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Stories by Laura Lagana
Hamish McWallace and the Leprechaun Treasure - Chapter 19

“I thought she’d never leave,” said Kate.

“Now dear, you really shouldn’t complain about my mum. You spent almost the entire time in a hotel, with room service,” said Alasdair.

“Quick. Shush. Grams is coming,” Hamish whispered to his parents.

A moment later Grams strolled over, holding her knitting bag in one arm and a wrapped present for Kate under the other. “Here dear. I saw this and immediately thought of you.”

“Thank you Grams. You shouldn’t have.” Kate ripped open the wrapping paper, revealing the tablecloth Grams had stolen from the china cabinet. “It’s lovely. It goes so well with my dishes.”

Grams pulled Kate into a hug. “Glad you like it dear. I spent quite some time searching for the perfect gift.”

Kate mumbled under her breath. “But apparently you only shopped in my dinning room.”

“What dear? Did you say something?” Grams shoved her eye glasses on her face.

“No, nothing,” said Kate.

“Och, but I must be loosing my hearing.”

“Oh,” said Kate, “I mumbled something about having to use the loo.”

“Don’t let me keep you dear,” said Grams.

“I need to visit the loo myself,” said Alasdair.

“I’ll be waiting right here,” said Grams as Kate and Alasdair walked away. She called to their retreating backs, “Don’t tarry. I don’t want to be missing my flight.”

Hamish overheard Kate say, “Aye Alasdair, get a move on it. She really needs to get on that plane.” Once his parents disappeared from view, Hamish hugged Grams.

“I’ll be sure to visit you more often now that I’m no longer sick,” said Grams.

He leaned back and met her gaze. “Promise?”

Grams grinned. “Promise. Now step back, I need some room.” Wrinkling his brow, Hamish stepped aside. Grams whistled and held open her bag. “Hurry up boys, it’s almost time to leave.”

Hamish gaped at the sight of leprechauns crawling down from the ceiling and forming into a leprechaun ladder. One by one, they waved at Hamish before leaping into Grams knitting bag.

Finnegan paused before joining his friends. “It was nice to meet you…oh, and don’t take anymore guff from that Alec lad.” He poked Hamish in the knee before saying, “And thanks for lending us your Grams.”

“What are you talking about?” Hamish eyed Finnegan and Grams.

“Uh oh. No time to explain Finnegan,” said Grams. “Quick, in the bag before Kate and Alasdair see you.” With a shower of leprechaun dust, Finnegan disappeared into Grams bag.

Hamish eyed his approaching parents. “What’s Finnegan talking about Grams?”

“Oh,” she said, snapping her bag closed. “I must’ve forgotten to tell you the good news. I’m the King of the Leprechauns.”

He whipped his head back around at the news, facing Grams. “Seriously?”

“Aye. I’m sure.” She pulled King Rogan’s crown from the pocket in her skirt and held it in front of her. “See? Isn’t that a lovely diamond?”

“But how?”

“I’m the one who captured the king, excuse me, “former king”. That’s going to take some getting used to.” Grams giggled at the slip.

“I thought you only got his treasure when you capture a leprechaun,” said Hamish.

“I did,” said Grams. “King Rogan’s greatest treasure was his title and now it’s all mine.”

Hamish shrugged. “Oddly enough, that makes perfect sense.” The arrival of Kate and Alasdair cut off any further questions from Hamish.

“Give us a hug dear,” said Grams, embracing her son and daughter-in-law. “And Hamish, be good, stay out of trouble.”

He chuckled. “Now that Captain Malcolm is gone, it shouldn’t be too difficult.” Hamish crossed his fingers when Grams went through security, fearing the capture of the leprechauns, but they shrank themselves to the size of a doll. Grams rambled on to the security agent about how odd it was that she found leprechaun dolls in Charleston, but none in Scotland. The frazzled security agent waved her through.

Once past the checkpoint, Grams called out. “Hamish, like my shoes?” She lifted the edge of her skirt, revealing red and white striped socks, and shiny black shoes with a gold buckle in the center.

“What the--?” Kate glanced at Alasdair.

He shook his head. “Just ignore it dear. I’m her son and after all these years, I have yet to figure her out.”

Hamish grinned and waved. As Grams turned to leave, Finnegan poked his head out of her bag and waved good-bye to Hamish. Gold dust scattered on the carpet with each step of Grams.

“Is that…gold dust coming from her shoes?” Alasdair pointed at his mother.

“Let it go dad. Let it go,” said Hamish, returning Finnegan’s wave. He left the airport with his parents, no longer dreading his new life in America, but looking forward to the changes. He was the grandson of a leprechaun king after all. Who knew how many more adventures awaited him?

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