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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with A


  • Page 1
    Aan or Aven, Abbey, Abbey or Nungate
  • Page 2
    Abbey, Abbey Bathans, Abbey Craig, Abbeygreen, Abbeyhill, Abbey St Bathans, Abbeytown, Abbey Well
  • Page 3
    Abbotrule, Abbotsford, Abbotshall
  • Page 4
    Abbotshaugh, Abbot's Isle, Abbotsrule, Abbot's Tower, Abbot's Walls, Abb's Head, St., Abden, Abdie, Aber
  • Page 5
    Aberarder, Aberargie or Aberdargie, Aberbrothwick, Abercairney, Aberchalder, Aberchalder Wester, Aberchirder, Abercorn, Abercrombie or St Monans
  • Page 6
    Aberdalgie, Aberdeen
  • Page 19
    Aberdeen and Banff Railway, Aberdeen Railway
  • Page 20
  • Page 23
    Aberdona, Aberdour
  • Page 24
    Aberdour, Aberfeldy
  • Page 25
    Aberfoyle, Abergeldie
  • Page 26
    Aberiachan, Aberlady, Aberlady Bay, Aberlemno, Aberlour
  • Page 27
    Aberluthnet, Abermele or Abermilk, Abernethy
  • Page 28
  • Page 29
  • Page 30
    Aber-Ruthven, Abertarf, Aberuchill, Aberuthven, Abington, Aboyne
  • Page 31
    Aboyne and Braemar Railway, Abroich, Abruthven, Achacharra, Achadashemaig, Achaffrick, Achahoish, Achaistal, Achalefen, Achalhanzie, Achalick, Achall
  • Page 32
    Achallader, Achally, Achanault, Achanduin or Auchindown Castle, Achaneilein, Achantiobairt, Achantoft, Achany, Achar, Acharacle or Aharcle, Acharadale, Acharainey, Achardale, Achareidh, Acharn, Acharne, Acharynie, Achavair, Achavandra, Achavarn, Achavrea, Achay, Achbreck, Achenacraig, Achendown, Achenharvie, Achenkill, Achenreoch, Achenreoch, Achenreoch, Achentorlie, Acherachan, Achern, Achernach, Acheson's Haven or Newhaven, Achilty, Achin, Achinarrow, Achinbee, Achinblae, Achincass or Auchen Castle
  • Page 33
    Achindarach, Achindavy, Achinduin, Achingale, Achinhew, Achinlaich, Achinlaich, Achintoul, Achiries, Achleck, Achleeks, Achline or Auchlyne, Achlishie, Achluachrach, Achmelvich, Achmerrel, Achmithie, Achmore, Achnacarry, Achnacloish, Achnacrag, Achnacraig or Auchnacraig, Achnacroish, Achnacy, Achnadavel, Achnagart, Achnagol, Achnahannet, Achnahannet, Achnahowie, Achnaiken, Achnarrow, Achnastank, Achnavarn, Achollies, Acholter, Achosnich, Achrannie, Achray
  • Page 34
    Achriesgill, Achtercairn, Achtow, Achvaich, Achvarasdal Burn, Ackergill Tower, Ackerness, Adam, Add, Adderlaw, Addiewell, Addiston, Adie or Addie, Adigo, Advie, Ae, Aebercurnig, Aen, Affleck, Affleck, Afforsk, Affric
  • Page 35
    Afton, Afton-Bridgend, Agabatha, Agston, Aharcle, Aheurich, Aich or Eich, Aichiltibuie, Aigas or Eilean-Aigas, Aigle, Aikenhauld, Aikenhead, Aikenway, Aikerness, Aiket Castle, Aikey Brae, Ailsa Craig
  • Page 36
    Ailsh, Ainort, Aird or Eye, Aird or Strathaird, Airdit, Airdlamont, Airdle or Ardle, Airdmeanach, Airdnamurchan, Airdrie
  • Page 37
    Airdrie, Airdrie Hill, Airds, Airdsmoss or Airsmoss, Aires or Ox Rocks, Airgold, Airhouse, Airi-Innis, Airleywight, Airlie
  • Page 38
    Airntully, Airsmoss, Airth, Airthmithie, Airthrey, Aith
  • Page 39
    Aith or Skaill, Aithernie, Aithova, Aithsting, Aithsvoe, Aith Wards, Aitnach, Ait-Suidbe-Thuin or Fingal's-Sitting-Place, Akermoor, Akin-Kyle, Aladale, Alasuden, Alaterva, Alauna, Alcluid, Aldarder, Aldbar, Aldcambus, Aldcathie, Aldcluyd, Alder, Aldernan or Allt-Arnan, Alderston, Aldgirth, Aldham or Haldame, Aldie Wester, Aldivalloch, Aldourie, Aldreguie, Aldyonlie or Allt-Gheallaidh, Ale
