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Poems by Jonn Bearcat Redmond
Collection 3

The Life of
          Jonn Bearcat
              in Poetic Prose

My father was a GI
                   By John Bearcat-Redmond

My daddy was a GI from the US of A
He went to fight the enemy in a big land far away
He left my mom cryin her eyes were full of tears
And I never knew I had a daddy for over 50years

I have wondered what my daddy was like
Was he big and was he tall
For I am just a big man like an old country wall
My eyes they are bright blue my hair is blonde and fair
Is this just how my daddy looked that night he was standing there

I never even met my mom and my daddy in all these years
And my heart has been full of sorrow and my eyes were full of tears
When I saw the children dancin and their hearts were full of joy
I wondered if my mom or daddy knew of their little boy

Well nearly 60years have passed and my eyes still fill with tears
And I will search the whole world over in my remaining years
To try and find my daddy just to maybe hear him say
Hello bigman I missed you and loved you every day
I ask you Lord to help me to find my daddy who must be old
My mom is already beside you and my story is nearly told

It is the 14th of August and the year two thousand and three
My story now has ended and my ghosts of the past are free
My father died a brave man with his comrades from the dance
And like many other US Soldiers  his bones they lie in France
I will never ever hear his sweet voice encourage me  when I am wrong
And he will never hear me singing The words of this lovin song

My daddy was a GI from the US of A
He went to fight the enemy in a big land far away
He left my mom cryin her eyes were full of tears
And I can never see my Daddy
    He is already up in heaven and he has been there fer  years and years

Words for Lass Online

You know that fate brought us together and its like I am tearing us apart
For lately all the things I've said to you, would normally break one's heart  
I dont want to end with you, is the feelings I have inside my breast
      But it seems I have this awful urge to lose out on the test
I have never want it to end not in any way, and those were the words
          That were deep inside and I felt I had to say
Sometimes words in an email are not what we like to hear
But I was trying never to hurt you, and to show that I'm sincere

The Foreign Ladies Dream

I want to go to Scotland and find myself a Highland man
With hairy legs and beardy faced, green eyes even a latin tan
I want to go to Scotland I've been practising the dances
I can get my legs up to my chest, that should improve my chances
I can shout ''Ochaye'' and do a Highland fling,,,,,, a jig and eightsome reel
And if I cannot get more than a one night stand I will settle for just a feel
I want to go to Scotland right to the northern bits
I know I'll freeze my bum off and probably my t--s
I want to go to Scotland see Bearcat I think that he is great
And if half the men are just like him I am sure I will find a mate
And if he turns out boring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and has no sense of fun
I'll just pop down to England, Im sure thats where Stewpots from
I want to go to the North of Scotland and roll among the heather
With Pictilad, Tam or Jim ,,or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, whoever
I want to meet the real men the ones who play the pipes
Who can sing a song or two and keeps me up all night!
But I really want to go to Scotland to find my true soul mate
I was told most have emigrated to Canada so I'm probably too late
I'd love to marry a Scotsman and live inside a castle
But when I think about those early rises it's probably not worth the hassle
I want to go to Scotland I will go in the next few year
I will need to work lots of overtime to pay for the cost of cigarettes and beer
Do you think I should go to Germany, Italy or even France
And save myself a fortune and have a romantic dance.

                                                       John Redmond 2002/2003

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