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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
A Garden of Moonbeams

Brock looked up at the midnight sky. “Isn't it a lovely night tonight, Warren? The stars are so bright.”

“There are a million of them up there. Where do they all come from?” Warren sniffed a yellow rosebud.

“I don't know,” Brock said.

“What is that?” Warren fluttered his fairy wings.

“It looks like a falling star and it's headed right for us.” Brock grabbed Warren and pulled him out of the way just as the star hit the ground. “Whew, that was close.”

“I've never seen a falling star before. What should we do with it?” Warren walked closer to the glowing object.

“It glows bright yellow, just like a real star. It's not as big as I thought it would be,” Brock said.

“Maybe we should throw it back into the sky,” Warren said.

“Maybe we should plant it in the ground and see what happens. All we have to do is cover it with dirt.” Brock fell to his knees.

“Good idea. At least I think it's a good idea.” Warren knelt next to the other fairy.

They scooped dirt on top of it and then stood. “It's done. Let's leave it until tomorrow night and come back. I'll race you to the tulip garden.” Brock flew away.

“Wait for me,” Warren called and darted after Brock.

They flew above the meadow, keeping their watch on the sleeping animals. When they were sure all was well, they curled up inside a tulip and waited for the next sunset.

Warren woke up first and popped his head out of the tulip. “Brock, wake up. Let's go and see how our star is doing.”

Brock yawned and stretched his arms. “I hope we didn't hurt the star.”

The two fairies flew into the woods and landed in the spot where they'd buried the star. “Look! There are plants all over the place and each of them is growing a star. Wow! This is the best thing I've ever seen or done.” Warren giggled.

“Star flowers. They're beautiful,” Brock said.

Just then the sky lit up above their heads. A white glow floated from the moon towards them on a moonbeam. “Who is that?” Warren ran and hid.

“I'm the Man in the Moon.”

Warren and Brock saw the shape of a man with a kind smile and twinkling eyes. “Hello, Man in the Moon.”

“I've come to collect my stars,” he winked.

“You mean you want our star flowers?” Brock moved closer to the plants.

“You caught a falling star and you buried it. That's the way stars grow. My job is to gather them and take them back to the heavens where they can twinkle every night for all to see. Thank you, fairies. Whenever you see a falling star, find it and plant it. I'll find you, don't worry.” The Man in the Moon gathered all the stars and put them in his pocket. “Until next time.” He winked and floated back to the sky on a moonbeam.

The two fairies waved. “I'm going to watch for falling stars every night. There can never be enough stars in the sky, can there, Brock?”

Brock slipped his arm around his friend. “No, Warren, the stars are needed to light the night sky.” They looked up at the moon and saw the Man in the Moon wink at them from afar. “Goodnight Man in the Moon.” And they went to search for more falling stars.

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