  • Page 40
    Alemuir, Alexandria, Alford, Alford, Howe or Vale of
  • Page 41
    Alford Valley Railway, Aline Loch, Alladale, Allan, Allan, Allan, Allanbank, Allan, Bridge of, Allander, Allangrange, Allanmouth, Allanton, Allanton
  • Page 42
    Allanton, Allardice, Allan, Allerly, Allnach, Alloa
  • Page 43
  • Page 44
    Alloa South, Alloway, Alltacoileachan, Allt-an-Fhearna, Allt-Arnan, Almagill, Almerieclose, Almond, Almondbank, Almond or Haining Castle
  • Page 45
    Almondale, Alness, Alnwick or Annick Lodge, Alpety, Alsh Loch, Altachoylachan, Altando, Altavaig, Altdouran, Altens, Altgrad, Altimarlach, Altin or Haltin, Altirlie, Altivaig, Altmore, Altnabreac, Alnach, Alt-na-Giuthasach, Altnaharra, Altnakealgach, Altnarie, Alton, Altrive
  • Page 46
    Altruadh, Alt-Torquil, Altyre, Alum Well, Alva, Alvah
  • Page 47
    Alves, Alvie
  • Page 48
    Alyth, Amatan, Amisfield
  • Page 49
    Amisfield, Amondell or Almonddale, Amulree, Anabich, Ancrum
  • Page 50
    Anderston, Andet, Andhu, Andunty, Angel's Hill, Angry or Lennoc Burn, Angus, Angus and Mearns, Ann, Annan
  • Page 51
  • Page 52
    Annandale, Annandale's Beef-Stand - Marguis pf or Devil's Beef-Tub, Annat, Annaty, Annbank, Annet, Annick, Ann's Bridge
  • Page 53
    Anstruther, Antermony House, Antoninus' Wall
  • Page 54
    Antonshill, Anwoth, Aonachan, Aonach-Shasuinn, Appin
  • Page 55
    Appleby, Applecross, Applegarth, Appletree Hall, Aquharaney, Aquhorthies, Arasaig or Arisaig
  • Page 56
    Aray or Ary, Arbigland, Arbikie, Arbirlot, Arbory Hill, Arbroath
  • Page 60
    Arbroath and Forfar Railway, Arbruchill, Arbuckle, Arbuthnott
  • Page 61
    Archaig or Arkaig, Arcan, Archasig-Haven, Archerbreck, Archerfield, Archiestown, Arclet, Ard, Ard or Aird, Ardalanish, Ardall, Ardallie, Ardargie, Ardavasar or Ardvarsar, Ardbeg, Ardchadnill, Ardchattan
  • Page 62
    Ardchattan, Ardcheanochrochan, Ardchonnel, Ardchullarie, Ardclach
  • Page 63
    Ardeer, Ardelister, Ardelve, Arden, Ardenadam, Ardenconnel, Ardentinny, Ardeonaig, Ardersier, Ardessie
  • Page 64
    Ardfern, Ardgartan, Ardgay, Ardgour, Ardgowan, Ardhullary, Ardincaple, Ardinning, Ardkenneth, Ardkinglass, Ardlamont, Ardle, Ardler, Ardlui, Ardlussa, Ardmacknish, Ardmaddy Castle
  • Page 65
    Ardmair, Ardmarnock, Ardmeanach or Mullbuie, Ardmellie, Ardmherigie, Ardmichael, Ardmiddle, Ardmile, Ardmillan, Ardminish, Ardmore, Ardmucknish, Ardnacallioch, Ardnacross, Ardnadam, Ardnafuaran, Ardnamurchan
  • Page 66
    Ardnave, Ardneil Bank, Ardnoe, Ardo, Ardoch
  • Page 67
    Ardonald, Ardovie, Ardoyne, Ardpatrick, Ardrishaig, Ardross, Ardrossan
  • Page 68
    Ardrosser, Ardscalpsie, Ardshiel, Ardtalnaig, Ardtella, Ardtoe, Ardtornish, Ardtun, Ardullie, Arduthie, Ardvare
  • Page 69
    Ardvarsar, Ardvech, Ardverikie, Ardvoirlich, Ardvreck, Ardvrecknish, Ardwall, Ardwell, Areeming, Argrennan, Argyll, Argyll's Bowling Green, Argyllshire
  • Page 73
    Aricliny or Araich-lin, Arienas, Arinagour, Arisaig, Arity, Arkindeith, Arkland, Arkle, Arklet, Arlary, Armadale, Armadale Castle
