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Poems by Jonn Bearcat Redmond
Collection 2

The Life of
          Jonn Bearcat
              in Poetic Prose

What good is Life alone

What good is life when one is alone
What use is a house when its not a home
What good is your future, when your love's in the past
Why bother with love, when you know it may not last
Ther's not need for joy when your backs to the wall
No lover to hold no cuddles at all
Great Spirit dont send me when I die,
To some big ghetto in the sky
Where dog eats dog like the tiger type
And the Sunday news is rubbish and tripe
I meet all these people every day online... I feel their pain
My life is gone.. wont come back again
I used to think the country was pure paradise
Where my friends where loyal and the strangers were nice
Where music I will hear will be Folky and free
Promise me Lord,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and happy I will be  

Magic of the Golden Time

All I seek in my life today is a little love to come my way
Someone true who really care ,and has a love they wish to share
I have spent my life it seems just wasting all I had to give
And now that I am all alone I have given up lots to live
Life just seems its been a hardship with suffering and of pain
The price of love is far to much its all giving ,,,and no gain
And sadly there is many who feel like me today
That when we get to a certain age,,,,,, our confidence just fades away
You find there is people who have plenty love,, married yet only in mind
And others they have a choice of loves they swop for lots of kind
But all I want is a true love, someone I can hold and whose heart is mine
Not to share with everyone else,but just to start again with me in the Magic 
of Golden Time

Childhood memorys

Off from the bus garage the Mystery tour it went
In buses two and pleasure bent to view the Trossachs scenes so grand
The finest sights in old Scotland
I was with my mother on this tour by winding road and heather moor
With Stirling reached we halted there to stretch our legs and get fresh air
At Thornhill we all felt dry we got refreshed then in full cry to Aberfoyle
where mad with joy
As followers welcomed  ''Brave Rob Roy''
We climbed the hill by winding way and turning road past Loch Achray
Untill we reached the Trossachs heart, Loch Katherine, natures work of art
The scenes were lovely to behold as natures treasures did unfold
Lovely Loch Venacher we passed and then we reached Callendar at last
And there we had a lovely tea, Unusually nice my mother was to me
Though dull clouds gathered was quite plain we didnt worry about the rain
It was into the bus and homeward bound, a great day I remember by all was

The Treasures of Home

I remember the day when I went away in search of my fortune of gold
I was young, adventurous and yet felt I was old
I was just seventeen a strip of a lad, though tall I was not yet a man
And yet in my mind I was ready for life, and staying wasnt part of my plan
I wandered around some joy I had found, but most of my thoughts went astray
I would walk and Id walk till the evening came down
Then sleep for most of the day Id travel the roads of faraway lands
And often Id think of my home..... my mother, my father and all of my friends
Is it a fool that sits here all alone, the dreams of a young man are foolish
and wild
Although one is taller the mind is still a child
I may give up this hunt and give life a go and make my way home
to the treasures I know
It cant be that bad after all this big spree, but I miss all the good things
Such as chips with my tea


Well BigFatJonni is my nickname, doing crazy things my game
I used to try and raise cash for charities, that was my golden aim
I used to think out daft marathons and things thats rarely done
I like to help others, not really for number one
Ive  walked all  over Britain once in such a record time
To try and raise a little cash to buy a  guide dog for the blind
Ok,, some people said I was crazy, and others said I was mad
But my Creator knows my reasons and that cant be so bad
Id go on raising cash to buy, whenever there was a need
Maybe a wheelchair for a handicapped person or just a child to feed
I try and think of all the other folk and wish them all the good
Id give everybody a miracle, if I thought I only could


When ever the weather is depressing and the days are as dull as can be
Thats just natures way of providing a challenge for you and for me
The darker and cold is the day is, and its perishing cold as I write
The warmer your love  for your loved ones and your face uncommonly bright,
No more days of sorry, no more days of pain
No more looking out the window scowlin at the rain
No more days of worry struggling nor of strife
No more time being wasted, Im starting a brand new life
No more nights of crying, no more guilt or shame
No more thinking of the past, and giving myself the blame.

