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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Carnation Gets Ready for Winter

Carnation, the flower fairy, fluffed her pink dress up. The tiny silver sparkles on them caught the sunlight and sent shiny rays out. She looked like she was lit up with tiny fairy lights. Her legs dangled over the edge of the tree stump, swinging back and forth. Her chubby cheeks were rosy pink and her short brown hair enveloped them. "Have you seen the ants? They are so busy right now, gathering bits of food and storing them for the coming winter," she said.

A dragonfly, the color of a sweet smelling red rosebud, stood next to her on the log. She nodded and looked down to the ground.

"Just look at them, Dragonfly. Theyíre carrying things that are ten times their size and taking them to their mound. Iím sure itís a busy place in the ant hill," she added.

Dragonfly stretched her arms and fluttered her wings. They were as delicate and gossamer as Carnations. "Maybe we should help the ants find food, or maybe we should find food for all the animals in Periwinkle Glen. It might be a harsh winter this year. Will you help me look?" she asked.

Dragonfly nodded. Both Dragonfly and Carnation flew into the air and headed toward the stream that ran through the glen. "Letís start here. Iím sure there are a lot of things growing along the side of the stream," she said. The lifted up leaves and moved rocks aside. "I found some mushrooms," Carnation called out, "but if we pick them, theyíll shrivel up and wonít be much good by winter. Weíd better leave them alone. I know," she said, "letís pick the acorns off the oak tree."

They flew over to the mighty oak. The acorns were growing in clusters. They were green with darker green helmets on them. Carnation reached for one. "We canít pick these," she sighed, stopping. "The squirrels need the acorns to get bigger and to drop to the ground. If we pick them now, what will the squirrels do?" Dragonfly nodded and the two flew off.

They fluttered above some poppies that were bright red and filled with pollen. Carnation looked at Dragonfly. "We canít gather the pollen either. The bees and butterflies need to pollinate the other flowers and take it back to the beehive for honey. Oh dear, what will we do?"

Dragonfly raised her arms, not knowing the answer. "It seems to me that all the animals take care of themselves during the winter. The ants gather food, the squirrels gather acorn, the bees make honey and the butterflies pollinate the flowers. I think we should just let nature take care of itself, donít you?" she smiled at her friend.

Dragonfly smiled a big smile. "Letís go and find some dandelions. Doesnít it sound fun to blow the helicopter seeds into the air and watch them twirl to the ground?" Carnation asked. Dragonfly nodded and soon the air was filled with swirling dandelion seeds. All the animals in Periwinkle Glen heard Carnation and Dragonfly laughing as they gathered food for winter.

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