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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Star Berries

One morning Bridget woke up to find a potted plant on her window ledge. She'd never seen anything like it before. The leaves were green and fuzzy and curly green things poked out from the stem. “This is pretty. I wonder where it came from and what it's called.”

Her mom and dad assured her they'd not left it there and neither of them had ever seen such a plant before.

Bridget noticed that the plant went to sleep during the day and when the moon and stars came out at night that the leaves opened up and stretched, like they were reaching for the heavens. “What an unusual plant.” She watered it each night and left the curtains open so it could get plenty of starlight.

One morning she found red berries growing on the plant. Each big red berry had a golden star or moon on it. “Wow! Star berries! Moon berries!” When she touched one it felt hard, like stone. “I wonder if they're rubies?”

More berries popped up each night and soon there were so many that the plant nearly tipped over. Bridget left them alone. She knew there was something special about this plant.

Something woke her up in the middle of the night. She rolled over on her side and saw a tiny pink fairy near the plant. Bridget gasped. “A fairy?” She climbed out of bed and went closer to see what the fairy was doing. “Hello little fairy.”

The tiny creature jumped in surprise.

“I hope I didn't scare you. Did you bring me the star berry plant?” Bridget smiled, hoping the fairy would see that she meant her no harm.

“Yes, it was me.” A soft voice floated upward. “My name is Celestine. I've come to gather the star berries and the moon berries. You see, they only grow when someone full of love and kindness takes care of them. I knew you were that person.”

“Thank you. There's a lot of berries. How will  you carry them?” Bridget counted the berries.

“I'm going to string them together and carry them that way. Will you help me?” Celestine pushed a needle and thread threw each hard berry. The little golden moons and stars glowed. Once they were all strung, she giggled. “I'm not a fairy. I'm an angel and these star berries are for the baby angels.”

“An angel?” Bridget's eyes widened with surprise.

“Every night I want you to look at the stars and keep the curtains wide open. I'll be back again soon to gather the ones that will soon grow. Will you take care of the plant and water it and give it lots of love?” Celestine flapped her wings.

“Oh yes. I hope the baby angels like the berries.” Bridget watched as Celestine flew out the window, the string of star berries dragging behind her in the air. Millions of stars twinkled in the sky. Bridget climbed into bed, gazing at the plant.. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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