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Scottish Record Society

We note that there is a huge amount of information available on old records that are now available on the Internet archive.  There are some 50 volumes available from the Scottish Record Society but it's not at all clear what each volume offers as far as content is concerned so we thought we'd undertake some work to make it easier to decide which volume to download. Each volume takes you to its own page where we provide the Preface from the volume and in Volume 1 we provide a sample page of the format used. In addition, we are using this page to add any other directory we come across. You can contact the Scottish Records Society at:

Samantha Smart
Secretary, Scottish Record Society

+44 (0)117 940 6902

Further details, including a full and accurate list of publications and their Internet Archive links where available, are on their website at:

Volume 1
The Commissariot Record of Edinburgh/Register of Testaments. Part I. Volumes 1 - 35 1514 - 1600
Volume 2
The Commissariot Record of Edinburgh/Register of Testaments. Part II. Volumes 35 - 81 1601 - 1700.
Volume 3
The Commissariot Record of Edinburgh/Register of Testaments. Part III. Volumes 81 - 131 1701 - 1800.
Volume 4
The Commissariot Record of Inverness/Register of Testaments. 1630 - 1800.
Volume 5
The Commissariot Record of Hamilton and Campsie/Register of Testaments. 1564 - 1800.
Volume 6
The Commissariot Record of Aberdeen/Register of Testaments. 1715 - 1800.
Volume 7
The Commissariot Record of Glasgow/Register of Testaments. 1547 - 1800.
Volume 8
The Commissariot Record of St. Andrews/Register of Testaments. 1549 - 1800.
Volume 9
The Commissariot Record of Argyll/Register of Testaments. 1674 - 1800.
Volume 10
The Commissariot Record of Laudar/Register of Testaments. 1561 - 1800.
Volume 11
The Commissariot Record of Moray/Register of Testaments. 1684 - 1800.
Volume 12
The Commissariot Record of Lanark/Register of Testaments. 1595 - 1800.
Volume 13
Volume 14
Register of Burials in the Chapal Royal or Abbey of Holyroodhouse 1706 - 1900
Volume 15
Register of Interments in the Greyfriars Burying Ground, Edinburgh 1658 - 1700
Volume 16
The Registers of Marriages for the Parish of Edinburgh 1595 - 1700
Volume 17
Volume 18
The Commissariot Record of Lauder/Register of Testaments. 1561 - 1800
Volume 19
Registers of Baptisms Chapels at Bairnie and Tillydesk 1763 - 1801 and Index
Volume 20
The Register of Burials in the Churchyard of Restalrig 1728 - 1854
Volume 21
Commissariot of Argyll/Register of Inventories 1693 - 1702
Volume 22
Commissariot of Edinburgh/Consistorial Processes and Decreets 1658 - 1800
Volume 23
The Register of Marriages for the Parish of Edinburgh 1701 - 1750
Volume 24
Volume 25
Protocol Book of Sir Alexander Gaw 1540 - 1558
Volume 26
Parish Register of Durness 1764 - 1814
Volume 27
Protocol Book of Sir William Corbet 1529 - 1555
Volume 28
The Register of Apprentices of the City of Edinburgh 1583 - 1666
Volume 29
Protocol Book of Gavin Ros, N.P. 1512 - 1532
Volume 30
Inventory of Documents relating to the Scrymgeour Family Estates 1611
Volume 31
Protocol Book of Mr. Gilbert Grote, 1552 - 1573
Volume 32
Volume 33