Glendevon Rangers

Off from the caravan park the old van set forth, at a steady pace and heading north
Some of the kids had bits of heather to bring good luck and sunny weather
Up Glendevon passed the motorway bridge, passed the hills with the rocky ridge
The roadsides thick with rasps and rowans and heather growing in
with snowy gowans
This old banger van in expert hands drove slowly along as the law demands
Near Muthil we stopped a real tough battle,to get on clear from a herd of
No wonder then when we reached Crieff,the kids couldnt hide their grief
The reason for them all feeling blue, was the shops had shut  till quarter
past two
Well up the Sma Glen and Amulree and all the hills were that we could see
As further North and East we held and then we drove into Dunkeld
Well we stopped and had a cup of tea and there we had a joyous spree
The food we had I thought was right to satisfy each appetite
But then all the kids they seem to say with a cheeky wink ,Jonni Id like to
have another drink
So the kids all had a walk around there was lots of pleasure to be found
We left Dunkeld all feeling fine, when suddenly I looked, must watch the time
Through Perth the van made steady running and a few miles later we entered
I stopped again and in they tore for lemonade and sweets again once more
Then homeward bound we sang a song even I started to sing as I drove along
Regardless of our different years that was  a happy day and  chased away my

It was a cauld morning in January in the year of eighty four
I got up, feeling not myself, as if I hadnt been here before
Things just didnt go right when i trundled down the street
I met a host of folk i knew and some I didnt want to meet
Was it me or just the weather, or the bad roads giving me thrills
Or was it just depression at the thought of paying bills
I just didnt want to know where I was for a minute or a while
But then I looked inside a shop and seen a wee bairn smile
I was dying for a cuppa to wet my chappit lips
So I daundered up the road again and nearly broke both hips
There was mountains and valleys and rivers galore
And that was in the High street a sight not seen before
Well now Im sitting having a cuppa and my feet are on a chair
As I am sitting roasting at the fire, I dont really have to care


There is a wee place in Alloa up the rear of the mews
Its filled with good people with all types of views
Ex miners, ex farmers some fishermen too, mothers with children just passing
Poets, musicians some people with fame the old and the aged, the young and the
There is ex soldiers with their stories when they were young gallant and bold
The single parents ,the homeless who are left out in the cold
I remember  a Pauline and a Donna, a Chris maybe  a Tam even a Jean or maybe
its Pam
There was lots of good people I have remembered  a few
So dont feel alone with just cigarettes and your wee bit meals
I bet you each town or city there must be a  Cogwheels

My friend Jenny

There is always hope, I have heard it say to help us through a trying day
To pass away the boring hours, whether you exercise or just picking flowers
There is people who just like to care, for you and me who have lots to share
In this world we have today, not much work and many people have lots to say
They find the time to lend an ear, and listen to your worries and fear
And when we have shared our struggles and strife, we will feel that then we
are ready for life
I met a lass called Jenny, who felt she had lost her chance
To work along with other people and get the odd romance
She felt that she was inferior because she was a little fat like many people
But I believe when she finds her confidence, it will help her on her way
It just takes time and patience, to guide us to be strong
That  we might awake like other people and waken with a song
But up until that time comes, we never give up trying
Although we feel that were left out.... sometimes depressed and crying.

Our Pal

As time went by we prayed and prayed, for our little pal that God had made
His  black and white  hair and wagging tail, his dark brown eyes that never fail
As he steals our heart away ,he is lying there and makes quiet cries
And yet a smile is in his eyes lying suffering in his basket not alone
Two broken hearts are in his home, We prayed to God who makes things right
He will give our pal the strength to fight, that he may live to walk and play
And share our happiness every day So I ask you Lord to hear our prayer
To save our pal for whom we care


My bonnie lass your slowly dying there is nothing I can do
It really breaks my heart each day, when I think of you
I tried to hide the future and blank out all my mind
But to let you go on and suffer, would be ever so unkind
I look into your eyes and see the times we had long ago
When climbing the hills of the Glen or playing in the snow
Its only been a short time a few years short of ten
The companionship you gave me I can never have again
Fare ye well my bonnie dog, fare ye well this day
Your barking sound will stay in my heart,,,,, as I see your spirit play

Just You

Why do some people feel that I can do no right
Why does my appearance, my lack of their religion or my size that gives them fright
Do they think it makes me evil, being fat or is it me
Is it because I dont fit in with the media or even society
Or is it just my opinion that some people are two faced
or am I really alone
You have them when they need you to give solice to their fears
And happiness to help them chase away their tears
Have you every thought that things were great and life is not so bad
Suddenly someone will show there real side and then you are really sad
They say so many kind things you think their being true
Do they think I have no feelings when they say
''Och its just you''


