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Poems of Raymond Lee Morehead Esq. FSA Scot.
Ode To Warrior Poet and a Scotsman Free

In Memoriam to Nigel Tranter,
Scottish Author and Historian

A warrior poet he was known to me to be,
For only he put to words of Scotland’s truths for all to see.
No!… Not the Scotland tourists so often only sees,
But Scotland bold, wild and yet Free.
A stout, mountain of a man he was said by some must be,
Certainly, more in heart than few could or would ever see.
His homeland and people he penned on page into vivid realties,
Like an artist his brush gave life to canvas bold and free.
His colors were words, yet no less the vivid portrait he left for many to see.
Craggy cliffs, hills and spirited forests, robed in the living plaid colors

Of heather, thistle, and emerald greens.
He viewed Scotland with a Mystic wisdom, in a light of distant years gone by,
Yet reflected on ever-turbulent waters still.
"No!"... You will hear some say,
Just an old Scotsman who was lost to the past,
Now gone to earth forever, let be... let be…
"No... Not True!"... I say, for here was a true historical poet,
Who put to paper what many could only dream to capture in frame.
For his was the love and pride of a true Scotsman’s heart,
That within him did burn.
His native land, and it’s history enchanting still, for all that would but see.
Of misty Glens and moorlands grand,
Where he and Scotland’s ancestral legends forever dwell,
Where still runs free the roe, red deer wild and free,
He who saw the past, as his window to tomorrows may be.
Where spirited hearts roam the mists still for the chosen few to yet see.
For a True Scotsman’s heart is born free and a worrier poet free!..
He will ever be!
Then what was this Warrior Poet to Me?
He and his work’s was the spark that ignited the Scottish flame within me to burn.
An everlasting, inspirational fire of Love now set ablaze,
For the Lands and peoples of my ancestral home where my heart now roams.
Many may say that these are but pretty words that will not last, too soon lost to the past,
Never!… I say, for it was his inspirational works helped me to seek my past,
And gave me strength of heart to gather with Clan.
For a True Scotsman’s heart is born free,
A worrier poet free I saw in him!..
And now I will ever seek within me to be!

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