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Motto: Luceo Non Uro - "I Shine, Not Burn"
Badge: A stag's head.

Septs of the Clan: Charles, Charleson, Clunies, Cromarty, Ivory, Kenneth, Kennethson, MacBeolain, MacConnach, MacIver, MacIvor, MacKenna, MacKerlich, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, MacQuennie, MacVanish, MacVinish, MacWhinnie, Murchie, Murchison, Smart.
Names associated with the clan:
Cainnech Charleson Coinndech Coinneach Coinnidh Cromartie Cromarty Cromate Crumbacy Crumbathy Crummartie Euer Evar Evir Ewar Ewer Ewers Ivar Iver Iverson Ivirach Ivor Ivory Iwur Kennach Kennachtsoun Kennagh Kennauch Kenndochson Kenneochson Kenneth Kennethson Kennochsen Kineth Kyneth Kynnoch Kynoch MacArlich MacArliche MacAver MacBeolain MacCairlich MacCairlie MacCairly MacCarlach MacCarlich MacCarliche MacCarlie MacCarlycht MacCenzie MacCharles MacCharlie MacCherlich MacCoinnich MacConich MacConnach MacCowir MacCoynich MacCuir MacCur MacCurchie MacCure MacEinzie MacEiver MacEnzie MacEuer MacEuir MacEur MacEure MacEvar MacEver MacEwer MacEwir MacEwyre MacGeever MacGiver MacHerlick MacHerloch MacHinzie MacIvar MacIver MacIverach MacIvirach MacIvor MacKainzie MacKairlie MacKairly MacKanze MacKarlich MacKeanzie MacKearlie MacKearly MacKeaver MacKeever MacKeevor MacKeinezie MacKeinzie MacKeiver MacKenezie MacKenich MacKenyee MacKenyie MacKenzie MacKenzy MacKerley MacKerlich MacKerliche MacKerlie MacKerloch MacKeur MacKever MacKevor MacKevors MacKewer MacKewyr MacKinnoch MacKinyie MacKinze MacKinzie MacKiver MacKivers MacKivirrich MacKuir MacKure MacKwhinney MacKynich MacMhurchaidh MacMoroquhy MacMurachy MacMurchaidh MacMurchie MacMurchou MacMurchy MacMurd MacMurdo MacMurdoch MacMurdy MacMuredig MacMurphy MacMurquhe MacMurquhie MacMurtchie MacQuhenzie MacQuhine MacQuhinny MacQuhinze MacQuhynze MacTarlach MacTarlich MacTerlach MacThearlaich MacUir MacUrchie MacUrchy MacUre MacVanish MacVenish MacVennie MacVinie MacVinish MacVinnie MacVorchie MacVurchie MacWeeny MacWhinney MacWhinnie MacWhunye MacWhynie MacWinney MacWorthie MacWurchie MacYuir Makarlich Makcainze Makcanze Makcure Makeinny Makeinzie Makenze Makerliche Makewer Makiver Makkanze Makkennych Makkeny Makkenych Makkenze Makkinze Makkynnay Makmurche Makmurquhy Makquhinze Makquhynze Makvanis Mewhinney Mhurchaidh Mkenzi Murchad Murchadh Murchaidh Murcheson Murchesoun Murchie Murchieson Murchison Murchosone Murchosoun Murchy Murquhason Murquhasson Murquhessoun Murquhosoun Murtchie Orr Orre Oure Ure Urie Urri Urrie Urry Vcmurrochie Yvar Yvir Ywar

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John Ruaridh Grant Mackenzie; Viscount Tarbat
John Ruaridh Grant Mackenzie; Viscount Tarbat, Baron Castlehaven, Baron
MacLeod of Castle Leod, the Fifth Earl of Cromartie

International Gathering

Alan McKenzie speaking at the Chatham Highland Games 2008
Alan McKenzie speaking at the Chatham Highland Games 2008


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