review of January 1894
  210. Ellis Island Tartan unveiled for Tartan Day 2011
    By the Clan Currie Society
  211. A Scottish Free-Lane: Sir Andrew Melville
    By J G Alger from the Scottish Review (1895)
  212. The Canadian Dominion and Australian 'Commonwealth'
    An article taken from the Scottish Review (1895)
  213. St Andrews 1645-6
    An article taken from the Scottish Review (1895)
  214. The Gathering of the Clans
    How the British Dominions and Dependencies and have helped in the war by J. Saxon Mills
  215. The State of Turkey
    By C N Conder, from the Scottish Review of 1896
  216. George Thomson, the Friend of Burns
    By J Cuthbert Hadden from The Scottish Review
  217. Annals of a Publishing House
    William Blackwood and His Sons: Their Magazine and Friends by Mrs. Oliphant.
  218. Eighteenth Century Highland Landlords and the Poverty Problem
    By Margaret I Adam taken from the Scottish Historical Review
  219. The Western Highlands in the Eighteenth Century
    An article from the Scottish Historical Review
  220. The Commemoration of David Mitchell of Leslie - Locomotive Engine Driver
    By Ian Nimmo White
  221. Korea and the Koreans
    By Mrs Bishop
  222. The Constable Nun' Alvares
    An article from the July 1898 Scottish Review with some interesting information on Portugal and the Knights Hospitallers.
  223. Scottish Guilds
    An interesting account of the Scottish Guilds from a review of the book "The Gild Merchant: A Contribution to British Municipal History. By Charles Gross in 2 Volumes.
  224. The Two Greatest of Scottish Caterans
    An article from the Scottish Review of 1898.
  225. The Evolution of the Procurator-Fiscal
    By Henry H. Brown
  226. Letters of the Papal Legate in Scotland, 1543
    An article from the Scottish Historical Review of 1913
  227. Intellectual Influences of Scotland on the Continent
    By P Hume Brown
  228. William Barclay
    By David Baird Smith
  229. A History of Emigration from the United Kingdom to North America 1763 to 1912
    By Stanley C. Johnson, M.A.
  230. The Berry papers; being the correspondence hitherto unpublished of Mary and Agnes Berry (1763-1852) by Lewis Meliville (1914)
  231. Mrs Chesnut's Diary
    A diary from Dixie, as written by Mary Boykin Chesnut, wife of James Chesnut, jr., United States senator from South Carolina, 1859-1861. (1906)
  232. Scotland and the Spanish Armada
    By J. D. MacKie
  233. The Site of the New Park in the relation to The Battle of Bannockburn
    By Thomas Miller
  234. Origins of the Forty Five
    and other papers relating to that rising. By Walter Biggar Blakie.
  235. The Royal Regiment of Scots Dragoons
    Now the Scots Greys
  236. A List of Works relating to Scotland
    Compiled by George F Black of the New York Library
  237. The Antiquity of the Kilt and Clan Tartans
    Extracted from the Highlander Newspaper of 1881
  238. The Language and Literature of the Scottish Highlands
    Extracted from the Highland Newspaper of 1881
  239. The Race of the Trough
    By A. M. Mackintosh
  240. Peasant Life in Argyllshire in the end of the Eighteenth century
    From the Scottish Historical Review
  241. The Highland Emigration of 1770
    By Margaret I. Adam
  242. The Fenwick Improvement of Knowledge Society
    From the Scottish Historical Review
  243. The riddle of the Ruthvens and other studies
    By William Roughead (1919)
  244. The Distaff Side : a Study in Matrimonial Adventure in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
    By Bruce Seton
  245. Remembering our Scottish roots
    by: Maria Thompson
  246. The Scottish National War Memorial
  247. Articles by Stephanie Cruz
  248. The World's Largest Kilt
  249. Scots Academic and Writer, James Wilkie
    Awarded one of Austria’s most prestigious honours
  250. The Leith Flag
    By Alexander Wilson
  251. A Potted History of the Flag of the Port of Leith
    By Alexander Wilson
  252. Remember the guy who wouldn't take the flag down?
    Van T. Barfoot
  253. Lord Jeffrey and Craigcrook
    A History of the Castle by James Taylor And a Sketch of Lord Jeffrey's Character and Craigcrook Life by the Right Hon. Lord Moncrieff of Tulliebole With a Description of the Original Structure by Thomas Ross, Architect (1892)
  254. A Broad Scot Magazine
    Celebrating the wealth of contemporary Scots Culture everywhere.
