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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with K


  • Page 336
    Kail, Kailzie, Kaimes, Kair House, Kale Water, Kalliegray, Kames
  • Page 337
    Kamesburgh or Port Bannatyne, Kannor, Katerine, Loch Katrine
  • Page 338
    Kealoch or An Teallach, Keanloch, Keannoath, Kearn, Kearvaig, Keavil, Kedslie, Mount Keen, Keig, Keil, Keillour, Keills, Keilor Burn, Keir
  • Page 339
    Keir, Keiss, Keith
  • Page 340
  • Page 341
    Keith, Keithhall
  • Page 342
    Keith-Hundesby, Keithick, Keithinch, Keithock House, Keithtown, Kelburne Castle, Kelhead, Kellas, Kellerstain, Kellie, Kelloe, Kello Water, Kells
  • Page 343
    Kelly, Kelly Castle, Kelly House, Kelso
  • Page 344
  • Page 348
    Kelso, Keltie Burn, Keltie Water, Keltney Burn, Keltneyburn, Kelton
  • Page 349
    Kelton, Keltonhill or Rhonehouse, Kelty, Kelvin, Kelvingrove, Kemback
  • Page 350
    Kemnay, Kemp, Kempoch, Ken, Loch Kender, Kenedar, Kenleith, Kenloch, Kenlochaline Castle, Kenlochewe, Kenlum, Kently Burn, Kenmore
  • Page 351
    Kenmore, Kenmure Castle
  • Page 352
    Kenmure House, Kennedy, Kennet, Kennethmont, Kenneth's Isle, Kennetpans, Kennishead, Kennoway
  • Page 353
    Kennoway, Kennox, Kentallen, Kenziels, Keppoch, Kerbit Water, Kerlaw, Kerera, Kerfield, Kerrera, Keriff, Kerry, Kerrycroy, Kerse House, Kersewell, Kershope Burn, Kersland, Kessock, Ket, Ketland, Kettins
  • Page 354
    Kettle, Kettle Bridge, Kettleholm Bridge, Kiel, Kiel or Kilcolmkill, Kiels or Kilcolmkill, Kier, Kilarrow, Kilbagie, Kilbarchan
  • Page 355
  • Page 356
    Kilberry, Kilberry Castle, Kilbirnie
  • Page 357
    Kilbowie, Kilbrandon and Kilchattan, Kilbrandon or Kilbrennan Sound, Kilbride, East Kilbride
  • Page 358
    West Kilbride, Kilbryde Castle, Kilbucho, Kilcadzow, Kilcalmkill, Kilcalmonell
  • Page 359
    Kilchattan, Kilchenzie, Kilchoan, Kilchoman, Kilchousland, Kilchrenan
  • Page 360
    Kilchrist, Kilchurn Castle, Kilcolmkill, Kilcolumkill, Kilconquhar
  • Page 361
    Kilcoy, Kilcreggan, Kildalloig, Kildalton, Kildary, Kildonan
  • Page 362
    Kildonan, Kildonan Castle, Kildrummy, Kilearnadale and Kilchattan
  • Page 363
    Kilfinan, Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon
  • Page 364
    Kilfinnan, Kilgour, Kilgrammie, Kilgraston, Kilkerran, Kilkivan, Kill, Killachonan, Killallan, Killarrow, Killcreggan, Killean and Kilchenzie
  • Page 365
    Killearn, Killearnadale and Kilchattan, Killearnan, Killellan, Killermont, Killeter, Killiechassie
  • Page 366
    Killiechonan, Pass of Killiecrankie
  • Page 367
  • Page 368
    Killin, Culen or Loch a Chuilinn, Loch Killisport, Killochan Castle, Killock Burn, Killoe Water, Killoran or Colonsay House, Killundine, Killyhounan, Killywhan, Kilmacolm, Kilmadan, Kilmadock, Kilmahew
