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What's New on Electric Scotland
This is a list of the most recent content added to the site in the past month
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Scottish Society of Indianapolis
Got in the Sept/Oct 2022 Newsletter

Gaelic Scotland in the Colonial Imagination
Anglophone Writing from 1600 to 1900 by Silke Stroh (2017) (pdf)

Scottish Banner
Got in the October 2022 issue.

In Memorium
To Norman MacLeod Published in the 1872 edition of Good Words

Sermons preached before the Queen at Balmoral
That which is behind of the afflictions of Christ by A. H. Charteris (1872) (pdf)

Sermons preached before the Queen at Balmoral
Christ blessings little children by the Rev. Norman MacLeod (1872) (pdf)

John MacLeod Campbell, D.D.
By The Rev. Norman MacLeod (1872) (pdf)

Macdonald had the victory but the governor had the printer
Harlaw and the lordship of the Isles by Iain G. MacDonald (pdf)

And in Every Hamlet a Poet
Gaelic Oral Tradition and Postmedieval Archaeology in Scotland by Kevin James Grant (pdf)

Dannsair Air Urlar-Deile Thu:
Gaelic evidence about Dance from the Mid 17th to Late 18th century Highlands by Michael Newton (pdf)

Cairns in the Landscape
Migrant Stones and Migrant Stories in Scotland and its Diaspora by Paul Basu (pdf)

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 30th September 2022 which you can read as a pdf file or in our Community

Beth's Video Talks
September 28th, 2022 - Armigerous Clans: What are they?

The newsletter of the Clan Baird Society Worldwide
Got in three of their newsletters for Spring 1978, Winter and Spring 2022

‘Mo Rn am Fearann’ – ‘My Love is the Land’:
Gaelic Landscapes of the 18th and 19th Centuries by Kevin James Grant (2016) (pdf)

King Charles III
Added some more videos to our page about him to also highlight his work at his home at Highgrove and also his work to restore Dumfries House and Estate.

The Pronunciation of English in Scotland
By William Grant, M.A.

Andrew Grant
On designing Gardens by the Bay. The world has been waiting with baited breath for the completion of the Gardens by the Bay scheme in Singapore and the day is nearly upon us

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Got in section 1 of the October 2022 issue.

Some information about the Galatians and their Celtic roots.

Chamber's Journal
Popular Literature, Science, and Arts conducted by William and Robert Chambers, Nos. 1 To 25. January - June, 1854 (pdf)

The Court Book of the Barony of Urie in Kincardineshire 1604-1747
Edited from the Original Manuscript with Notes and Introduction by the
Rev. Douglas Gordon Barron, M.A. (1892) (pdf)

The Scottish Highland Games and the Swiss Unspunnen Games
And the Idea of the Noble Savage by Axel Koehler (2010) (pdf)

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 23rd September 2022 which you can read as a pdf file or in our Community

Beth's Video Talks
September 21st, 2022 -
Excommunication and Scottish Games Advertising 101

Life in Normandy
Sketches of French Fishing, Farming, Cooking, Natural History and Politics drawn from Nature in two volumes. The following pages were written for pastime in 1848, by a Highland gentleman resident in Normandy.

The Book of Table-Talk
By Charles MacFarlane in two volumes (1836)

A Noxious Pack
Historical, Literary and Folklore traditions of the Wolf (Canis Lupus) in the Scottish Highlands by Andrew E.M. Wiseman, University of Edinburgh (pdf)

Secret Garden Distillery
From a derelict plot outside Edinburgh in 2012, a green oasis has been created that allows this company to harness nature and create magical gins from "seed to sip".

Identities and Contacts
Scots and their Relations with Scandinavia, 1500 - 1700 by Thomas Brochard (pdf)

Added a YouTube video on the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Little One of the Big Heart
Calum Iain Maclean (1915-1960) by Dr. Andrew Wiseman

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Got in Section 1 of the October 2022 issue.

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 16th September 2022 which you can read as a pdf file or in our Community

Oliphant Family
Added a file about Carel Naret Oliphant to our Oliphant page kindly sent in by Tony Oliphant.

Biography of Calum Iain Maclean
From the Calum Maclean Project at Edinburgh University

The Secret of a Warm Heart and other Papers
By the Rev. Norman MacLeod Caie (1925) (pdf)

Highland rogues and the roots of Highland Romanticism
By Domhnall Uilleam Stiubhart (pdf)

Murder in Barra, 1609
The Killing of the ‘Peursan Mr’ by Domhnall Uilleam Stibhart (pdf)

Harpers in Scotland’s Outlying Communities in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
By Thomas Brochard (pdf)

I've created a new page for King Charles III
The purpose is to record the various happenings over the next 10 days or so.

Exile and Return from the Far North of Scotland
From the Reformation to the Revolution by Thomas Brochard, University of Aberdeen (pdf)

King Charles III addresses UK after Queen Elizabeth’s death
See foot of page for the video and another one which shows the first full day with King Charles leaving Balmoral and arriving in London and also speeches in the House of Commons. This last video is some 7 hours long but if you use the slide button you can quickly get to bits that are of great interest.

The Integration of the Elite and Wider communities of the Northern Highlands, 1500–1700
Evidence from visual cultures by Thomas Brochard (pdf)

The North and the Navy


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