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Stories by Laura Lagana
Hamish McWallace and the Leprechaun Treasure - Chapter 10

Clouds drifted across the full moon, casting eerie shadows along the train station platform. A whistle blew in the distance. Several minutes later, a train pulled into the darkened station. A handful of people stumbled from the train car in a drunken stupor, followed by a clan of leprechauns.

King Rogan stood on the nearest bench for a better look at his surroundings, and whispered to Gobban, “Did you steal their wallets?”

“Most of them Your Majesty,” said Gobban.

“How many of the humans are left?”

Alpin searched the platform, preoccupied with counting the people. “There are three young men. Me, Alpin, and the others plan on jumping them in the loo.”

“Are you sure they will be headed there?” King Rogan flicked away an insect buzzing around his head.

“Surely they have to. We’ve been giving them whiskey for the entire journey.”

King Rogan continued speaking, unaware of Gobban’s reply. “I wish I had known about money before now. I would have stolen from the humans a lot sooner than this.”

“You are most wise Your Highness,” said Gobban.

“Aye, I know. That’s why I’m king and you are my subject.”

Alpin and the other leprechauns trailed the three men to the restroom to steal their wallets, while Gobban kept King Rogan away from the mayhem. Out of breath, Alpin returned a moment later and handed the wallets to Gobban. “They put up more of a fight than I expected.” Alpin rubbed his sore eye that one of the humans gave him before he grabbed the wallet. “We should leave this place as soon as possible.” Alpin glanced over his shoulder at the closed door of the restroom, waiting for it to open at any moment.

Gobban led the clan from the platform toward the front of the building. A light drizzle of rain began to fall from the sky. One lone taxi idled against the curb.

Started by the light coming on in the interior of the cab, the taxi driver turned around to watch the clan of leprechauns pile into the back seat. “Uh…we can’t have all of you in the backseat. It’s against the law.”

“What the law doesn’t know won’t matter now, will it.” King Rogan slipped the cab driver a fifty dollar bill.

“Sure thing,” said the driver as he stuffed the bill in his pants pocket before pullin away from the train station. “Where you all headed to?”

“What are our options?” King Rogan turned to Gobban.

“How about one of those restaurants we passed,” said Alpin, while holding out his shaking hand. “See? I’m weak with hunger.”

The driver chuckled. “This is weird. I picked up another guy the other night, dressed like you. It must be that time of year for parades.”

King Rogan narrowed his gaze on the driver. “And where did this leprechaun go?”

The taxi driver continued to drive down the interstate, unaware of King Rogan’s growing interest. “He was lost, so I brought him to a house in the new subdivision. Quite a nice house too.”

“Do you remember where this was?”

The driver nodded. “Sure do. Want me to take you there?”

“We’d like that,” said King Rogan, eyeing the drawer of money in the front seat next to the man.

Half an hour later, a lone patrol car pulled next to the cab, which sat on the side of the road. The doors were open, the tires were flat, and the driver slumped over the wheel, moaning in pain while holding his head. “They robbed me. Those thieving leprechauns robbed me!”

The police officer shook his head as he radioed the call in to the dispatcher. “Second robbery tonight,” he mumbled. “At first I thought the men at the train station were just drunk when they rambled on about the leprechauns, but I don’t smell any alcohol on the driver’s breath.”

The voice on the other end of the radio said, “I’d hate to be the one who has to admit they were robbed by leprechauns.”

Glancing over his shoulder, the officer chuckled as he waited for the ambulance to arrive.

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