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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Heather and Bumblebee

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! Bumblebee flew from flower to flower, gathering pollen from the bluebells and buttercups and violets. "Can I have some of your honeycomb?" Heather asked. She loved honeycomb, even though it sometimes made her pale purple dress sticky.

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! Bumblebee wanted Heather to follow her to the beehive. "I’m coming," she called. Her wings, as delicate as the petals of a rose blossom, flapped up and down as she followed Bumblebee.

Bumblebee flew around the oak tree, over a pile of boulders and the most beautiful wildflowers Heather had ever seen. "Do you use pollen from all the flowers to make your honeycomb?" she asked.

Bumblebee flew down to some of them. He gathered the pollen from the tiny white daisies with lemony yellow centers. He gathered the pollen from the puffy pink clover balls that looked like they had spikes all over them, except they were soft and smelled good. Soon his arms and legs were covered with bright orange pollen. BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! Heather watched him and saw all the different flowers he’d visited. When Bumblebee headed back to the beehive, she followed.

They were greeted by dozens of other bumblebees. Some gathered pollen, some helped build the beehive and some protected the Queen bumblebee. They invited Heather into their hive, which was huge. Bumblebee excused himself and went to the pollen chamber. When he came back all the pollen was gone from his arms and legs. In his hands he carried a chunk of honeycomb. "Is this for me? Why thank you," Heather said and took it from Bumblebee’s hand. She licked the honey from it and sipped up every last drop. When the time she was finished, her dress, auburn hair and wings were covered with sticky honey. "Oh, how messy of me. Just look at my dress! Thank you for the honeycomb, but now I shall go to the stream and wash myself. Goodbye," she waved and flew towards the stream.

She stood at the edge of the water, wiping the honey out of her hair and off her wings. All around her were dozens of red poppies. She laughed when she thought of Bumblebee gathering pollen from then and how delicious it would taste. "Another time, perhaps," she said and finished washing the golden honey from her dress.

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