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Poems of Adam McCafferty
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I love this land Australia, a land where I've been blessed,
'Tis been to me my homeland, A place where I might rest,
But then, my heart keeps longing, for a place across
 the sea,
A place of greater comfort, where my soul would want to be.

O Scotland, Scotland, my birthplace,
With Loch, Glen, and hill,
Although I chose this to be my homeland,
For you I'm yearning still.

The Yearning Heart

There's a yearning in my heart,
'Tis foundin almost every one
More so if your a Scot
Who is out to find some sun.

No mater where my feet may tread,
And I've traveled far and wide,
There's that yearning there for Scotland
That for ever seems to abide.

Scotland's a place of Bannock and Burns,
Of Mountain, Glen, and  Heather,
Where folk may climb or walk all day,
But my!!
What aufu weather.

Little  Miss Tomboy

                                 A Tomboy???     A tomboy??
                                 Don’t you,  ever call me a Tomboy!!!
                                 I can be,  so, ever sedate,
                                 Like caviar on a plate,
                                 But Never!!!
                                 No never,  a tomboy!! 

                                 A young Lady,
                                 Yes,  Me,  ever the young lady,
                                 ‘Cause I’ve freckles on my cheek
                                 It don’t make me a freak
                                 Just remember!!!
                                 I’m a proper young lady.


                  Contempt for ones feelings?
                  Or,  They just don’t  care.
                  Maybe? They’re far, far too clever?
                  Perhaps?  I’m unfair.
                  Unrelenting they sit there
To  torment or taunt.
Eternally stubborn
Regarding my lot?
So !!!!

                            A  warning to others
                            Just,  Just let them be,
                            And from a mental disaster
                            You just might be free.

adam mccafferty  Ó  1996

        What is a boy?

                          He is a gift from above,
                   Given to parents to cherish and love. 

              A boy is that baby wrapt up in a shawl,
              You nurtured and cuddled like a cotton wool ball.

              A boy is a wonder who never stops still,
              Creating his own world out of nothing but will. 

              A boy is a youth who will stand by his mates,
              But adults and girls seem to be something he hates. 

              A boy is a person,  when he meets that special girl,
              Is out of this world, and is lost in a whirl. 

              A boy is a man,  that has now become a dad,
              But watch how he acts, for he is still only a lad.

              A man is a boy at no matter what age,
              Just give him a toy, and he will turn back the page.

adam mccafferty  ă 1992


            Henry the littlest aeroplane

Henry, the littlest aeroplane,                              Then  Henry’s pilot came along,
They said wasn’t a plane at all,                           And  whispered  ever so low,
Because, Henry, the littlest aeroplane            “Let us go , and we will search,
Was really far too small.                                        Where the others cannot go. 

He had an engine, wings and tail,                      Well!!  Henry was so Happy,
and a pilot who was tall,                                       He flew ever,  ever so high,
Yet still they told poor Henry,                              For he was really, really sure,
“Henry, you’re far too small”.                              He would find it,  by  and by. 

Said Henry, “When I grow up,                              Would you believe what happened?
I’ll be like a jumbo jet”,                                           The others said,  “It can’t’ be found,
But all poor Henry ever heard  was.                  We  have looked about everywhere,
“Henry,  you’re  too small yet”.                           There is nothing much around”.

He dreamt he was a fighter plane,                      Still, Henry went on looking
With guns, bombs,  and all,                                    Into every cranny and nook,
When he told the other planes, they laughed, Even down into the places,  where
“Henry,  you really are too small”.                      The others were too big to look.

Whatever could poor Henry do,                           Low and behold,  he found it,
To make himself big and tall?                               Lying there upon the ground,
He had tried almost everything,                         Then all the people cheered him,
Still,  Henry was too small.                                   “Hurray!! we have been found”.

Then, a great big, big aeroplane                        Now those who said  that Henry
The biggest ever seen,                                          Had  tail and wings too small,
Went down among the mountains,                   They all  began to cheer, and shout,
In a tiny small ravine.                                            “ Henry you are bigger than us all”  

Helicopters, and fighter planes,                     
Planes, big, fast, and slow,
Searched just about everywhere,              
Everywhere that they could go.

 adam  mccafferty  ă  1991                                 

A Tribute to:-

                            Those Ladies in the kitchen,
                                  The ones you never see,
                              Who always are so busy
                                   Making us a cup of tea.

