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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Bluebell and Bluebird

Bluebell, the fairy, sat on the branch of a willow tree. Its long, leafy limbs reached to the ground as if it was trying to push itself up. Sitting on the branch next to her was a birdís nest. Lying inside, on top of bits of twigs, string, and leaves, was a bluebird. His feathers were a little darker than Bluebellís dress and wings. He had a bright yellow beak that twinkled when the sun shone on it. Bluebell sighed, "Iím much too bored, Bluebird. Take me for a flight around Periwinkle Glen, so I may see all the glorious flowers."

Bluebird whistled a pretty tune as the fairy climbed on his back. He flew out of the nest, through the leaves and branches of the willow tree, into the clear blue sky. "Wheee," shouted the fairy. Her pale blue wings were fluttering back and forth as the wind blew against them. "I can see the whole glen from here," she laughed. Bluebird tipped to the side and then back over to the other side. He flew straight up into the air and then flew back down towards the ground. "Wheee," Bluebell cheered. They were having so much fun flying around the glen that Bluebird wasnít paying as much attention as he should and the next time he tipped to the side, he bumped right into an old oak tree, knocking Bluebell to the ground. She landed with a thud on one of the oak treeís roots. The bird circled around in the air and flew back, trying to find the fairy. He looked, but couldnít see her anywhere.

Bluebell stood up and brushed the dirt off her dress and wings. Her long, reddish-brown hair was filled with broken twigs, and bits of leaves and bark. She picked them out and tossed them to the ground. "Where am I?" she wondered, looking around. Sheíd never been to this part of Periwinkle Glen before. "Whereís Bluebird?" She looked up into the tree and then around in the tall grass, but she couldnít see him. "Itís very pretty here," she thought, and started walking about. "Look at the violets and buttercup." She stuck her nose into them and took a deep breath, covering it with bright orange pollen.

Just then she heard the sound of wings fluttering. It was Bluebird. "Come and smell the flowers," she called to her friend, who chirped and whistled. He landed next to her and stuck his beak into a few of the flowers. Bluebell started to laugh. "Look at your beak. Itís covered with orange pollen too."

As Bluebell wiped the pollen off with a violet petal, Bluebird spotted something wiggling in the grass a few feet away. His eyes lit up and he tiptoed silently towards it. There sat a plump, juicy worm. Bluebird grabbed it in his beak and gobbled it down. When he finished, he rubbed his tummy and hopped back over to Bluebell. She was standing very still and in the palm of her hand was a ladybug with big black spot. "Look, Bluebird. Itís a ladybug." She reached over and rubbed its soft head. Its long antenna tickled her face and she started to laugh. When the ladybug saw Bluebird, it opened its red wings and flew off, afraid it might be eaten.

The fairy climbed onto Bluebirdís back. "Take me back to the willow tree," she said. Bluebird flew into the sky. "Wheee," shouted Bluebell. She held on tightly to Bluebirdís feathers and looked down at Periwinkle Glen. "I see bright red tulips, and daffodils that are the color of honey. I can see yellow roses with pink centers and lots of big bumblebees. Oh, Bluebird, look at the mushrooms with umbrella caps and snails with shells," she called out.

Bluebird landed on the branch near his nest. The fairy climbed off and sat down on the branch. "We live in a lovely glen, donít we?" she asked and Bluebird whistled a pretty little tune.

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