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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Fish and Chips

"Cameron, would you like to go with me to pick up some fish and chips for tea tonight?" his dad asked.

Cameron jumped up and down. "Yes, Daddy, Iíd love to go. Can I help carry them home? Can we stop and get lemonade on the way home? Can we get an extra order of chips? Can I give the man the money?" he rambled.

"Calm down, laddie. Weíll see about all that. Grab your jacket and gloves. Thereís a nip in the air tonight," his dad said. They walked down the hill towards the chip shop. Double-decker busses rode past, blowing their exhaust into the otherwise clean air. Cameron coughed. "Theyíre smelly things, arenít they?"

Cameron coughed again. "They do smell, but theyíre fun to ride in. Mummy and I went for a ride today. We sat on the top. I looked out the window. I saw a Scotty dog. It was on a leash and had a coat on. I laughed."

"Dogs feel the cold too," his dad smiled. A taxi drove past them. It stopped in front of them and two people climbed out. They walked into one of the fancy restaurants that lined the street. "Theyíll be spending a lot of money tonight," he mumbled.

"Why donít we go to that place?" Cameron asked.

"Would you like to eat octopus and chopped squid?" his dad responded.

"No, Daddy. That sounds horrible," Cameron frowned.

"Thatís why we go to the fish and chip shop. We like that much better!" he explained.

"Well, here we are." He opened the door and the two walked in.

"It smells lovely in here, Daddy. I can smell the chips! I want lots of them tonight. Iím starving," Cameron said. He walked over to the glass windows. Inside were mounds of pieces of fish, all covered with golden brown batter.

Fish and Chips

The man behind the counter asked, "What will it be for you tonight?"

"Weíll have six pieces of haddock, three large batches of chips, a blood pudding too," Dad said. "Be sure and give us quite a few packets of vinegar and tomato sauce," he added.

Cameron stood and sniffed the air. It smelled delicious. His mouth began to water and he was getting hungrier by the minute. Soon the man came back and handed Cameronís dad a package, wrapped in newspaper. "Hereís your vinegar and tomato sauce," he said, handing him a small bag.

"Letís hurry home," Cameron said. "Iím hungry. We donít even have to stop for lemonade. Can I carry it, Daddy? I know itís warm and I want to smell it."

His dad handed him the package. "Here you go lad."

When they got home, Cameron and his mum and dad, sat down at the table and ate their tea. Mum fixed them some hot tea with milk and sugar. Cameron felt warm inside and full. Each chip tasted delicious and salty. The fish was smothered in vinegar and he poured tomato sauce all over the chips. "Delicious," he said, wiping his mouth. He gulped down his tea. "Can we have a sweetie, Mum?"

"Of course, Cameron. Go into the kitchen and bring through the plate. I put a few things on it for us," his mum said.

Cameron grabbed the plate. It was covered with chocolates and pastries and biscuits. He picked one of each. "That was the best meal Iíve ever had. It was much better than octopus and chopped up squid," he chuckled. "Iíd much rather have fish and chips than that!"

"Me too," his dad said. "Me too!"

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