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Clan Dinwiddie
Misc. Information from
William J. Dinwiddie, MSE

I would like to inform you that the Dinwiddie Hunting Tartan is fully registered and as with the original I retain only commercial rights ( I hold the US copyright on both). I also hold the copyrights to modern reproductions of paintings from the 16th century of Dinwiddie Castle (or Dynwyddie House as it was called then). I do have a limited number of prints of these paintings. I received the Imperial Order of the Star of Honour of the Ethiopian Empire last year at the grade of Knight. I have received official permission to wear this order by the US Army from which I am retired. My arms are registered in the United States and Russia. I continue my efforts to bring my clan back together as a family/clan organization in the modern sense. I hold bachelor degrees from California State University Sacramento and Excelsior College, the University of the State of New York, Albany.

SSG William Dinwiddie 1977

Annan River View

Trumpets of Dinwiddie

Both of the original paintings were by the same artist, J. B. MacIonnais, and painted at about the same time, circa 1550. The "Trumpets of Dynwyddie" depicts the view of the castle from the south approaching along the old Roman road that ran up the Annan River valley. This is the south elevation of the castle.

The circular keep at the center of the painting is the oldest part of The castle. Note the vertical apertures in its walls over the arched entrance for the use of a long bow. The armorial bearings of Dinwiddie with a severed hanging head appear on the plaque over the arched entrance to the keep. The wing on the left was added at an early date as evidenced by the cross-shaped apertures in the walls to accommodate a cross bow. Note that the lookout tower at the upper left corner of this addition also appears in the second painting. The wing on the right is a later addition to the castle. This addition was somewhat smaller than the first and had what appears to be a center arched entrance with a vertical row of windows (barely visible) on its east facade.

The second painting, original name unknown, depicts the view of "Dynwyddie Castle" from the west showing the Annan River in the foreground. This is the west elevation of the castle. The lookout tower on the upper right corner of this earliest addition is an architectural element common to both paintings. Note again the cross-shaped apertures in the spandrel panels below the windows for the use of a cross bow in defense of the castle. Both additions are in the form of the Tower Houses that were common in the West March. For a more complete description of these Tower Houses see the book, "The Border Towers of Scotland: Their History and Architecture" by Alastair M. T. Maxwell-Irving, 2000.

Foster W. Dunwiddie FAIA
July 27, 2004

Dinwiddie Hunting

Dinwiddie Tartan

Here some of the families honors...

I was created a Delegate of the King Kigeli Society for my efforts in trying to expand the membership of the Society and my efforts to help the people of Rwanda. The Secretary General, Professor Carl Lindgren, is a Marquis.

Here is another certificate. Through my efforts and at my request my sons William James II and Kenji Charles Richard Michael Dinwiddie were knighted by King Kigeli V of Rwanda, also my grandsons Jeffrey Allen Rider Jr. and Micah Leif Durling. They are grand officers in the Royal Order of the Lion.

I was offered the opportunity to assist King Kigeli V and members of his group to help Rwanda and the refugees so I opted to do whatever I could. I firmly believe that a Constitutional Monarchy is the most stable form of government  yet formed. And prefer to encourage such governments. Most Democratic Republics are inherently unstable after a short period of time. The United States and the Roman Republic being the two examples that have survived the longest by luck and/or design.

Iím now a knight of the Royal Order of the Eagle and Tunic of Georgia (recognized by the Republic) also a knight of the Order of Vitez of Hungary, and tonight I was invested a Knight of the Royal Order of Saint Michael of the Wing of Portugal. My younger son was invested in Vitez also, which is hereditary, so my older son will inherit mine.

I already mentioned my hereditary grand cross in the Royal order of the Lion of Rwanda in 2006.

Other titles include...

Grand Cross Order of the Lion and Baron of Rwanda, Grand Officer Order of the Dragon of An Nam. Order of Saint Michael of the Wing of Portugal, Order of Vitez of Hungary, Order of the Eagle and Seamless Tunic of Jesus Christ of Georgia. I also received the Cross of Merit from the Patriarch of Antioch of Syria in Rome. My Grand Cross Order of the Lion of Rwanda is hereditary and will go to my youngest daughter since my other children already have hereditary grand crosses.

New information sent in 16th September 2021

A little something to keep up with the Dinwiddies in the last 20 years or so since our Tartans were registered (1999,2001). I became involved with King Kigeli V of Rwanda about ten years before he died and became a Hereditary Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Lion of Rwanda. Also, a Baron of Rwanda by Kigeli V and each of my five living children became Hereditary Knights or Dames Grand Cross in various orders of Rwanda. My sons and I became members of other orders such as the Order of Vitez of Hungary, Order of Saint Michael of Portugal, Order of the Eagle and Tunic of Georgia, Order of the Dragon of An Nam. I was especially requested to attend a ceremony in Budapest for Vitez in the last few years since I am a holder of the US Purple Heart among other military awards. I was awarded the ARVN Medical Badge and may be the only American to do so.

ARVN Medical Badge

Bill Dinwiddie



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