  255. The Rise and Progress of Whisky-Drinking in Scotland
    By Duncan M'Laren (1858)
  256. The Treaty of Union of 1707
    The Attempted Murder of the Kingdom of Scotland by Robbie the Pict
  257. The exposure of Dr Charles Roger(s)
    by the Stirling Observer in the 1860s as a do-gooding fraudster.
  258. The Laird and his Tenants
    By Charles Edwardes (1906)
  259. The Lone Shieling
    By G. M. Fraser
  260. Lowland Tartans
    An article from the Scottish Historical Review
  261. Scottish Annals from English Chroniclers
    By Alan O Anderson
  262. Lislebourg and Petit Leith
    An article from the Scottish Historical Review on the name for Edinburgh.
  263. The Municipal Institutions of Scotland
    By James D. Marwick
  264. The Scottish Peerage
    By J. H. Stevenson
  265. The Earl's Ferry
    By George Law
  266. The Charitie of the Boxe
    By E. Maxstone Graham
  267. Miss Katherine Read
    Court Paintress by A. Francis Steuart
  268. Thomas Dickson LL.D.
    In memoriam by J. Balfour Paul
  269. The Mackintoshes and Clan Chattan
    A review.
  270. Some Sidelights on the History of Montrose's Campaigns
    By George Duncan
  271. The Use and Forms of Judicial Torture in England and Scotland
    By R. D. Melville
  272. Dunottar and its Barons
    By J. Crabb Watt
  273. Early Scottish charters prior to A.D. 1153:
    With notes and an index (1905) By Sir Archibald C. Lawrie
  274. Scottish Pewter Ware and Pewterers
    By L. Ingleby Wood
  275. John Graham of Claverhouse
    By Charles Sandford Terry
  276. The Connexion between Scotland and Man
    By Arthur W. Moore
  277. The 'Diary' of Sir Thomas Hope (1633 - 1645)
    Lord Advocate (16116 - 1646)
  278. The Teaching of Scottish History in Schools
    By P. Hume Brown
  279. The Constitutional Necessity for the Union of 1707
    By Wm. S. McKechnie
  280. Scottish Trade with the Plantations before 1707
    By Theodora Keith
  281. Scottish Nationality
    By Rev John Ker D.D.
  282. A Day in the Upper Ward of Clydesdale
    By Rev John Ker D.D.
  283. Memoir of Dr Jamieson
    The preserver of the Scots Language
  284. History of Eaglais Na H-Aoidhe or St Columba’s Ui in the Isle of Lewis
    By Colin Scott MacKenzie
  285. Bygone Punishments
    By William Andrews
  286. Sketches of the Early History, Legends and Traditions of Strathardle and its Glens
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society
  287. Notes on Highland Woods, Ancient and Modern
    Taken from the Transactions of the Gaelic Society
  288. Gaelic Incantations
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society
  289. Durness from Earliest Times
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society
  290. The Social Progress of the Highlands since 1800
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society
  291. Union Tracts
    An article about the Union of the Crowns in three letters
  292. Folk-Lore of Luck
    By Mr A. Polson
  293. Exchequer Rolls of Scotland
    An article from the Transactions of the Gaelic Society
  294. The Celtic Province of Moray
    By James Barron
  295. Annual Supper
    Report from the Gaelic Society's first annual supper.
