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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Rose, the Fairy

In Butterfly Woods, a meadow surrounded by aspen, birch and ferns, lived a group of fairies. Each fairy had a job to do in the woods. Amber's job was to take care of the baby bumblebees. Jade's job was to take care of the baby birds and make sure they didn't fall out of their nests. Clover's job was to help the butterflies burst from their cocoons and make sure they flew away safely. Pansy's job was to help the tadpoles until they turned into frogs and Rose's job was to make sure every wild rose in the woods had soft, velvety petals.

Her wings were the color of a pretty pink rose and her hair golden, like the centers. Her shoes were green, like the rosebush leaves and her eyes twinkled like the sun. Every morning Rose flew around the meadow, checking each rose to make sure its petals were soft and silky and smelled like perfume.

One morning she woke up to find the wind howling through the woods. The aspen's leaves quaked and quivered. The birch bent over and the ferns rattled up and down. She watched Jade rush off to save the baby bird that were blown from their nests. Amber fought with the wind, trying to help the baby bumblebees that couldn't make it back to the beehive on their own. Clover guarded the cocoons, hoping no butterflies chose this moment to burst from their silky homes. Pansy stayed near the water, telling the tadpoles to hide under the lily pads until the storm passed.

Rose flew from one rose to another, horrified when the wind blew some petals off the roses. She gathered them up and took them away, hiding them under the toadstool until the storm had passed.

After a few hours, the wind died down. The rain stopped and the scent of freshness filled the woods. The puddled raindrops dripped onto the leaves, piled high on the ground. The animals came out of hiding and sipped the water. A rainbow stretched across the sky from one end to the other.

Rose shook her wet wings off and went to check on the roses. After a rainfall, their scent was always stronger. She stroked the petals and shook the raindrops from them. When she was sure all the wild roses were out of danger, she flew back to the toadstool. A furry mouse came out from beneath one of the roots and ran over to Rose. She handed her the petal and the mouse disappeared. Rose knew she was using them for beds for her baby mice.

Once again the baby bumblebees took flight. The butterflies hatched from their cocoons. The tadpoles swam around the pond and the baby birds tweeted in their nests, anxious for their mama's to bring them a fat worm.

Rose smiled. All was well in Butterfly Woods once again.

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