Melrose Parish Registers, Baptisms, Marriages, Proclamations of Marriages, Sessions Minutes (1723-1741) and Mortuary Rolls, 1642 - 1820
Volume 34
Parish of Holyroodhouse or Cannongate/Register of Marriages 1564 - 1800
Volume 35
Monumental Inscriptions in St. Cuthbert's Churchyard, Edinburgh, [Older Portion]
Volume 36
Parish Registers of Canisbay (Caithness) 1652 - 1666
Volume 37
Register of Births and Marriages for the Episcopal Congregation of St Andrews 1722 - 1787
Volume 38
Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff 1684
Volume 39
Protocol Books of Dominus Thomas Johnsoun 1528 - 1578
Volume 40
Register of Marriages, The City of Edinburgh 1751 - 1800
Volume 41
Index to the Register of Marriages and Baptisms in the Parish of Kilbarchan 1640 - 1772
Volume 42
Calendar of Writs Preserved at Yester House 1166 - 1625
Volume 43
The Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow 1573 - 1750
Volume 44
Protocol Books of John Foulis 1546 - 1553 and Nicol Thounis 1559 - 1564
Volume 45
Some Family Papers of the Hunters of Hunterston
Volume 46
Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses and Guild Brethren 1406 - 1700
Volume 47
Register of Edinburgh Apprentices 1666 - 1700
Volume 48
Protocol Book of Sir John Cristisone 1518 - 1551
Volume 49
Protocol Book of John Foular, 9th March 1500-1 to 18th September 1503
Volume 50
Protocol Book of Sir Robert Rollock 1534 - 1552
Volume 51
The Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow 1751 - 1846
Volume 52
Inventory of Pifirrane Writs 1230 - 1794
Volume 53
Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses and Guild Brethren 1761 - 1841
Volume 54
An Inventory of Lamont Papers 1231 - 1897
Volume 55
Register of the Burgesses of the Burgh of the Canongate 27th June 1622 - 25th September 1733
Part 52
Register of Baptisms, Proclamations, Marriages and Mortcloth Dues contained in Kirk Session Records for Torphichen 1673 - 1714. And Protocol Book of Sir William Corbet 1529 - 1555. And Parish Register of Dunfermline 1561 - 1700.
Part 20
The Commissariot Record of Inverness, Hamilton and Campsie 1564 - 1800
Report of Thomas Tucker upon the settlement of the revenues of Excise and Customs in Scotland A.D. MDCLVI (1656). Register containing the state and condition of every Burgh within the Kingdom of Scotland in the year 1692. Setts of the Royal Burghs of Scotland.
Royal Descendants: Scottish Records
How to trace your descent from Royalty and Scottish Records
Directory to Gentlemen's Seats, Villages, &c. in Scotland
Giving the counties in which they are situated, the post towns to which each is attached, and the name of the resident. (1800 - 1899) (pdf)
Worrall's Directory of the North-Eastern Counties of Scotland
Including Forfar, Fife, Kinross, Aberdeen, Banff, and Kincardine (1877) (pdf)
The Angus and Mearns Directory for 1846
Of the inhabitants of Montrose, Arbroath, Forfar, Brechin and Kirriemuir.
Calendar Of Documents Relating to Scotland and a supplemental volume
By Joseph Bain
Slater's Directories
There are quite a number of these directories which are available here
but below I've added the set for 1899 and 1911.
Royal National Directory of Scotland
1899 edition (pdf)
Slater's Royal National Directory of Scotland (1911)