  296. Our Fires and Fire-Sides
    By John Murdoch
  297. Badenoch: Its History, Clans and Place Names
    By Alexander MacBain
  298. Celts and Teutons
    By Rev. MacGregor
  299. The Shieling: Its Traditions and Songs
    By Mrs. Mary Mackellar
  300. Notes on the Parish of Alness
    By Roderick MacLean
  301. Old Highland Roads
    By Alex. Ross
  302. An Inverness Merchant of the Olden Time
    By William MacKay
  303. Some Highland Fishermen's Fancies
    By Mr. A. Polson
  304. Early Travels in Scotland
    An article from the Transactions of the Gaelic Society
  305. Fauns and Fairies
    An article from the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  306. The 18th Century Scottish Origins of Washington, DC
    Early Scots in Georgetown and Washington City – Implications for Our Society By John King Bellassai
  307. Social Life in the Highlands in Olden Times
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  308. The Clearance of the Highland Glens
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  309. The Highland Garb
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  310. Old Highland Industries
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  311. Parish of Rosskeen
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  312. Year of the Sheep
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  313. The Ancient Celts
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  314. Old Contracts of Friendship
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  315. Mr. Fraser-Mackintosh, M.P. and Gaelic in Highland Schools
    Great Celtic Demonstration
  316. Clava Cairns and Circles
    By George Bain
  317. Popular Tales
    By Alexander Macbain, M.A.,
  318. Folk-Lore from the West of Ross-Shire
    By Rev. C. Robertson
  319. Traditions of Lochaber
    From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness
  320. Electric Scotland Posters in Edinburgh
    Placed courtesy of Gordon McCreath
  321. Scotland's Heritage is on display at the University of Pittsburgh
    An article from the newsletter of the Society of Antiquaries Scotland
  322. A Visit to Auch Melvich
    By Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart.
  323. The Picts of Scotland - The Last of the Free
    This is a 6 part video series on the Picts.
  324. Castle Ghosts of Scotland
    A one hour video.
  325. Scot who saved American buffalo subject of film
    He is little known in his home country, but the Scot credited with saving America’s buffalo from being hunted to extinction is now the subject of an award-winning film.
  326. The Family of John and Janet 'Jessie' (Ross) McLennan of Inverness
    Compiled by John Henderson
  327. Military Memoir of Lieutenant-General Sir John MacLeod, G.C.H.
    Director General of Artillery
  328. The spying Scotsman who hunted the Nazis of New York
    The amazing story of Britain's clandestine war on Hitler's agents... and his big-money backers in the US by Adam Lebor
  329. Funeral of Sir Walter Scott
    By an eyewitness
  330. Scottish Voters
    Sketches from Real Life
  331. Characteristics of the Genius of Scott
    By Harriet Martineau
  332. Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir James Edward Smith
    By Madame de Lessen
  333. The Whig Coterie of Edinburgh
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  334. A Stag Hunt at Killarney
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  335. Remedies for Highland Famine
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  336. The River Tyne
    By Sir Thomas Dick Lauder
  337. The Government and the Parochial Schools of Scotland
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  338. Memoirs and Trials of the Political Martyrs of Scotland
    Persecuted during the years 1893-4-5
  339. Trial by Jury in Scotland
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  340. Condition of the Labouring Poor, and the Management of Paupers in Scotland.
    A two part article from the 1840 edition of Tait's Edinburgh Magazine.
  341. Stories
    Violet Hamilton or the Talented Family and Lochandhu
  342. River Tweed
    By Sir Thomas dick Lauder
  343. Celtic Tenures and Highland Clearings
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  344. The River Jordon
    By Sir Thomas Dick Lauder
  345. Relief of the Poor in Scotland
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  346. Scottish Entails
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  347. River Dee
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  348. Remedies for Highland Famine
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  349. Scottish Song
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  350. Widow Rice and William Lindsay
    Two cases on the Poor Law in Scotland.
  351. Alexander Inkson McConnochie
    Scottish Author and Chartered Accountant
  352. Edinburgh in November
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  353. The Music, Poetry, and Tradition of the Highlands
    By Donald Campbell
  354. A Day in the Neighbourhood of Loch Skene
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  355. Scotch Bills and Scotch Representation
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1849)
  356. Literary and Scientific Society of Edinburgh 1848-9
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  357. Church and School in Scotland
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
  358. The lost pictures of Lewis, Scotland
    By Euan Ferguson in the Observer Newspaper
  359. The Bannatyne Club
    List of their works
  360. Queens of Scotland
    By Agnes Strickland
  361. Church and College in Scotland
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1851)
  362. Wilson's Scottish Archaeology
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1851)
  363. Memoirs and Adventures of Sir John Hepburn
    Knight, Governor of Munich. Mariaul of France under Louis XIII Commander of the Scots Brigade under Gustavus Adolphus, etc. By James Grant. (1851)
  364. The Scottish Universities
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1851)
  365. Sir John Ross
    Arctic Voyager
  366. A Renaissance Painted Ceiling in Scotland inspires a Masterpiece in Vermont, Crarthes Castle's Famous Painted Ceiling Reborn
    By Anne Macpherson
  367. Obituaries
    Sir William Hamilton, Bart., James Wilson, Esq, of Woodville, Major Henrey Langhome Thomson, CB and Sir Alexander Crichton.