Whose to say a dog is not a child with hair and a waggly tail
That shares with us,, lifes ups and downs and yet it never fails
To love and keep you happy..... fill us up with hope and joy
I know thats what my "Wee Charlie does' 'my black nosed brown eye'd boy
There is days when I have felt fed up, Im sure you can understand
That life can be really trying when you get older and days  are grey
But its great having this wee dog, as he helps me pass my day

See you later,,,,,, is the words she would say, Goodbye darling till another
I will think of you sometimes when Im gone  you know I love
him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cant you understand Jonn
I am really tired and my days are long I am trying hard to sing your song
Its staying here that gets me down, this little house in this one horse town
See you later..... listen to my plea be patient and caring just for me
If you love me just like you say
I will see you again ,maybe,,,,, on another day
I care for you also with all my heart,,,,, but you know who I want,,, and we
have to part
But listen darling is the words she would say... I will see you later
... maybe, another day

I awoke one morning early as the sun began to rise
Its brightness filled my heart with joy brought a sparkle to my eyes
I gazed out through the window the hills were grassy green
The shores of the North sea crashing, wild and yet serene
I thought of all the summers past and summers yet to come
As I watch the boats sail along the Forth into the morning sun

Special Lost Love

How do I put this pen to paper with the feelings I have inside
The many times I have needed you and the many times Ive cried
I have a book of memories not in a drawer, not even on a shelf
Its locked away inside my heart and the key I keep myself
And when I was feeling  lonely, quite I used to do
Id think upon that special page and the time I spend with you
In the mornings when id wakeup and realise your gone
No one really knows the heartache as Id try and carry on
Tears would be on my pillow, that lingering pain inside my heart
Oh darling dear... the day you died ,my real world fell apart
My pals they see me coping I sometimes gave a little smile
They may think that I had forgotten her as its been so long a while
There are lots of things that have changed so much in my life is true
But the one thing that could never happen was the feelings I had for you

I remember a  lady from England her hair was as dark as the night
She was tall and her body was slender ,and her eyes were uncommonly bright
I remember a lady from  the USA, had beauty that none could compare
her voice like an angel in Heaven
Full of sweetness kindness and care
I remember a lady from Scotland and we would sit at the edge of a bing
Her favourite reply to my question ''No, No please Till I see the gold ring''
I remember a lady from Ireland her hair was as gold as the corn
Her eyes were as blue as the old Irish sea, But her tongues was sharp as a
I take off my hat to you sisters of strife
The Mothers, The grannys and the ladies of Life

Dream of Dreams
Long days will pass and years will go by
And the love I have for you I dont think will ever die
Time will pass and memories will stay
Its hard to stop loving you as your in my mind every day
I remember always your smile  when you share the
times you gave your love and care
Always thoughtful, always kind
These are the memories that will stay in my mind
They say that hearts dont really break but thats not really true
The time I have spent alone in these past few years
Sometimes broke my heart in two
How sweet sounds death........ to a broken heart
No longer in my life you share,
And how the future will never be
As I will turn and you wont be there
But deep in my heart you will always stay
Remembered and loved....... every day

What good is Life
What good is life when one is alone
What use is a house when its not a home
What good is your future, when your love's in the past
Why bother with love, when you know it may not last
Ther's not need for joy when your backs to the wall
No lover to hold no cuddles at all
Great Spirit dont send me when I die,
To some big ghetto in the sky
Where dog eats dog like the tiger type
And the Sunday news is rubbish and trip
I meet all these people every day online... I feel their pain
My life is gone, wont come back again
I used to think the country was pure paradise
Where my friends where loyal and the strangers were nice
Where music I will hear will be Folky and free
Promise me Lord... and happy I will be

Thoughts of a Poet in war

I woke up one morning about three oclock, inside my heart was crying
I realised I was twenty five, and I was slowly dying
There were many things inside my head I felt i needed to say
Now I hated this war and all this destruction that was happening in it today
There was nothing much I could really do was the thought inside my head
And the more I thought of what kind of life was left, I looked forward to
being dead
I gazed out through a window to the left was a wood so green,,, full of birds
and they were singing happily, was there something I hadnt seen
To the right were the concrete boxes filled with violence some with tears
Maybe some were filled with happiness, something I hadnt felt for years
Do I look forward to the future or do I think about the past
How do I capture that something special and hope that it will last
Or do I just go back to sleep again and give up really trying
Just close my eyes blank out my mind and continue with my dying.

