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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Poppy and the Frog

CROAK! CROAK! CROAK! Frog hopped through the tall grass. Poppy, the fairy, held on tight. She was sitting on his back. Her red dress was draped over Frog’s green dotted skin. "Whee!" she shouted as he took another leap. "Where are you headed?" she asked.

Frog croaked and hopped toward the stream. When they came to the muddy banks, Frog stopped. Poppy looked at her reflection in the water. Her yellow hair shone and her green eyes twinkled. "Hop onto that big stone," she said. Frog kicked with his back legs and flew through the air. "Whee!" They landed with a plop in the center of it. "Look at the stream and the way the water is swirling around the rock. Isn’t it beautiful? Oh, look! I can see tiny fish swimming by," Poppy laughed.

Frog croaked and leapt to another stone. "Whee!" Poppy was enjoying this. The water from the flowing stream splashed on her legs. Just then the water began to flow quicker and it began to rise. "What’s happening?" she asked Frog. He tried to leap to safety but the water came too quickly. Soon he and Poppy where whisked off the rock and carried with the current. Poppy fell off Frog’s back and was tossed about. She swallowed gulps of water and started to cough and choke. Somehow she managed to grab hold of a small branch of a tree that was hanging over the water. "Help, Frog! Help me!" she called out.

Poppy couldn’t see Frog anywhere. All she could see was water. Her red dress was limp and her long hair was plastered to her face. CROAK! CROAK! CROAK! Poppy saw Frog at the side of the stream. He was in the grass. Somehow he’d managed to swim to safety. "Help me, Frog! I can’t hold on much longer!" she shouted.

Frog had an idea. He pushed with his strong, muscular legs and flew through the air. He landed on the branch above Poppy. He nearly fell but managed to get his balance. He wrapped his long legs around the branch so he wouldn’t fall in and lowered his arms to catch Poppy. CROAK! CROAK! CROAK! He called to her and she reached for his hand with one of hers. Frog grabbed on tightly and pulled Poppy out of the river. They carefully moved across the branch and down the tree trunk to the ground. "Thank you, Frog," Poppy smiled. "We’d better play somewhere else. The stream’s moving much to quickly today."

Poppy climbed onto Frog’s back and he hopped across Periwinkle Glen. Soon they were sitting in a patch of tiny violets. "This is much better," Poppy sighed. "It’s safer and it smells wonderful," she giggled. They spent the rest of the afternoon lying in the sunshine, watching the clouds float by.

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