  368. Social Legislation
    Mr Forbes MacKenzie's Act
  369. The Scottish Fishery Board
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1855)
  370. The Scottish Rights Association and the Franchise
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1856)
  371. Edinburgh Review
    The second Edinburgh Review, founded in 1802, became one of the most influential British magazines of the 19th century. It promoted Romanticism and Whig politic
  372. Obituaries
    Major Calder campbell, General Sir James MacDonell, Robert Burns son of the poet Robert Burns
  373. Legend of the Hundred Years
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1857)
  374. Robert Flockhart
    The Street Preacher
  375. The Scotch Smoke Act
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1857)
  376. The Night Third-Class to Glasgow
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1858)
  377. State of the Reform Bill
    From Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1859)
  378. Willie MacRae
    An article about his unsolved murder
  379. Request for Evidence of Proof of Ownership by ‘the Crown’ of the Stone of Scone
  380. Adventures of J. M'Alpine
    A Native Highlander from the time of his emigration from Scotland to America 1773.
  381. The Rise and Progress of the City of Glasgow, comprising an Account of its Public Buildings, Charities, and other Concerns
    By James Cleland.
  382. Memoir of Sir William Hamilton, bart.
    Professor of logic and metaphysics in the University of Edinburgh by John Veitch (1869)
  383. Anecdotes to Antiquaries
    Letter to Editor of Blackwood's Magazine (1817)
  384. Scotch Novels
    A review of recent Scotch novels by the Edinburgh Review and links to download them.
  385. RAF Montrose
    Britain’s first operational military airfield was set up in Montrose by the Royal Flying Corps in 1913.
  386. The Art of Deer-Stalking
    By William Scrope
  387. The Lauderdale Papers
    Edited by Osmund Airy
  388. Tales and Anecdotes of Pastoral Life
    An article from volume 1 of Blackwood's Magazine.
  389. The Lockhart Papers
    The Lockhart Papers, consisting of memoirs concerning the affairs of Scotland, from Queen Anne's accession to the commencement of the Union; with commentaries, containing an account of public affairs from the Union to the queen's death.
  390. Robbie the Pict
    About him and some of his work.
  391. Why Alexander Hamilton was picked to be the first US Treasury director!
    By Gary Gianotti
  392. Bannockburn – 1314
    A story by William G. A. Shaw of Easter Lair
  393. Ancient Bee Symbolism History
    By Gary Gianotti
  394. The Ancient Brehon Laws of Ireland
    An article from the University of Pennsylvania Law Review
  395. School-Days of Eminent Men
    Extracted a few Scots from this book by Johm Timbs
  396. Scot Family
    Some information and a plea for translation
  397. A story of the Wall - The Maetae - 209 AD
    By William G. A. Shaw of Easter Lair
  398. Miss L. E. Farquharson of Invercauld
    An article from the Celtic Annual of 1916.
  399. Highland Dyes
    An article from the Celtic Annual of 1916.
  400. Book of the Feill
    This book published to raise money for the comfort of Highland Soldiers in WWI. Text is both in English and Gaelic. (pdf)
  401. Doctor Brown
    An article from the North British Review
  402. Scottish Nationality Social and Intellectual
    Installation Address of the Right Hon. Henry Lord Brougham, etc., etc. An article from the North British Review
  403. Symbolism
    I discovered the letter symbolism of the ancient kings used in ancient art and Celtic stone carvings. Also this spans all the was into seals relics and art all the way into the 1860s. The Drummond Pyramid is entirely engraved in the ancient symbols on a larger size scale. By Gary Gianotti (pdf)
  404. Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune Telling by Tea Leaves
    By A Highland Seer
  405. The History of the Scottish Society of Indianapolis (1983-2014)
    By Carson C. Smith, FSA Scot (pdf)
  406. Will Fyffe and Harry Lauder
    By John Henderson
  407. Report on the Ad Hoc Derbfine of Clan Mulcahy
    Clann Ui Mhaolchathaigh (pdf)
  408. Five Stuart Princesses
    Margaret of Scotland, Elizabeth of Bohemia, Mary of Orange, Henrietta of Orleans, Sophia of Hanover, Edited by Robert S. Rait (1902)
  409. Odd Incidents of Olden Times
    Or Ancient Records of Inverary by Peter MacIntyre (1904) (pdf)
  410. Hebrew, Israelite, and Jew - The Unholy Truth Revealed
    An inquiry into why the Jews think they are ‘Chosen’ above others, and entitled to other people’s real estate as their ‘Promised Land’ by Robbie the Pict. (pdf)