A Brokenheart

Its a lonely life without you, and sad has been my day
For my life and home are not the same, since you went away
My world be like a heaven if you would come again

A million times I have missed you a million times I cried
You never would have left me if your love had never died

Time cannot heal my heartache, for you I loved so dear
The face I love is missing, the voice I loved is still
Your hands they felt so soft to me and filled me full of thrill
Im so lonely since you left me, life can never be the same,
And my world could only feel like heaven, if you would come back again

A million times I have missed you a million times I have cried
You never would have left me ,if your love had never died

Precious memories i have of you in my heart is kept
To treasure... to love........ never to forget,
No words....... no poems...... no tears can express
Goodbye my darling..................God Bless

The Lager Lout

Its eleven oclock and they stagger out
The whisky lovers and the Lager lout, joyous nights of laugh and cheer
Car parks covered with sick and beer, and then a friendly knowing wink
Everybody still needs a drink, and this goes on till getting home
Or staggering around trying to find a phone
A fabulous nite they say they had, then the drink wears off and then their sad
The realise the moneys gone and then thats bad
But does it stop them from this fray... No..... they just look forward to
another day,
some say its innocent, some says it nice, some say its wicked but
they never call it a vice
Some say its nasty some say its wrong, but we must agree for a short period
of time its pleasant but doesnt last very long

Christmas Love

You ask me what I wanted for my Christmas
I told you anything would do
You ask me if I wanted gold or silver
I told you, nothing is more precious than you

Its crying time again... I dont want to lose you
You have got  that faraway look in your eye
Ive told you.... that I  cant stop loving you
Why do you hurt me this way and make me cry

Please dont ask me what I want for my christmas
When you know all I ever want in my life  is you
To hold in my arms from dawn to sunsets
So it takes away the pain and I dont feel blue

Dont tell me its crying time again, and your gonna leave me
My heart cant be broken any more and my dreams of love is dying
When I watch you walk out the door
Please dont ask me what I want for my Christmas
Dont offer me silver or gold
Just tell me my darling you love me
And we'll be together till were very old.

Christmas Day Alone

One doesnt know its Christmas, when living alone
There is no songs in your head, or rings on the phone
You awake in the morning there are no thoughts in your head
No flames  in your fire as you sit up on your bed
No Christmas pudding, no chicken no lights on a tree
Is living alone  happiness... be honest is that being free
Gone are memories of a family and life
Gone are your children, your togetherness, your wife
You think of those days, where did I go wrong
Why is life not like the words in the song
Just being honest with oneself, is all that it takes
Facing the facts we are to blame, as we sit with the shakes
Whether its with drugs, drink or just our inner fears
Id rather know it was Christmas, than have a life with just
tears........... I miss my family

Thi Pairmauns Needs

Its awfae tae bi oot o wark wi trade aw ere sae dull
av tryed ma baist tae git a joob,bit dae whaut er a wull
Its maittirlis whaur er a gan thi ainsers ai thi saim
Och sorri nane thi dae ma maun,,,,,,gies a ca agane
um ait it nearli evuri morn trudgin frae street tae street
Ma bits yince guid air fairli worn frae aff mi weeri feet
Thairs daes av scanti been o meet nor ken a whaur tae tri
Tae git a loaf thit wi mite eat thi bairns thi wife ain aye
Ain thi daes air gittin langer ain thairs nae loor tae bi thi seed
Ain onli thi auld craw in thi winter kens thi pair mauns sairest needs,

The Moral of a Heathy Man
There is nothing the matter with me. I'm as healthy as you can see
Ive pains in both  knees ................ when Im speaking I wheeze.
My pulse is weak, and my blood is thin, but I'm doing well for the great shape I am in.
Special shoes I have upon my feet  so I am able to dance and juggle when in the street.
Sleep is deprived night after night, but early in the morning I find I'm all right.
My memory is failing, my head's in a spin but I'm doing real well for the shape I'm in.
The moral of a Man is my tale of woe to unfold, for you and me who is getting really old
It's better to say "I'm alright''  with a grin,,, than to let people know the real shape that we are in.

                                                       John Redmond 2002/2003

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