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This is a list of the most recent content added to the site in the past month
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Skye and the Napier Commission
Article by Malcolm Campbell

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 23rd July 2021 which you can read  as a pdf file and in our Community

Scotland, Historic and Romantic
By Maria Hornor Lansdale in two volumes (1901)

Beth's Video Talks
July 21st 2021 - Did Columbus know where he was going?

Iorram (Boat Song)
An impressionistic portrait of the Gaelic fishing community in the Outer Hebrides, past and present. 

Clan Leslie Society International
Got in there July 2021 newsletter.

The Brave Sons of Skye
By Lieut.-Col. John MacInnes, V.D., 5th Volunteer Battalion (Princess Louise's) Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (1899). Also included is information about
the book on the "life and experiences of the 92nd Foot Highlander ‘Private Donald Campbell'" written by Malcolm ‘Don’ Campbell and also includes a pdf file Life in Teangue from ‘Private Donald Campbell 92nd Foot 1803-1822 which is part of the book with it's social history.

Off the Chain
Notes and Essays from the West Highlands By “Gowrie” (W. A. Smith) (1868)
The following notes were written out at the time of my visit, and express the exact feelings with which the various districts mentioned impressed me; they ought thus to be more trustworthy than if viewed through a veil of memory, however slight. Dealing with scenes and subjects somewhat out of the usual track, I hope to have drawn some little information and amusement therefrom, for the benefit of kindred lovers of nature, and at any rate to have succeeded in securing for these parts some of that superabundant attention at present lavished upon the remainder of the “Land of brown heath and shaggy wood.”

History of the House of Ochiltree of Ayrshire Scotland and of those who came to America and some of the allied families 1124—1916 By Clementine Brown Railey (1916) Sterling, Kansas

Nerine McIntyre
Winner of the Landscape Artist of the Year in 2015

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 16th July 2021 which you can read  as a pdf file and in our Community

Beth's Video Talks
July 14th 2021 - Fix your will to save your genealogy

Some Account of my Life and Writings
An Autobiography by the Late Sir Archibald Alison in two volumes

Scottish Review
Added issues 7, 8 & 9 of their Best of 25 Years of the Scottish Review.

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Got in Section 2 of the August 2021 issue.

The Men of the Mountain
By S. R. Crockett (1909) (pdf)

Memoirs of Mr William Veitch and George Brysson
Written by themselves with other narratives illustrative of the history of Scotland, from the restoration to the revolution to which are added, biographical sketches and notes, by Thomas M'Crie, D.D. (1825) (pdf)

Scottish Society of Indianapolis
Got in there July 2021 newsletter.

Added two more jigsaws to our Scotland Fact File - The Sterling Engine and Scots Invented Suspenders and to our pictures of Scotland - Cranogh at Aberfeldy.

Scottish Politics
By the Right Hon. The Marquis of Lorne (pdf)

Luther's Scottish Connection
By James Edward McGoldrick (2008)

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 9th July 2021 which you can read  as a pdf file and in our Community

Beth's Video Talks
Got in her talk for July 7th
2021 - Just a taste of Gaelic we use today

An exclusive promotion to MyHeritage - 50% off 7th July to 12th July 2021.

Scottish Society of Louisville
Got in their July 2021 newsletter.

Loch Creran
Notes from the West Highlands by William Anderson Smith (1887) (pdf)

Lays and Legends of the North of Ireland
By Cruck-A-Leaghan and Slieve Gallion (1884) (pdf)

The Lament of the Border Widow included are the words and sheet music as well as a YouTube recording of the song and also includes a link to a book containing this song and its sheet music.

In Ayrshire
A Descriptive Picture of the County of Ayr with relative notes on interesting local subjects, by William Scott Douglas, Editor of 'The Kilmarnock Edition" of Burns (1874) (pdf) Contains much information on Burns & his associations & is valuable to the Burns Student. J Williamson, Meadowfield

Ayrshire: Its History and Historic Families
By William Robertson in two volumes (1908)

Finding Home and Citizenship
A wee article from Dr Renwick which I've added to his page.

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 2nd July 2021 which you can read  as a pdf file and in our Community.

The Journal of Scottish Historical Studies
(formerly Scottish Economic and Social History) is published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Economic and Social History Society of Scotland. It is a fully double-blind peer-reviewed outlet for the best research in social, economic and cultural history, in historical geography and anthropology, and in historical theory. It includes regular research and review articles, news and book reviews, and also has occasional interviews, symposia on key books, and appreciations of incidents, sources and ideas in the writing of Scotland’s history.

Beth's Video Talks
Got in her talk for June 30th
2021 - A 1600's history lesson

Reminiscences and Essays
by James Montgomery Stuart (1884). Includes a very good essay on The Ayrshire Ploughman and the Ettrick Shepherd.

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Got in Section 1 of the July 2021 issue.

Charters of the Abbey of Crosraguel
By F. C. Hunter Blair in two volumes (1886)
Constant instances occur in these papers of the care which they devoted to farming, to the working of the coal-heughes, to the cultivation of woods, orchards, gardens; to the development of the fine arts, such as music and architecture; to philosophy, science, theology, and other literary pursuits. Without doubt they did much to keep alive in the hearts of the country people a knowledge of right and wrong in very stormy times.

A South Ayrshire Parish
Being articles on the history of the Parish of Dailly by the Late George Turnbull, D.D. edited by Rev. John Torrance, B.D., United Free Church, Dailly (1908) (pdf)

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 25th June 2021 which you can read  as a pdf file and in our Community.

Duke of York joins the Scottish Masons

Frederick Douglass
An American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. After escaping from slavery in Maryland, he became a national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York, becoming famous for his oratory and incisive antislavery writings.

Beth's Video Talks
Got in her talk for June 23rd
2021 - Edinburgh does not rhyme with Pittsburth

Lillian Beckwith
Added a small obituary to her page.

Clan Buchanan
Got in their July 2021 newsletter

Added two new videos to our page on Ayr and also added a link to a book on Ayr, Annals of Ayr in the Olden Time 1560 - 1692 by John H. Pagan, B. D. (1897)

A History of the Ayrshire Yeomanry Cavalry
By W. S. Cooper M.A., L.L.M., F8A Scot., Captain, Ayrshire Yeomanry Cavalry (1881)

The Origin and Early History of the Ayrshire Breed of Cattle
By John Speir (1909) (pdf)

Ayrshire Breeders' Year Book
Containing the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting for 1898, with a History of the Breed, Recent Milk and Butter Records and General Information about AvrsNres and the Ayrshire Breeders' Association. (1898) (pdf)


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