  411. Did Scotland and the Knights Templar Influence the Founding of America and the Design of America's Great Seal?
    A World Exclusive Interview with Gary Gianotti, Feb 22, 2015
  412. John MacPherson (1882–1951)
    Styled The Coddie (sometimes The Coddy), and described by Compton Mackenzie as “the outstanding character in Northbay.”
  413. Scottish Life Memorials and Recollections
    Of Historical and Remarkable Persons with Illustrations of Caledonian Humour by The Rev. Charles Rogers, LL.D., FSA Scot, Second Edition (1872)
  414. The Clyde Passenger Steamer
    Its Rise and Progress during the nineteenth Century from the 'Comet' of 1812 to the 'King Edward' of 1901 By Captain James Williamson (1904)
  415. Cort Lindahl
    Cort has studied Art History, Archaeology, Geography, and Art. Cort applies his experiences in these fields to form a unique view of history and the dynamics that affect its course through time.
  416. A Trip Down The Clyde
    This is an mp3 audio story of a Trip down the Clyde
  417. The Gillford Lectures
    One of the great lecture series of Scotland
  418. The Tyrant of Boisdale
    By Marjorie F. MacDonald (pdf)
  419. Life Aboard A British Privateer in the Time of Queen Anne
    Being the Journal of Captain Woodes Rogers, Master Mariner, with Notes and Illustrations by Robert C. Leslie (1889)
  420. Scottish Geographical Magazine
    Volume 1 (1855)
  421. Local Society and the Defence of the English Frontier in Fifteenth-Century Scotland
    The War Measures of 1482 by Jackson W. Armstrong (pdf)
  422. Recollections of a Tour made in Scotland A.D. 1803
    By Dora Wordsworth
  423. How we lived then
    A sketch of Social and Domestic Life 1914-1918 by Mrs C. S. Peel, O.B.E.
  424. Wives on Trial
    An Ancient Scottish Custom
  425. Soda Water
    An old anonymous poem
  426. Balmoral
    Information from the Aberdeen Weekly Review
  427. Comical Stories of Thrummy Cap
    An old chap book
  428. Our Street
    Memories of Buccleauch Place (pdf)
  429. Cameronians
    Including book about Richard Cameron
  430. Letter on Immigration
    From Harry Munro to Sir William Sinclair, Albany 1773 (pdf)
  431. A Jumble of Jottings
    From the Memories of a Quiet Life (1894) (pdf)
  432. The Aged Piper
    From the Celtic Magazine
  433. Ornithological Reminiscences
    By Shirley (pdf)
  434. Our Cabmen
    From The Home and Foreign Record of the Free Church of Scotland
  435. Roosevelt’s 1892 Winchester Authentication
    President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1892 Winchester Authentication:
    A Comparison Approach to the identification of Engraved Winchester & Firearm’s by the Ulrich Family of Engravers. Identifying Maker Mark Hidden Initials and symbolism by the Ulrich’s. By Gary C. Gianotti FSA Scot; Milford, CT. (pdf)
  436. Political Economy
    By Thomas Chalmers
  437. US Flag Constellation Origins
    By Gary Gianotti, FSA Scot (pdf)
  438. Reasons for Scots Moving to England
  439. A Visit to Auch Melvich
    By Sir Thomas Dick Lauder (1847) from the Edinburgh Magazine (pdf)
  440. A Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of the Northern Parts of Britain or Scotland
    Containing an account of the Romans, of the Britains betwixt the Walls, of the Caledonians or Picts, and Particularly of the Scots with an Appendix of Ancient Manuscript pieces by Thomas Innes, M.A., (1879) (pdf)
  441. Family and Genealogical Sketches
    By Rev. Thomas Sinton, FSA Scot (1911) (pdf)
  442. Scottish Villages and Country Life
    By H. M. Cadell (1914)
  443. Northern Scotland
    The Journal of the Centre for Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen edited by David Stevenson (1990) (pdf)
  444. The Scottish Highlander
    By John Lyle Morison, Professor of History, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (pdf)
  445. Discourse
    Containing a summary of the Proceedings of the Directors of the Society for extending the Fisheries and improving the Sea Coasts of Great Britain since the 25th March, 1788 and some thoughts on the present Emigrations from the Highlands By George Dempster, one of the Directors together with some Reflections intended to promote the Success of the said Society by John Gray, Author of the Plan for finally settling the Government of Ireland upon Constitutional Principles, and other Political Tracts (1800) (pdf)
  446. The Isle of Skye in the Olden Times
    By the Rev. Alex. Macgregor, M.A.
