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What's New on Electric Scotland
This is a list of the most recent content added to the site in the past month
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A Guide to Blair Castle, Perthshire, Scotland
Added a video from YouTube to our Blair Castle page.

The Battle of Glenshiel
An article by C. Sanford Terry from the Scottish Historical Review (pdf)

The Records of a Scottish Cloth Manufactory at New Mills, Haddingtonshire 1681-1703
Edited from the Original Manuscripts, with Introduction and Notes, by W. R. 5COTT, M.A., D.Phil., Litt.D. (1905).  Found an excellent article about this book so added a page to hold it and added a link to the book at the foot.

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 15th October 2021 which you can read as a pdf file or in our Community

Nynia in Northern Pictland
By Archibald Black Scott (pdf)

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Got in the November section 2 issue.

Beth's Video Talks
October 13th 2021 - Be Careful of What You Throw Away

The Lord's Day
Substance of a Speech delivered at a meeting of the Presbytery of Glasgow on Thursday, 16th November, 1865 by Norman MacLeod, D.D.

Minute Book of the Board of Green Cloth 1809—1820
With Notices of the Members (1891) (pdf)

My Bondage and My Freedom
Part I. - Life as a Slave Part II. - Life as a Freeman by Frederick Douglas with an Introduction by Dr. James M'Cune Smith (1855) (pdf)

Scottish Society of Indianapolis
Got in their October 2021 newsletter

The Scottish Ancestors of President Roosevelt
An article from the Scottish Historical Review of July 1904 which I added to our page about him around half way down the page.

Scottish Industrial Undertakings before the Union
By W. R. Scott (1904) (pdf)

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 8th October 2021 which you can read as a pdf file or in our Community

Beth's Video Talks
October 6th 2021 - Advertising your Highland Games

Learn more about our Scottish records at this Facebook Live with Chris Paton! on YouTube.

Old Scottish Volcanoes
Professor James Geikie LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S.n (1907) (pdf)

Escape to the Perfect Town - Ayr, Scotland
I added this video to the page as it does show quite a bit of Ayr and a few homes in the area.  Added it towards the end of our page on Ayr.

Love the fulfilling of the Law
Extracts from the Writings and MSS. of the Late Norman MacLeod, D.D., selected and arranged by his daughter A.C. MacLeod (1887) (pdf)

Scot’s Badge Medallion
Picture provided by Garry Gianotti. This was found in the USA when digging a site where hundreds of other badges and buttons have been found. Just 10 minutes away from the works of the engraver, Robert Scott. Likely dated around c1750.

Lossiemouth video
A new video shows you some of the shops, bars and restaurants on a bright sunny day.  Added this video to the foot of our Lossiemouth page.

Ancient Scottish Weapons
A series of drawings by James Drummond R.S.A. with Introduction and descriptive notes by Joseph Anderson (pdf)

Scottish Place-Names and Scottish Saints
By Ralph Richardson

Scottish science fiction
Writing Scottish literature back into history by Gavin Miller (2009) (pdf)

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 1st October 2021 which you can read as a pdf file or in our Community

North British Review
M. Michel’s book is the history of the long alliance between France and Scotland,—an alliance originally formed against the growing power of a common enemy, and afterwards strengthened and confirmed by a community of interests, and by a grateful sense of mutual benefits. Taken from the August - November 1862 issue Vol. XXXVII

Clan Munro of Australia
Got in their August 2021 newsletter

Beth's Video Talks
September 29th 2021 - Place names and once removed and cemetery searching

The Inner Hebrides - Scotland's Island Paradise
Added this video around half way down this page.

Scottish Harbours

Some Scotch Castles and their Stories
By Charles Turner illustrated from recent photographs (pdf)

Lossiemouth video
The Walk starts off down at the harbour and shows you some of the shops, bars and restaurants.  Added this video to the foot of our Lossiemouth page.

A Scottish Fly-Fisher
By A. Leitch (1911) (pdf)

King Kalakaua and R. L. Stevenson, c 1889
I received this card from a friend while she was in Hawaii on a visit to her daughter and added it to the foot of this page.

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 24th September 2021 which you can read as a pdf file or in our Community

Samuel Rutherford
Added a couple of pdf publications to his page to give further information about him.

Scottish Ballads
An article from the Sewanee Review by Wm. Hand Browne.(1912) (pdf)

Beth's Video Talks
September 22nd 2021 - Funny laws of genealogy an arm and a leg

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Got in Section 1 of the October 2021 issue.

From the FolkLore Magazine (pdf)

The Scottish Lochs
Book Review of 'Bathymetrical Survey of the Scottish Fresh-water Lochs,' conducted under the direction of Sir John Murray, K.C.B., F.R.S., D.SC., etc., and Laurence Pullar, F.R.S.E., F.R,G.S., during the years 1897 to 1909. Report on the Scientific Results. 6 volumes. Edinburgh: Challenger Office. 1910.

Scotland under the SNP
A comment in the Daily Record on 20th September 2021.

Report of the Glasgow Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints
Held in the Mechanic's Institution Hall, Canning Street, Calton, Glasgow, January 1852 (pdf)

Robert Campbell Genealogy
A Record of the Descendants of Robert Campbell of County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland by Rev. Frederic Campbell (1909) (pdf)

Hylton Newsletter
Got in their September 2021 Newsletter

Reports from the Commissioners
Appointed by his Majesty to execute the measures recommended by a select committee of the house of Commons respecting the public records of the Kingdom 1800-1819 (pdf)

Added our Weekly Newsletter for 17th September 2021 which you can read as a pdf file or in our Community

A Literary Relic of Scottish Lollardy
By Thomas. M. Lindsay from his article in the Scottish Historical Review of April 1904 (pdf) and have attached to this page The New Testament in Scots being  Purvey's Revision of Wycliffe's Version turned into Scots by Murdoch Nisbet c. 1520. Edited from the unique MS. in the possession of Lord Amherst of Hackney (1901) by Thomas Graves Law, LL.D. in three volumes.

Sermons on the occasion of the death of Norman Macleod, D.D.,
Minister of the Barony Parish, Glasgow; Dean of the Order of the Thistle; and one of her Majesty's Chaplains for Scotland, Preached on the 23rd June, 1872 in the Barony Parish Church and in Barony Chapel, Parliamentary Road (1872) (pdf)

Beth's Video Talks
September 15th 2021 - Gaelic with a Southern Accent

A paper read by George Macdonald
Roman station on the line of the Vallum of Antonine at Bar Hill, near Croy

The Municipal Institutions of Scotland
An Historical Survey by James D. Marwick from the Scottish Historical Review of 1904.

The Races of Europe
By Carleton Stevens Coon, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Harvard University (1939) (pdf)

African-American History
A section exploring the history of African Americans

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Got in the October 2021 section 2 issue.

The Historical Society of Haddonifield
How memories of violence shaped colonial America's Scots-Irish and Irish, a presentation by Dr. Judith Ridner (2006) (pdf)


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