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Stories by Stephanie Wayman
An Unexpected Surprise

There are perks to living in the desert southwest, where rain rarely falls and the ground gets so hot you could fry an egg on the pavement. Back then my parents didn't have the worries that parents have now a day's. My sister and I could run free through the red rocks, yucca and cactus without having to worry about strangers and my mom knew that all the neighbors kept their eyes open.

Just after sunrise the sky exploded from pink to a bright azure. I called it Smurf blue. My sister, Jana, and I set off on one of our amazing adventures. We headed for the old abandoned farmhouse on the other side of town. All the children in the town knew the house was haunted. Everybody talked about going inside to see the ghosts, but no one ever found the courage, not even on a dare. Jana and I decide we were going to be the first do it. The night before we had gathered the supplies we needed to fight off any ghosts that we might encounter. We put a flashlight, a cross made out of toothpicks in case there were vampires in our backpacks. Jana threw in some garlic just to be safe. We rode our bicycles. Jana, being older than I, volunteered to carry our ghost and vampire hunting kit. We passed several neighbor kids as we made our way across town. When we told them where we were going, they gasped and told us we were crazy. I chuckled when I noticed several kids following us on their bikes.

When we arrived at the house there were six of us. We stood gaping at the house, losing our nerves and were hesitant about continuing our quest, but Jana and I wanted to prove to everyone that the Wilson sisters were not cowards.

We climbed the creaking steps and peered in the dirty windows. I turned to Jana “Do you see anything?”

Jana shook her head “No, lets go in.”

Just to be safe I pulled the cross out of my backpack and Jana put the garlic in her pocket. We started for the door.

One of the other kids gasped. “Did you hear that?”

We stopped and listened. KLUMP.

Everyone froze where they stood. Jana's hand was on the doorknob. “I heard it.”

“Me too!” I put my ear to the door and heard a scratching noise coming from inside the house.

The other kids took off running, but Jana and I stayed. We were not going to run away scared.

Jana grabbed my hand and opened the door. Meow! It turned out that our vampires and ghosts were nothing but a house full of kittens! Jana smiled, dropped the cross and picked up one them. “How cute!”

I picked one up. “How do you think they got here? There's no mother cat around.”

“I don't know. I guess the mama cat either died or just abandoned them.” Jana grabbed the others. “We'd better take them home. They look awful thirsty.”

Our mom wasn't too happy when we showed up with five kittens, but soon warmed to them and helped us fix a bowl of milk and cat food. We had a fun time picking out names for them. Jana giggled. “Hello, Fluffy, Cinders, Ginger, Rusty, and Patches. This is your new home.”

We went to bed with our new friends surrounding us, dreaming of what our next adventure would be.

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