  447. Sketches of Old Times and Distant Places
    By John Sinclair (1875) (pdf)
  448. Northern Scotland
    The Journal of the Centre for Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen edited by David Stevenson (1990) (pdf)
  449. One Human(e) Society
    by Martin MacIntyre (pdf)
  450. The road to Inveramsay
    By Kenneth Roy (2001)
  451. The Fife Family History Society Journal
    Has reviewed many published Fife family histories. We have gathered them all together here, and will add to the file as more become available. Many of the family histories are hard to find, but some are still available on the antiquarian market. Others are available as Print on Demand; while a few can be found as Google books. (pdf)
  452. Scotch Heather
  453. Mythology in the history of Anglo-Scots relations
    by Alan Sked
  454. MacLeod and MacAulay
    By The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P.
  455. St. Andrew’s Day and Musings on its Masonic Connection
    An article from Carson C. Smith, FSA Scot
  456. A Christmas Card for 2020
    From Tom and Beth reflecting the pandemic
  457. The Hobyahs: A Scotch Nursery Tale
  458. The Scotch Ancestry of the MacFarrens
  459. The Moulding of the Scottish Nation
    From the Scottish Historical Review
  460. The Scottish Parliament 1560-1707, Glimpses of old Scots Parish Life and Bishop Norie’s Dundee Baptismal Register, 1722-26
    From the Scottish Historical Review
  461. Scotch Beef and the Aberdeen Slaughter-Houses
    (From our Special Sanitary Commissioner.)
  462. Scottish Arms
    By Alexander McMillan Welch
  463. New Scotch Steamer
    From the Scientific American
  464. The Moulding of the Scottish Nation
    P. Hume Brown in the Scottish Historical Review January 1904
  465. The Municipal Institutions of Scotland
    An Historical Survey by James D. Marwick from the Scottish Historical Review of 1904.
  466. A paper read by George Macdonald
    Roman station on the line of the Vallum of Antonine at Bar Hill, near Croy (pdf)
  467. The Scottish Lochs
    'Bathymetrical Survey of the Scottish Fresh-water Lochs,' conducted under the direction of Sir John Murray, K.C.B., F.R.S., D.SC., etc., and Laurence Pullar, F.R.S.E., F.R,G.S., during the years 1897 to 1909. Report on the Scientific Results. 6 volumes. Edinburgh: Challenger Office. 1910.
  468. Miscellanea
    From the FolkLore Magazine (pdf)
  469. Scottish Harbours
  470. Scottish Highlands
    By Ralph S. Tarr (1907)
  471. Side Lights from the Dunvegan Charter Chest
    By R. C. MacLeod
  472. Nynia in Northern Pictland
    By Archibald Black Scott (pdf)
  473. Dunnottar and its Barons
    Article by J. Crabb Watt from the Scottish Historical Review (pdf)
  474. The Battle of Glenshiel
    An article by C. Sanford Terry from the Scottish Historical Review (pdf)
  475. A Restoration Duel
    Article by C. H. Firth (pdf)
  476. A Contract of Mutual Friendship in the ’45
    Between the Earl of Sutherland and the Lord Reay
  477. A Scotsman’s journey from Longformacus to Penang
    By Thrifty Traveller
  478. The Settlement of Penang
    By James Scott
  479. An international appeal to save a rare collection of British literature has been successful, reaching its goal of £15 million ($20 million) with American support. (pdf)
  480. An Ancient Scottish Custom
    Wives on Trial
  481. Ancient Marriage Customs
    Includes a pdf copy of Traditional Customs connected with the Scottish Liturgy
  482. Donald Mor
    From Grant’s Legends of the Braes o’ Mar
  483. Little Men of Duthil
    By Rev. James Macdougall
  484. A Smuggling Document
    By David Grewar
  485. Some Aniquities of Tiree
    By W. G. Collingwood, M.A., F.S.A. (pdf)
  486. The Island of Tiree
    By William Reeves (pdf)
  487. Lepidoptera on Tiree
    By Derek C. Hulme (pdf)
  488. At the Sign of the Owl
    From the Antiquary magazine
  489. Emigration from Scotland
    By Margaret I. Adam
  490. Notice of a Hebridean Earth-House
    By David MacRitchie, FSA Scot. (pdf)
  491. The Arms on China of Sir Archibald Campbell of Inverneill
    By J. Tavenor-Perry (pdf)
  492. Sir Archibald Campbell of Inverneill
    By Charles H. Walcott (1898) (pdf)
  493. The Battle of Culbleen
    From a volume of Aberdeen Notes & Queries.