                              No mater what the function,
                                   Or,  no mater where it be,
                              You will always find those women
                                    Who are willing to make the tea. 

                               And when the functions over,
                                     There is cleaning up,  you see!!
                               And who will do it this time?
                                      OF  COURSE !!!!

                               The ladies who made the tea.

adam mccafferty c 1989   

          The Lizard 

The boys were playing in the yard, and seemed to be having fun,
                  When!! out from under the wood heap
                              A lizard come out to sun.
             One of the boys spied it and ran to get a stick,
                        “You can’t hit it with that thing,
                              Wait!!!   I’ve got a brick“. 

       So off they went in hot pursuit,  to maim or even kill,
                         Till little sister,  she appeared,
                               “I’ll tell Mum,  I will”.    

  “How would you feel if it was you,  and you were in it’s place”
                           “Do you think you would like
                            someone to smash your face”?
                          The boys looked at her in disgust,
                             “You girls are all the same”!!!
    “Not big and brave like us boys,  to be a girl is such a shame”. 

                         She turned around,  head held high,
                               Hands on her hips she stood!!!
   “If all of us girls had our way,  we’d turn you boys into wood”.

adam  mccafferty  ă  1989

Percy The Penguin

                     Percy the little penguin, has a coat upon his back,
                          He looks so awfully formal!!
                              ‘Tis made of Down,  and Black.
                     Percy the little penguin,  has a shirt as white as snow
                          But ,  what he wears underneath?
                               I really do not know.
                      Percy the little penguin,  doesn’t ever sit to dine,
                           Nor,  never ever,  with his food,
                               Would he drink any  wine.                         
                      Percy the little penguin,  how he enjoys his swim,
                            He sides down the ice flows,
                                And slips right over the rim.
                       Percy’s a funny penguin,  to see him wobble about,
                             But when he mingles with his mates!!
                                 You would never pick him out.

adam  mccafferty  ă  1990



                       “I want to be a fireman”,  said Ted,
                        As mum washed his Knee.
                       “Yes,  I think I’ll be a fireman
                         And be as brave as brave can be,
                        You won’t ever hear me cry
                         Whenever I skin my Knee,
                         I must be really,  really brave,
                         If a fireman,  I’d would like to be”.

                        “When the bell rings for a fire,
                          To be sure, I’ll never fail,
                          As I jump up into the engine
                          Then you will hear the sirens wail,
                          We are off will be the call,
                          As we drive out of the station,
                          You will see all the traffic stop,
                          Maybe right around the nation”. 

                        “With firemen’s boots and helmet on,
                          I’ll be ready for to fight
                          A fire just about anywhere,
                         Whither it happens by day or night.
                          Then roll out all of the hoses,
                          That will let the water run
                          And put out all the fires,
                          I’m sure it would be so much fun”

                        “When I am a big brave fireman
                          Do you know what I think I’ll will miss?
                          Ouch!! please be gentle with me mum.
                          Please,  give it a great big kiss”?

          adam  mccafferty  ă 1991

                    The Old Folk

 Remember,  Old folk are worth a fortune,
                  With silver in their hair,  Gold in their teeth,
                  Stones in their Kidneys,  Lead in their feet,
                   And Gas in their stomachs. 

               I have become a little older since I saw you last
               and a few changes have come into my life.
               Frankly,  I have become a frivolous old girl..
               I am seeing six gentlemen every day.
               As soon as I wake up Will Power helps me out of bed
              Then I go and see John.
              Next it’s time for uncle Toby to come along,  followed by Billy T.
              They leave and Arthur -Itus shows up and stays for the rest of the day.
              He doesn’t like to stay too long in one place too long,
              So he takes me from joint to joint.

  After such a busy day I’m tired and glad to go to bed with Johnny Walker.
  What a life!!   Oh yes!!   and I’m also flirting with All Zymer.
A preacher came in the other day and said,  “At my age I should be thinking of the here after”.  I told him,  “I do it all the time” .
No mater  where I am,  in the kitchen,  upstairs, down in the laundry,
I ask myself,   “Now what am I here after.

                                         Hillcrest  News Letter  Oct 1998

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