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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with E


  • Page 456
    Eachaig, Eagerness or Eggerness, Eagle or Aigle, Eaglescarnie, Eaglesfield, Eaglesham
  • Page 457
    Eagleshay or Egilshay, Eagleshay or Egilshay, Eagton or Eglin Lane, Ealan, Eanaig or Einig, Earbusaig, Earlcairney, Earl's Burn, Earl's Cross, Earlsferry
  • Page 458
    Earlshall, Earl's Hill, Earlsmill, Earl's Seat, Earlston
  • Page 459
    Earlston, Earn
  • Page 460
    Bridge of Earn, Earnock, Meikle Earnock, Earnside, Earraid, Earsay, Easdale, Easnambroc, Eassie and Nevay
  • Page 461
    East Barns, Eastend, Easterfield, Easterhill, Easterhouse, Easterskene, Eastertown, Eastertyre, Eastfield, East-Grange Station, East-Haven, Eastmuir, Eastwood, Eastwood or Pollok, Eathack or Loch Eigheach
  • Page 462
    Eathie, Ebrie, Ecclefechan, Eccles
  • Page 463
    Ecclesfechan, Ecclesgreig, Ecclesiamagirdle, Ecclesmachan, Echline, Echt
  • Page 464
    Eck, Eckford, Eckfordmoss, Eday
  • Page 465
    Edderton, Eddleston, Eddlewood, Eddrachalda or Calda, Eddrachillis
  • Page 466
    Eden, Edendon Water, Edenham, Edenkillie, Edenshead, Edentown or Gateside, Edenstown, Eden Water, Edenwood, Ederdoun, Ederham, Ederline or Aligan, Edgar, Adgebucklin Brae, Edgehead, Edgerston
  • Page 467
    Edinample, Edinbain, Edinbellie, Edinburgh
  • Page 470
  • Page 476
  • Page 481
  • Page 487
  • Page 491
  • Page 495
  • Page 499
  • Page 503
  • Page 507
  • Page 511
  • Page 515
  • Page 519
  • Page 524
  • Page 525
    Edinburghshire or Midlothian
  • Page 528
    Edinburghshire or Midlothian, Edinchip House, Edingight, Edinglassie, Edington, Edinkillie, Edinshall, Edleston, Edmonston Castle, Edmonstone House, Ednam
  • Page 529
    Edrachillis, Edradour, Edradynate, Edrington Castle, Edrom, Edzell
  • Page 530
    Effock Water, Egg, Eggerness, Egilshay, Eglin Lane, Eglinton, Eglinton Castle, Eglishay, Eglismonichty, Eigg or Egg
  • Page 531
    Eil, Eilan, Eildon Hills
  • Page 532
    Eilean, Eilean-Aigas, Eileanmore, Eisdale, Eishort, Elchaig, Elchies, Elcho, Elderslie, Eldrig or Elrig, Eldrig, Elgar or Ella, Elgin
  • Page 533
  • Page 540
    New Elgin, Elginshire or Moray
  • Page 545
    Elibank, Elie or Ely
  • Page 546
    Eliock, Eliston, Elistone, Elizafield, Ella, Ellag Loch, Ellam or Ellem, Ellan or An Eilein, Ellanabriech, Ellan-Aigas, Ellan-an-Tighe, Ellan-Collumkill, Ellan-Dheirrig, Ellandonan, Ellan-Duirinnis, Ellan-Fada, Ellan-Finnan, Ellan-Freuch, Ellan-Gainvich, Ellan-Gheirrig, Ellangowan, Ellan-Issa, Ellan-Lochscar, Ellan-Maree, Ellan-More, Allan Munde, Ellan-na-Coomb or Ellan-na-Macimh
  • Page 547
    Ellan-na-Kelly or Ellan-na-Tighe, Ellan-na-Naoimh, Ellan-nan-Gobhar, Ellan-nan-Ron, Ellan-Rorymore, Ellan-Subhainnn, Ellan-Vow, Ellan-Wirrey or Ellan-Mhuire, Ellemford, Ellenabeich, Port Ellen, Ellen's Isle or Eilean Molach, Eller-Holm, Ellim, Ellinorton, Elliock, Elliot Junction, Elliotston Tower, Elliot Water, Ellishill, Ellisland
  • Page 548
    Ellon, Port Ellon, Ellridgehill or Elsrickle, Ellrig, Ellwick or Elswick, Elphine, Elphinstone
  • Page 549
    Elphinstone, Port Elphinstone, Elrick, Elrick or Elrig, Elshieshields Tower, Elsness, Elsrickie, Elswick, Elvanfoot, Elvan Water, Elvingston, Ely, Emanuel, Embo, Endrick Water, Enhallow, Ennerdale, Enneric, Ennerurie, Ennerwick, Ennich or Eunach, Ennoch, Enoch, Enochdhu, Enrick
  • Page 550
    Ensay, Enterkin, Enterkine, Enterkinfoot, Enterkins-Yett, Enzie, Eorradail, Eorsa, Eousmil, Eoy, Erchless, Erchless Castle, Ercildoun, Eredine, Eriboll, Erichdie Water, Ericht
  • Page 551
    Ericht, Erickstanebrae, Erigmore, Erins, Erisa, Erisay, Eriska, Erisort, Ermit, Ernan Water, Erncrogo, Erne, Erriboll, Errickstanebrae, Errol
  • Page 552
    Erskine, Esk
  • Page 553
    Eskadale, Eskbank, Black Esk, Eskbridge, Eskdale, Eskdalemuir, North Esk
  • Page 554
    North Esk, Eskside, South Esk, White Esk, Eslemont, Eslin, Esragan, Esseforse, Essenside, Esset, Essich, Essie, Essiemore, Esslemont, Essmore, Ethie, Ethiebeaton, Castle Ethie
  • Page 555
    Etive, Etterick
  • Page 556
    Ettleton, Ettrick, Ettrick-Bank, Ettrick-Bridge, Ettrick Forrest
  • Page 557
    Ettrick Pen, Ettrick Water, Eu, Euchan Watter, Euchar, Eunack Loch, Evanton, Evan Water, Evelaw, Evelick or Pole Hill, Evelix, Evie
  • Page 558
    Evigan, Evlix, Evort, Ewe, Ewes, Ewesdale, Ewes Water, Exnaboe, Eye
  • Page 559
    Eyebroughy or Ibris, Eyemouth
  • Page 560
    Loch Eylt, Eynort

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