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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The MacBear Family Reunion

The MacBear Family Reunion

It was summer time again, and time for the MacBear Family Reunion. Letters had been posted and all the relatives were going to meet at Crianlarich, home of the MacBear clan. The big day arrived. Some of the family was taking the train. Others were driving up in their cars. The Highlands were a lovely place for a gathering.

The oldest member was Grandpa Jamie MacBear. He and his wife, Granny Agnes, were looking forward to seeing all their grandchildren and great grandchildren. "Did you make some tablet for the wee ones?" Grandpa asked. "You know they look forward to it every year."

"Aye, Jamie, I made tablet. I also made some Cornish fudge, lots of ginger biscuits, and shortbread," she said, putting plates down on the table. "And did you get the honey? You know they’ll all want some highland honey."

"Aye, I gathered it fresh this morning. There’s something special about honey made from heather and primrose pollen, isn’t there Agnes?" Grandpa asked. He stuck his finger in the honey pot and licked it off. "Good stuff."

"Here they come. Here’s our family," Granny said.

The wee bears came running towards them shouting, "Granny Agnes. Grandpa Jamie." They were pushed to the ground as the wee ones smothered them with hugs and kisses.

They had a grand feast of sausage rolls, haggis, turnips and peas, scones and bannocks, meat pies, blood sausage, and fish and chips with pickled onions. They ate flaky pastries, biscuits, shortbread, and the tablet. When Grandpa brought out the honey pot, the wee ones gathered around and started sticking their fingers into it. "This is good, Grandpa. You have the best honey in all of Scotland." Grandpa laughed. He knew he shouldn’t take credit for it, but let them think what they may.

"It’s time for the MacBear family photo. Gather round everyone," Granny called. Grandpa Jamie stood in the middle with Granny next to him. The children, grandchildren and great grandchild squeezed in where they could. "Everyone say cheese," Granny shouted.


The picture was taken and the wee bears ran off to play in the woods. A while later wee Bruce MacBear came running to his mum. "Mum! Dad! Catriona is hitting a bee’s hive with a stick. They’re angry bees now and are stinging everyone."

Grandpa Jamie followed Bruce’s mum and dad into the woods. There stood Catriona. She was pounding the beehive with a branch. Bees were buzzing around. "Don’t do that," Grandpa said. "Drop the stick, Catriona, or the bees will attack you."

"I want some more honey, Grandpa. It was so delicious. There wasn’t enough," Catriona cried.

"Drop the stick right now and come here," Grandpa said. Catriona did as she was told. "Look at your cousins. They’ve all been stung. You go back to Granny Agnes and take everyone with you. I’ll find some more honey for you."

An hour later Grandpa Jamie came back with a full honey pot. "Yeah! Grandpa has some more honey for us," Catriona shouted. She ran over to him and gave him a big hug. "Thank you Grandpa."

"Well, next time, you let me get the honey. It’s not something that wee lassies as yourself should be doing," Grandpa warned.

He sat down and watched his grandchildren devour the honey. That night, after everyone had left, Grandpa and Granny looked at the photograph. "We’ve got a wonderful family," Granny said. A tear ran down her face.

"We’re a grand group, aren’t we? The MacBear Family!" Grandpa said, his heart filled with pride.

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