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Food Waste

Let me start by showing you a video from CBC Canada.  I use this as the very good program on food waste in the UK is no longer available for viewing. The program features the food thrown out by Supermarkets and it mirrors the show shown on BBC that is no longer available.

Food waste - Carrots in the UK
This is a short clip from the BBC program that demonstrated that not all good crops grown on the farm can be sold to the supermarkets.

Now first thing is if you watched the video on the Amma Canteens you will see that all these carrots that are not acceptable to the supermarkets could be sold to the Amma canteen at a discounted price.  As they will be peeled and diced to be cooked they need not be perfect.  This would help reduce the price and also provide farmers with some income.

British Supermarket Waste
Published on Sep 21, 2015

Supermarkets in Britain make huge profits, underpay farmers, exploit their own staff and cause a lot of harm to consumers and retailers

Waste Not, Want Not - A Freegan Documentary

Teach every child about food | Jamie Oliver

The above video shows how children are very ignorant about food. In this video Jamie shows how children in one class could not even identify one natural vegetable and he calls for education on food at school and an aim to get all children to be able to cook 10 recipes.

This now concludes my presentation of the issues we have with food.

So here is what I think we should be looking at...

A change to our education system so that children are taught about food and taught to cook at least 10 recipes.

School meals are healthy meals.

When it comes to our farmers legislation is needed to first prevent supermarkets being able to cancel orders. Legislation should be put in place so that it is illegal for supermarkets to pick only "perfect" crops.

Supermarkets must be stopped from throwing out good food that is perfectly edible.

We should also encourage people to cook healthier meals by commissioning some chiefs to prepare recipes for 30 days of meals. This would be a cost at what sum of money is available for food under the minimum wage. The meals should be prepared for a family of four and a single person.

In my view all efforts to get us to eat healthier are organized by people that have never had to exist on the minimum wage.

We must also do better with food labeling that people understand.  Like just have a label showing when a product must be consumed by as all alternative labeling is clearly confusing.  Again food labeling is organised by people that have never had to live on the minimum wage.

And at all times any food information must be clearly stated at the level of the dumbest person so that there is greater clarity.

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