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Significant and Famous Scots

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  • Hackston, David
    A name of considerable celebrity in the annals of Scotland, from its connexion with the events of 1679-80, and from its pre-eminence in some of the most remarkable transactions of that stormy period.
  • Hadden, James Cuthbert
    Wrote 98 articles for the Dictionary of National Biography and other publications.
  • Haig, Earl Douglas
    A career officer and one of the most influential characters in World War I.
  • Haldane, James
    A ships captain and eminent Minister.
  • Halket, Lady Anne
    Whose extensive learning and voluminous theological writings, place her in the first rank of female authors.
  • Hall, Captain Basil
    A naval Captain and prolific traveller and writer.
  • Hall, Sir James
    Author of Origin, Principles, and History of Gothic Architecture.
  • Halyburton, Thomas
    An eminent author and divine, and professor of divinity in the university of St Andrews.
  • Hamilton, Count Anthony
    A pleasing describer of manners, and writer of fiction.
  • Hamilton, Gavin
    A distinguished painter.
  • Hamilton, James
    Third marquis, and first duke of Hamilton.
  • Hamilton, James
    Fourth duke of Hamilton.
  • Hamilton, John
    Archbishop of St Andrews, and the last Scottish primate of the Roman catholic faith.
  • Hamilton, John
    A secular priest, made himself remarkable in the 16th century by his furious zeal in behalf of the church of Rome.
  • Hamilton, Patrick
    One of the first martyrs to the doctrines of the reformed religion.
  • Hamilton, Robert
    A mathematician and political economist.
  • Hamilton, William
    A celebrated surgeon, and lecturer on anatomy and chemistry in the university of Glasgow.
  • Hamilton, William
    A poet of considerable merit.
  • Hamilton, Sir William
    British ambassador at the court of Naples, and celebrated for his patronage of the fine arts, and his investigations on the subject of volcanoes.
  • Hannah, William
  • Hannay, James Ballantyne
  • Hardy, James Keir
    Born 1856. A miner who became a founder of the British Labour Party.
  • Harrison, John
    Master Clothier and Author
  • Hart, Andrew
    One of the most distinguished of our early typographers.
  • Harvey, Alex
    Singer and entertainer.
  • Harvey, William
    Journalist and Author
  • Henderson, Alexander
    One of the most eminent of the many eminent men whose names are interwoven with the annals of Scotland at probably the most interesting period of her history, (the middle of the17th century.)
  • Henderson, Ebenezer
    Minister and Missionary to Russia, Denmark and Iceland
  • Henderson, Hamish
    Folklorist, poet and songwriter.
  • Henderson, Thomas
    Professor of Practical Astronomy, Edinburgh.
  • Hendry, Stephen
    Believed by many to be the greatest snooker player the game has ever seen.
  • Henry
    The minstrel, more commonly styled BLIND HARRY, was a wandering poet of the fifteenth century, who wrote a well-known narrative of the life of Sir William Wallace.
  • Henry, Robert
    An eminent historian.
  • Henryson, Edward
    An eminent civilian and classical scholar, and a senator of the College of Justice.
  • Henryson, Robert
    A poet of the fifteenth century.
  • Hepburn, James
    Of the order of the Minims, said to have been an extensive linguist, lexicographer, grammarian, and biblical commentator.
  • Hepburne, James
    Earl of Bothwell
  • Hepburn, Robert
    A fugitive writer, who at a very early age distinguished himself by the exhibition of strong talents, and an original genius.
  • Herd, David
    An ingenious and useful inquirer into our national antiquities
  • Heriot, John
    A talented and industrious writer in miscellaneous literature.
  • Heriot, George
    Founder of the excellent hospital in Edinburgh which bears his name, and jeweler to king James VI.
  • Heron, Robert
    A miscellaneous writer.
  • Heugh, Hugh
    An estimable divine.
  • High, Sir William
    Lord Provost of Dundee.
  • Hill, George
    An eminent leader of the church of Scotland, and principal of St Mary’s college, St Andrews.
  • Hilson, Lindsy
  • Hog, Robert
    Lord Harcarse, a judge and statesman.
  • Hogg, James
    One of the greatest literary talents to come out of Scotland, more prolific a poet than Burns and arguably a more powerful teller of tales than Scott, yet Hogg’s outspoken manner and quaint rustic image as the Ettrick Shepherd kept him ultimately from the accolade he deserved.
  • Holybush, John
    A celebrated mathematician and astronomer.
  • Home, John
    An eminent dramatic poet.
  • Home, Henry
    A lawyer and metaphysican.
  • Home, David Milne
    Advocate, geologist and meteorologist
  • Hope, Sir John
    Latterly earl of Hopetoun, a celebrated military commander.
  • Hope, Sir Thomas
    An eminent lawyer and statesman of the fifteenth century, and the founder of a family distinguished for its public service.
  • Hope-Scott, James Robert
  • Horner, Francis
    Whose virtues, talents, and eloquence, raised him to an eminent rank in public life.
  • Horsburgh, James
    An eminent hydrographer.
  • Horsley, John
    An eminent antiquary, historian, and divine.
  • Hume, Alexander
    Second earl of Marchmont.
  • Hume, David
    A poet and historical writer.
  • Hume, David
    The celebrated metaphysician, historian, and political economist.
  • Hume, Hugh Campbell
    Third and last earl of Marchmont.
  • Hume, Patrick
    An individual who adorned the literature of his country at the close of the seventeenth century.
  • Hume, Patrick
    A distinguished patriot and statesman.
  • Hunter, Henry
    A divine highly distinguished in literature.
  • Hunter, William & John
    Two eminent physicians.
  • Hutchison, Francis
  • Hutton, James
    Born 1726. Father of modern Geology. His theory of Uniformitarianism was the basis of the explanation of the geological history of the earth, which had in his words "no vestige of a beginning, no concept of an end".

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