  • Page 369
    Kilmahog, Kilmalcolm, Kilmallie
  • Page 370
    Kilmaluag, Kilmany, Kilmardinny, Kilmarie, Kilmarnock
  • Page 371
  • Page 377
    Kilmarnock, Kilmaron Castle, Kilmaronock, Kilmartin, Kilmaurs
  • Page 378
    Kilmaurs, Kilmelfort, Kilmeny, Kilmichael, Kilmichael-Glassary or Glassary
  • Page 379
    Kilmilieu, Kilminster, Kilmodan, Kilmonivaig
  • Page 380
    Kilmorack, Kilmore, Kilmore and Kilbride
  • Page 381
    Kilmorich, Kilmorie, Kilmory, Kilmster, Kilmuir, Kilmuir-Easter
  • Page 382
    Kilmuir-Easter, Kilmun, Kilmux, Kilneuair, Kilnhead, Kilninian and Kilmore, Kilninver
  • Page 383
    Kilnuair, Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick Hills, New or East Kilpatrick, Old or West Kilpatrick
  • Page 384
    Old Kilpatrick, Kilpeter, Kilpirnie, Kilravock Castle, Kilremonth, Kilrenny
  • Page 385
    Kilrie, Kilry, Kilrymont, Kilspindie, Kilspindley, Kilsyth
  • Page 386
  • Page 387
    Kilsyth, Kiltarlity and Convinth, Kiltearn
  • Page 388
    Kiltearn, Kiltuintaik, Kilvaree, Kilvaxter, Kilvickeon, Kilwinning
  • Page 389
    Kilwinning, Kimelford, Kimmerghame, Kinairdy, Kinaldie, Kinbattoch, Kinbeachie, Kinbettoch
  • Page 390
    Kinblethmont, Kinbrace, Kinbroon, Kinbuck, Kincaid House, Kincairney, Kincaldrum, Kincaple, Kincardine
  • Page 391
    Kincardine or Kincardine-on-Forth, Kincardine, Kincardine O'Neil
  • Page 392
  • Page 397
    Kincardineshire, Kinclaven, Kincorth, Kincraig, Kincraigie, Kincraig Point, Kindallachan, Kindeace House, Kindeace House, Loch Kinder, Kindrogan, Kinearny, Kineddar, Kinedder, Kinellan Loch, Kinellar
  • Page 398
    Kinethmont, Kinfauns, Kingairloch, Kingarth, Kingask, Kingcausie, King Edward
  • Page 399
    Kingennie, Kingerloch, Kinghorn
  • Page 400
    Kinglass, Kinglassie, Kingledoors Burn, Kingoldrum
  • Page 401
    Kingoodie, Kingsbarns, Kingsburgh, King's Castle, King's Causeway, Kingscavil, King's College, Kingsdale, Kingseat, King's Forest, King's Holm, King's House, Kingskettle, Kingsknowe, Kingsmeadows, Kingsmills, Kingsmuir, King's Park, King's Seat, Kingston
  • Page 402
    Kingussie, Kinharvie, Kininmonth, Kinkell
  • Page 403
    Kinkell, Kinkell Castle, Kinloch, Kinlochaline Castle, Kinlochard, Kinlochaylort, Kinlochbervie, Kinlochewe, Kinlochkerran, Kinlochluichart, Kinlochmoidart, Kinlochrannoch, Kinlochspelvie, Kinloss
  • Page 404
    Kinloss, Kinmount
  • Page 405
    Kinmmuick, Kinmundy, Kinnaird, Kinnaird Castle, Kinnaird House, Kinnaird's Head, Kinneddar, Kinneff
  • Page 406
    Kinneil, Kinnell, Kinnellar, Kinnel Water, Kinnernie, Kinnesswood
  • Page 407
    Kinnethmont, Kinnettles, Kinneuchar, Kinniel, Kinning-Park, Kinninmonth, Kinnordy, Kinnoull
  • Page 408