  494. Thimblers Out-Thlmbled
    Aberdeen Journal
  495. The Reformation. A trouble of the kirk in the Mearns
    From the Aberdeen Journal, January 17, 1913
  496. Jenny Geddes and Laud’s Service Book
    From the Aberdeen Journal, January 24. 1913
  497. Scottish University Maces
    From the Aberdeen Journal, January 24. 1913
  498. Some Considerations on the Present State of Scotland
    In a Letter to the Commissioners and Trustees for improving Fisheries and Manufactures (1744) (pdf)
  499. A Contract of Mutual Friendship in the ’45
    An article found in an old magazine which was very faint but managed to make some sense of it and included here for you to read.
  500. Principal Rory Macleod
    From the Aberdeen University Review containing lots of information on the Macleod and Macpherson families. Written by Rachel Blanche Harrower (pdf)
  501. A New Setting of an Auld Sang, Robin Tamson
    From the Aberdeen Journal
  502. Charles Sanford Terry, M.A.
    A mini biography along with "A Short History of Europe".
  503. The Integration of the Elite and Wider communities of the Northern Highlands, 1500–1700
    Evidence from visual cultures by Thomas Brochard (pdf)
  504. Exile and Return from the Far North of Scotland
    From the Reformation to the Revolution by Thomas Brochard, University of Aberdeen (pdf)
  505. Murder in Barra, 1609
    The Killing of the ‘Peursan Mór’ by Domhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart (pdf)
  506. Harpers in Scotland’s Outlying Communities in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
    By Thomas Brochard (pdf)
  507. Highland rogues and the roots of Highland Romanticism
    By Domhnall Uilleam Stiubhart (pdf)
  508. ‘Mo Rùn am Fearann’ – ‘My Love is the Land’:
    Gaelic Landscapes of the 18th and 19th Centuries by Kevin James Grant (2016) (pdf)
  509. Cairns in the Landscape
    Migrant Stones and Migrant Stories in Scotland and its Diaspora by Paul Basu (pdf)
  510. Dannsair Air Urlar-Deile Thu:
    Gaelic evidence about Dance from the Mid 17th to Late 18th century Highlands by Michael Newton (pdf)
  511. Macdonald had the victory but the governor had the printer
    Harlaw and the lordship of the Isles by Iain G. MacDonald (pdf)
  512. Anatomy of an Iron Age Roundhouse
    The Cnip Wheelhouse Excavations, Lewis by Ian Armit. This report provides an excellent source for readers to appreciate the archaeology in the Western Isles. – Professor Niall Sharples (pdf)
  513. Plantation
    Its Process in Relation to Scotland’s Atlantic Communities, 1590s–1630s By Thomas Brochard (pdf)
  514. The socio-economic relations between Scotland’s northern territories and Scandinavia and the Baltic in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
    By Thomas Brochard (pdf)
  515. The Serpent-Shaped Mound of Loch Nell
    An Account of Some Recent Excavations in Argyleshire
  516. The Income of Tenants on a Scotch Openfield Farm in the Eighteenth Century
    From the Economic Journal of March 1924 by I. F. Grant (pdf)
  517. The Case of the Pet Lamb
    Winans v. Macrae By Curliana Dingwall
  518. Dr. Chalmers at Glasgow
    An article from the Gentlemen's Magazine
  519. Contribution to the Vital Statistics of Scotland
    By James Stark, M.D., F.R.S.E., F.R.S.S.A., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh (1851) (pdf)

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