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Ancient Bee Symbolism History
By Gary Gianotti

Mr. Gough

Google Michael Scott the Wizard, who is the last real true Wizard in Scotland. He is the Brother of the Scott line that became the Buccleuch line. Then read what this says below about the Magi magi people and this Bee history! There is added evidence that this family preserved (Zoroastrian Fire History/Magi) history that goes back to Persia, preserved by this Scott line at Scot family Tower at Scotstarvit. Pretty wild, when all the Scottish people never knew that the Scott lines were Fleming-Royal Merovingian blood from Rouen France.


Gary Gianotti

This document will open your eyes, The first Scot who I am being credited with documenting for the first time in Scottish history. Anselm le Fleming and Agnes of Dunbars son is Richard Scott who married Avicia De London of Molle. Their grand sons or sons are Richard and Michael the Wizard (sorcerers and Magi's with this history and the Bees) Basically the Merovingian lines believed they are children of Christ. The interesting thing is that it associates what the Scottish believed. They the Scott families always linked this Bee history with Scota, which is true. Now, we know that the Fleming Scott lines are Royal Merovingian lines. This is now proved by my research with Fred Fleming in the UK and St. Andrews University. Your button is now part of this lost history and its links to why the ancient stone bee hives were made at Rosslyn Chapel, which was built by the Sinclairs and associated families. The interesting thing is that today, the property of Rosslyn Chapel is owned by todays current Scott/Stuart, the 10th Duke of Buccleuch.

From this most powerful Royal Scott family of the Buccluech Scott line, our US engraver Robert Scot, was passed down this ancient information. Through the Scotstarvit Scot line, this grandfather Sir John Scot was one the greatest academics that ever lived in Scottish history. He was removed from power by Oliver Cromwell in the British Civil Wars. So, there is no mistake on my behalf on what I have provided you on the button being Robert Scots personal button and that it was one made by him. Because this symbolism of the Egyptian history was introduced to America in our Government symbolism by him and him only! Understand, Masons were given this symbolism by this family in America and the "Masons" really did not even know that all of their most important symbolism comes from this direct family Scot/Fleming-Stuart families!

Another contrived planted piece of evidence is the Merovingian bee symbolism. Bloodline of the Holy Grail describes the relevance of the bee to the Merovingians.
The Merovingian kings were noted sorcerers in the manner of the Samaritan Magi, and they firmly believed in the hidden powers of the honeycomb. Because a honeycomb is naturally made up of hexagonal prisms, it was considered by philosophers to be the manifestation of divine harmony in nature. Its construction was associated with insight and wisdom – as detailed in Proverbs 24:13-14: “My son, eat thou honey, because it is good… So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul…”

To the Merovingians, the bee was a most hallowed creature. A sacred emblem of Egyptian royalty, it became a symbol of Wisdom. Some 300 small golden bees were found stitched to the cloak of Childeric I (son of Meroveus) when his grave was unearthed in 1653. Napoleon had these attached to his own coronation robe in 1804. He claimed this right by virtue of his descent from James de Rohan-Stuardo, the natural son (legitimized in 1667) of Charles II Stuart of Britain by Marguerite, Duchesse de Rohan. The Stuarts in turn were entitled to this distinction because they, and their related Counts of Brittany, were descended from Clodion’s brother Fredemundus – thus (akin to the Merovingians) they were equally in descent from the Fisher Kings through Faramund. The Merovingian bee was adopted by the exiled Stuarts in Europe, and engraved bees are still to be seen on some Jacobite glassware.”

The bee is also used symbolically by Masons.

Satan’s conspiracy is ancient. Satan was instrumental in choosing the bee symbol for the Merovingians because the bee was linked to the Tribe of Dan (Judges 14:8). Many deceived people believe the Tribe of Dan will birth the Antichrist. These ideas are Satanic propaganda intended to give credence to the idea that the Antichrist will be human. The Tribe of Dan is relevant today because some of them have stolen the Jews identity. Many of the so called Jews are not Jews at all but are descendents of the serpent seed Tribe of Dan. Read this article for more about the Tribe of Dan and their role in the End Times.

Some of my dreams from God have indicated that the Antichrist will be an angelic entity posing as human. Considering that most Satanically controlled mainstream preachers insist upon the idea that the Antichrist will be Jewish, despite any scriptural evidence, suggests that he will indeed be masquerading as a Jew because it benefits Satan’s great plan in some way. Considering the above mentioned evidence that the Merovingians are supposedly Jewish, the fact that Satan’s controlled Christian establishment promotes the idea that the Antichrist will be Jewish gives credence to our theory that he will claim to be a Merovingian descending from Mary Magdalene. This will all be a lie however because the Antichrist will be an angelic entity posing as a human.

Will the Antichrist be a human being like many claim?

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; – 2 Thessalonians 2:3

Many people interpret the above passage as describing a human Antichrist. However, the word man not only refers to humans but is also used to describe the angel Gabriel. In Daniel 9:21, he is explicitly called “the man Gabriel.” Satan himself is referred to as a man in Isaiah 14:12-14. God seems to go out of his way to emphasize the fact that both humans and angels are referred to as men. Perhaps he is providing us a warning that an angelic entity will be posing as a human Antichrist.

Why would Satan try to make it look like the Antichrist is a human? By pretending that the Antichrist is a human Satan can manipulate and distort other prophecies. One of these is the prophecy that states that the “beast shall arise from the sea” (Revelation 13:1)

The Merovingians are supposedly this “Grail” bloodline. They descend from Merovee the King of the Franks who ruled from 447-458 A.D.

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