  • Page 74
    Armit, Arnabost, Arnage, Arnal, Arnbarrow, Arnbeg, Arnbrae, Arncroach, Arndilly, Arneybog, Arnfinlay, Arngask, Arngibbon, Arngomery, Arnhall, Arniefoul, Arnisdale, Arnish, Arnisort, Arniston, Arnot, Arnprior, Arnsheen, Arntully, Aros
  • Page 75
    Arpafellie, Arran
  • Page 77
    Arran, Cock of, Arrienhas, Arrochar, Arrol, Artendol or Arndilly, Arthurhouse, Arthurlee
  • Page 78
    Arthur's Oven or Arthur's O'on, Arthur's Seat, Artney, Artornish, Ary
  • Page 79
    Ascaig, Ascog, Arcrib, Ashare, Ashdale, Ashdow, Ashenyard or Ashgrove, Ashey or Ashie, Ashfield, Ashiesteel, Ashintully, Ashkirk, Ashley, Ashton, Askaig Port, Aslisk, Assel, Assleed
  • Page 80
    Assynt, Asta, Athelstaneford
  • Page 81
    Athole, Athole and Breadalbane, Auchaber, Auchairn, Auchairne, Auchallander, Auchanault, Auchans, Auchenairn, Auchenbathie
  • Page 82
    Auchenbeatty, Auchenblae, Auchenbowie, Auchencairn, Auchencloich, Auchencrow, Auchencruive, Auchendavy or Auchendownie, Auchendenny, Auchendolly, Auchendrane, Auchendryone, Auchengeith, Auchengelloch, Auchengool, Auchengray, Auchenharvie, Auchenheath, Auchenleck, Auchenloch
  • Page 83
    Auchenreoch, Auchenroath, Auchensaugh or Auchenshauch, Auchenskeigh, Auchenskeoch, Auchentibber, Auchentorlie, Auchentoshan, Auchentroig, Aucherachan, Auchernach, Auchinairn, Auchin arrow, Auchinbee, Auchinblae, Auchincarroch, Auchincass, Auchinchew, Auchincloch, Auchincloich, Auchincraw, Auchindarroch, Auchindinny, Auchindoir and Kearn
  • Page 84
    Auchindoun, Auchindrain, Auchingill, Auchingramont, Auchingray, Auchingree, Auchinhew, Auchinhove, Auchinleck
  • Page 85
    Auchinloch, Auchinmully or Lower Banton, Auchinraith, Auchinskich, Auchintibber, Auchintoul, Auchintroig, Auchiries, Auchlane, Auchleeks, Auchlee, Auchleven, Auchlishie, Auchlochan, Auchlossan, Auchlunkart, Auchmacoy, Auchmannoch, Auchmedden, Auchmill or Auchmull
  • Page 86
    Auchmillan, Auchmithie, Auchmore, Auchmull, Auchmure, Auchmuty, Auchnacarry, Auchnacraig, Auchnacree, Auchnagatt, Auchnahow, Auchnamara, Auchnasheen, Auchnashellach, Auchness, Auchrannie, Auchriddie, Auchry, Auchter, Auchterarder
  • Page 87
  • Page 88
  • Page 89
    Auchterhouse, Auchterless, Auchtermuchty
  • Page 90
    Auchterneed, Auchtertool, Auchtertyre, Auchtow, Auckingill, Augustus, Fort
  • Page 91
    Auldbar Castle, Auldcambus, Auldcathie, Auldclune, Auldearn
  • Page 92
    Aulderg, Auldfield, Auldgirnaig, Auldgirth, Auldgrande, Auld-Hill, Auldhouse, Auldkirk, Auldmuir, Auldna, Auldnachuirn and Auldnacuish, Auldtown, Auld Water, Auld Wick Castle, Auld Wives' Lift, Aulich, Aultandow, Aultanfhiler or Fiddlers' Burn, Aultbea, Ault-Gheallaidh, Aultgrande or Altgraat, Aultguish, Aultkollie, Aultmore, Aultnacaillich, Aultnaharrow, Aultnancarrach, Aultsigh, Auquhirie, Ausdale, Auskerry
  • Page 93
    Aven or Avon, Aven-nan-Geren, Avernish, Avich', Aviemore, Avoch
  • Page 94
    Avon, Avonbridge, Avondale
  • Page 95
    Avondow, Avonhead, Avonholm, Avonlussa, Avonsuidh or Fin Castle, Avontoun, Awe
  • Page 96
    Aylort, Aylort Kinloch, Ayr
  • Page 101
    Ayr - Bay of, Ayr and Portpatrick Railway
  • Page 102
    Ayr Road, Ayrshire
  • Page 106

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