    Kinpirnie, Kinrara, Kinross
  • Page 409
    Kinross, Kinrossie, Kinross-shire
  • Page 410
    Kinross-shire, Kintail
  • Page 411
    Kintail, Kintessack, Kintillo, Kintore, Kintra, Kintulloch, Kintyre
  • Page 412
    Kintyre, Kip, Kipford, Kippen, Kippendavie
  • Page 413
    Kippenross, Kippilaw, Kippoch, Kirkabister, Kirkaig, Kirkamuir, Kirkandrews, Kirkbank, Kirkbean, Kirkbuddo, Kirkcaldy
  • Page 414
  • Page 416
    Kirkcaldy, Kirkchrist
  • Page 417
    Kirkchrist, Kirkclough, Kirkcolm, Kirkconnel
  • Page 418
    Kirkconnel, Kirkconnell Hall, Kirkconnell House, Kirkconnell Moor, Kirkcormack, Kirkcowan, Kirkcudbright
  • Page 419
  • Page 421
    Kirkcudbright, Kirkcudbright-Innertig, Kirkcudbrightshire
  • Page 422
  • Page 426
    Kirkcudbrightshire, Kirkdale, Kirkden, Kirkdominae, Kirkebost, Kirkfield, Kirkfieldbank or Kirkland, Kirkforthar House
  • Page 427
    Kirkgunzeon, Kirkhall, Kirkhill, Kirkhill Castle, Kirkhill House, Kirkholm, Kirkhope
  • Page 428
    Kirkiboll, Kirkibost, Kirkinner, Kirkintilloch
  • Page 429
    Kirkintilloch, Kirkland, Kirklands, Kirkliston
  • Page 430
  • Page 431
    Kirkmadrine, Kirkmahoe, Kirkmaiden, Kirkmay, Kirkmichael
  • Page 432
  • Page 433
    Kirkmichael or Resolis
  • Page 434
    Kirkmien or Kilmein Hill, Kirkmuirhill, Kirkness House, Kirknewton, Kirkney Burn, Kirk-o-muir, Kirkoswald
  • Page 435
    Kirkowan, Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick-Durham, Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Kirkpatrick-Irongray
  • Page 436
    Kirkpatrick-Juxta, Kirkpottie, Kirkside, Kirkstead Burn, Kirkstyle, Kirkton
  • Page 437
    Kirkton Burn, Kirkton Glen, Kirktonhill, Kirktown, Kirkurd, Kirkville, Kirkwall
  • Page 438
  • Page 442
    Kirkwall, Kirk-Yetholm, Kirn, Kirnan, Kirouchtree, Kirriemuir
  • Page 443
    Kirriemuir, Kirroughtree or Kirochtree, Kirtle, Kirtle-Bridge, Kirtlefoot, Kirtle Water, Kirtomy, Kirton, Kishorn
  • Page 444
    Kismull, Kittybrewster, Klett or A'Chleit, Knaik, Knapdale, North Knapdale, South Knapdale
  • Page 445
    Knightswood, Knock, Knock or Knockhall Castle, Knockando
  • Page 446
    Knockando, Knockard and Erropie, Knockbain
  • Page 447
    Knockbrex, Knock Castle, Knockdavie, Knockdolian, Knockdow or Knockdhu, Knockendoch, Knockentiber, Knockespock, Knockfarrel, Knockfin Heights, Knockgray, Knockhall Castle, Knockhill, Knockhillie or Knockhooly, Knockinaam Lodge, Knockinnan, Knockintiber, Knocknalling, Knock of Braemoray, Knowe, Knowesouth, Knoydart, Kyle
  • Page 448
    Kyle, Kyle-Akin, Kyle of Assynt, Kyle of Durness, Kyle of Laxford, Kyle of Sutherland, Kyle of Tongue, Kyle-Rhea, Kylesku, Kyles of Bute
  • Page 449
    Kymah Burn, Kype Water

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