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The Vision at Wallace Monument
By Edward Torrance

On top of the Wallace Monument
On a clear September morn
I looked at the vastness around me
And the town where I was born
While I stared at the scenic surroundings
My mind wondered back through time
Envisioning the battles and bloodshed
So this land could be yours and mine

I could see the Battle of Stirling
And Wallace leading his men
As they courageously fought for Scotland
And the freedom of all Scots again
From Bannockburn fields I heard thunder
And the clashing of swords was so clear
As Bruce’s voice called out in battle
“fight on men, victory is near!”

Suddenly a skirmish arose on the Ochils
And then to my left and my right
A river of Scots blood was flowing
But the brave lads continued to fight
The pages of proud Scotland’s history
Turned quickly in front of me
Each page having one thing in common
Scots fighting for our liberty

My visions of the past soon faded
When at Stirling Castle I glanced
And saw the union jack flag flying high
Above that of St. Andrew it danced
A sudden chill in my blood made me shiver
A sense of guilt and shame took control
As I heard the voice of forefathers
Shout “Why?” from the place of their souls

“Why did we bleed on liberty’s fields
and die for the likes of you?”
“Why did we sacrifice our sons and daughters
when to Scotland you’re not loyal or true?”
“Why did we suffer the savage indignities
in the hopes that you would be free?”
“When you, selfishly vote for submission
to those that stole our liberty!”

“Why have you forsaken your country
and all that we once stood for?”
“Why are you so scared of total freedom
when it can be gained without any war?”
“Where is your pride and your honour
have you absolutely no shame?”
“Do you know the real meaning of freedom
or is it a word you know only by name?”

Just as quick as the voice had come
It was carried away in the wind
A noticeable silence filled the air
And the stairs I began to descend
As I passed the exhibit of Wallace’s sword
A pen suddenly appeared in its place
Then the wink of an eye on Wallace’s statue
And a smile so distinct on his face

I proudly walked from the monument ground
My duty to Scotland now clear
I must do what I can to free this great land
And I have nothing or no one to fear
The sword of forefathers no longer required
Only a pen I will carry with me
All sons and daughters of Scotland be loyal
Make your mark and set Scotland free!

© Edward Torrance

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