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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Stories for Younger Children
The Dragon, the Mouse, the Turtle and the Girl

Baby Dragon Graphics    

One fall day Puffles, the dragon, went for a walk in the woods. He was a little dragon and did not know how to blow fire from his nose. “All I can do is puff tiny puffs of smoke!” Puffles had red scales for skin, sharp spikes on his back and a long tail. “I think I will look for an acorn,” he said. He saw a red leaf, an orange leaf and two gold ones. Hiding under the red leaf was an acorn. “I see an acorn!” Puffles said. “I am going to sit in the dirt and hold it and look for a rust leaf. I like the color rust.”

Martin, the mouse, ran up a tree. It was an oak tree. “I see a red leaf!” Martin said. “I like fall. I like trees.” Martin saw a gold leaf. “Aha! I see a gold leaf.” He picked the red leaf and the gold leaf and put them on the tree limb. “I wish I saw a rust leaf. I like the color rust.” He ran up and down the tree, going from branch to branch, trying to find a rust leaf.

Treena, the turtle, walked very slowly. She did not move fast. Turtles cannot move fast. She saw a lot of trees and they all were pretty. “I love fall!” She saw a yellow leaf, a gold leaf and a brown leaf. She picked them up with her beak and put them on top of her shell. She said, “I am going to look for a rust leaf. They are pretty. I think I will go over to that oak tree and see if there is a rust leaf there.” She walked very slowly. She saw an acorn in the dirt, and she saw a worm. A bird flew past and it had a gold leaf in its beak.

Anna went for a walk in the woods. She loved fall. “I love to see the trees in fall. I hope I can find a red leaf, a yellow leaf, a brown leaf, a gold leaf, but most of all, I hope I can find a rust leaf. They are pretty.” She skipped and sang a song as she went into the woods.

A twig snapped in the tree above him. Puffles looked up. “Who is in the tree? Come down or I will blow fire on you.” Puffles knew that he did not know how to blow fire, but others did not know that. “Come down here, I say.” 

Martin looked down and saw the red dragon sitting in the dirt. He had an acorn in his hand. “Why do you want me to come down there? You will burn me with your fire. You are a dragon. I’m not going to come down,” Martin said. He stayed in the tree.

“Come down here, mouse. I will not burn you. Have you seen a rust leaf up there on the tree branch?” Puffles asked.

“No. I have not seen a rust leaf. I have seen a red leaf and a gold leaf. I want to find a rust leaf. I love the color rust,” Martin said.

“I love the color rust too. Come down here. You and I will walk in the woods and try to find a rust leaf, Puffles said. Martin came down from the top of the tree. They went for a walk deeper into the woods to find a rust leaf.

A few sticks snapped and Treena looked up. “Who is there? Who is in the woods?” she asked.

“It is Puffles, the red dragon, and me, Martin, the mouse. We are going for a walk to find a rust leaf. Have you seen one?” Martin asked.

Treena saw the dragon and mouse. They stopped in front of her. “I am looking for a rust leaf. I have a yellow leaf, a gold leaf, and a brown leaf on the back of my shell. Do you see them?”

Puffles and Martin saw them. “Why don’t you come with us and help us find a rust leaf?” Martin asked.

“I will,” said Treena. So Puffles, Martin and Treena went deeper into the woods to find a rust leaf.

Anna was singing when some sticks snapped. “Who is there? Who is in the woods?”

“It is Puffles, the red dragon, an me, Martin, the mouse, and Treena, the turtle. We are in the woods. We are looking for a rust leaf. Have you seen one?”

Anna ran up to the dragon, mouse and turtle. “Hello! I have a red leaf, a brown one, a gold one and a yellow one in my hand. I have not seen a rust leaf yet, but I want to. I love the color rust.”

“Why don’t you come with us? We can all look for a rust leaf,” Puffles said.

The four of them went into the woods and looked for a rust leaf. “Do you blow fire from your nose?” Treena asked Puffles.

“No, I am too tiny. I can only blow smoke. Watch.” Puffles stopped and blew three puffs of smoke from his nose.

“Hee hee hee. That is funny,” Anna giggled.

“When I get big I will be able to blow fire and then I can burn things,” Puffles said.

“I see a rust leaf. I see one!” Treena yelled. “I see one in that tree.”

Anna did not know how to climb a tree. Puffles did not know how and Treena did not know how. Only Martin knew how to climb a tree. “Martin, climb up this tree and get that rust leaf,” Anna said.

Martin ran up the tree trunk and picked the rust leaf. He ran down the tree with it in his paw. “It is so pretty,” Martin said.

“I think it is very pretty,” said Treena.

“I love the color rust,” Anna said.

Puffles smiled. “It is the nicest leaf I have ever seen.”

The four of them sat down in the dirt under the tree and looked at the leaf. They were happy. They had a rust leaf!

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