This volume contains a huge amount of names including private residences (pdf)
Slater's Royal National Directory of Scotland (1911)
This volume is primarily residents (pdf)
Slater's Royal National Directory of Scotland (1911)
Glasgow directory (pdf)
Russell's Morayshire Register (1852)
And Elgin and Forres Directory (pdf)
Fowler's Paisley and Johnstone Commercial Directory 1845 - 1846
Containing Comprehensive and Accurate Directories of Paisley, Elderslie, Johnstone, Quarrelton and Linwood.
MacFarlane's Genealogical Collections
In two volumes.
Williamson's Directory for the City of Edinburgh, Canaongate, Leith and Subarbs
From 25th May 1774 to 1775 (pdf)
The Records of a Scottish Cloth Manufactory at New Mills, Haddingtonshire 1681-1703
Edited from the Original Manuscripts, with Introduction and Notes, by W. R. 5COTT, M.A., D.Phil., Litt.D. (1905) (pdf)
Papers Illustrative of the Political Condition of the Highland of Scotland
1689 - 1696
Public General Acts
Passed in the Fifty-Second and Fifty-Third Years of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria being the Fourth Session of the Twenty-Fourth parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. (1889) (pdf). Scottish Acts are to be found... on page 47 is An Act to explain the Secretary for Scotland Act, 1887. On page 57 is An Act to amend the Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act, 1883. On page 72 is An Act to amend the Herring Fishery (Scotland) Acts; and for other purposes relating thereto. On page 79 there is An Aot to extend and amend the Law relating to the recovery of Small Debts in Scotland. On page 85 is An Act to declare the Boundaries of the Province of Ontario in the Dominion of Canada. On page 106 An Act to amend and extend the Law relating to Judicial Factors and others in Scotland, and to unite the Offices of the Accountant of the Court of Session and the Accountant in Bankruptcy in Scotland. on page 206 An Act to amend the Laws relating to Local Government in Scotland. on page 268 is An Act to amend the General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1862. On page 273 An Act to regulate the Number and Duties of the Clerks of the Court of Session and Bill Chamber iu Scotland, and for other purposes. On page 277 An Act for the better Administration and Endowment of the Universities of Scotland. On page 384 An Act to amend the Law in regard to Annual Parliamentary Grants in the Counties of Caithness and Sutherland.
An Account of the Most Important Records of Great Britain
And the publications of the Record Commissioners together with other miscellaneous, Historical and Antiquarian Information compiled from various printed books and manuscripts By C. P. Cooper in two volumes (1832)
Reports from the Commissioners
Appointed by his Majesty to execute the measures recommended by a select committee of the house of Commons respecting the public records of the Kingdom 1800-1819 (pdf)
Documents relative to the Reception at Edinburgh of the Kings and Queens of Scotland
1561 - 1650. The following documents have been chiefly taken from the Registers of the Privy Council of Scotland, and the Records of the City of Edinburgh. A desire of becoming acquainted with the rights and privileges of the Officers of the Scottish Household, and, among those, of the Usher of the White Rod, first prompted a research into, the ancient Records of Scotland, and the collection of a great mass of old documents. (pdf)
The Manuscripts of
The Duke of Roxburghe; Sir H. H. Campbell, Bart.; The Earl of Strathmore; and the Countess Dowager of Seafield by the Historical Manuscripts Commission, Fourteenth Report, Appendix, Part III (1894) (pdf)
Books, manuscripts and documents dating before 1901
In the library collections of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. The following is an index in alphabetical order of principal author or title of printed books, manuscripts and documents that date from ca.1252 to 1900 in the libraries of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in London and in Edinburgh. It covers items originally published before 1901 so some later published facsimiles and modern reprints of early texts are also included.(pdf)
An Index to the Papers Relating to Scotland
Described or Calendared in the Historical MSS. Commission's Reports. The Index displays the materials for Scottish History in the volumes published by the Historical Manuscripts Commission from 1870 to the end of 1907, including the single volume so far published in 1908 (the Marquis of Bathís MSS., Vol. III.). The House of Lordsí MSS. are also included, though their publication is no longer undertaken by the Commission. The last volume of the Lordsí MSS. indexed here is Vol. IV., New Series (1908). The Subject-Index focusses the materials bearing on individuals, incidents, institutions, and reigns contained in the collections reported on by the Commission. Where materials have been published by Clubs and Societies the fact is indicated. Edited by Charles Sanford Terry, M.A. (1908) (pdf)
Research Guide
A brief history of emigration & immigration in Scotland (pdf)
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland
Edited by Thomas Dickson, Curator of the Historical Department of the General Register House, Volume 1 A.D. 1473 - 1498 (1877) (pdf)
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland
Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, FSAScot, Lord Lyon King of Arms, Volume 2 A.D. 1500 - 1504 (1900) (pdf)
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland
Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, FSAScot, Lord Lyon King of Arms, Volume 3 A.D. 1506 - 1507 (1902) (pdf)
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland
Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, FSAScot, Lord Lyon King of Arms, Volume 4 A.D. 1507 - 1513 (1902) (pdf)
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland
Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, FSAScot, Lord Lyon King of Arms, Volume 5 A.D. 1515 - 1531 (1902) (pdf)
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland
Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, FSAScot, Lord Lyon King of Arms, Volume 7 A.D. 1538 - 1541 (1907) (pdf)
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland
Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, FSAScot, Lord Lyon King of Arms, Volume 8 A.D. 1541 - 1546 (1908) (pdf)
The Acts of the Parliament of Scotland
Volume XI. This Volume contains the Acts and Proceedings of five successive Sessions of the Parliament of Scotland, holden during the reign of Queen Anne, between the period of Her Majesty's Accession to the Crown in the year 1702, and that of the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England in the year 1707. (1831) (pdf)
County Directory of Scotland
Including the portion of North Northumberland postally connected with Scotland edited by W. W. Halliburton, General Post Office, Edinburgh (1872) (pdf)
Extracts from the Presbytery Book of Strathbogie
1631 to 1654 edited by John Stuart (1843) (pdf)
An Index Drawn up about the Year 1629
Of many records of charters granted by the different Sovereigns of Scotland between the years 1309 and 1413, most of which records have been long missing with an Introduction giving a state, founded on authentic documents still preserved, of the Ancient Records of Scotland, which were in that Kingdom in the year 1292, to which are subjoined, indexes of the persons and places mentioned in those charters, alphabetically arranged, published at the desire of the Right Honourable Lord Frederick Campbell, Lord Clerk-Register of Scotland with a view to lead to a discovery of those records which are missing by William Robertson, Esq., one of the Deputies of the Lord Clerk-Register for keeping the records of Scotland (1798) (pdf)


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