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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Fairies Three

Iris, Daisy and Rose flew over to the castle. The king had called for his three fairies and there was no time to delay.

“Iris,” the king said to the blue fairy, “you are to go and find me the most beautiful flower in my kingdom. Tomorrow is the princess's birthday and I want her to have something lovely to look at when she wakes up.”

Iris flew out through the castle window and began her search.

“Daisy, since you are as yellow as the sun, I want you to go and find me the juiciest lemon in my kingdom. The princess loves lemons. Find a juicy one for her birthday.”

Daisy flew out through the window and began her search.

“Rose, since you are as pink as my little princess's cheeks, I want you to go and find me the most aromatic fragrance in my kingdom.”

Rose flew out through the window and began her search.

The three fairies returned to the castle, but with empty hands. “What is this? Where is my flower, my lemon and my fragrance?” The king adjusted his royal crown.

“Dear King, a dragon has moved into your land and it blows fire on everything in its path. We have no way to stop it. We are not magic fairies,” Rose said.

The king went to a wooden chest that stood on the floor not far from his royal throne. He opened the lid and pulled out three magic wands. Handing one to each fairy, the king said, “These are for you. Go now and bring me back my flower, lemon and fragrance.”

“But king, what of the dragon?” Daisy fluttered above him.

“Use your magic wand and turn it into a toad.” The king dismissed them.

A few hours later the fairies returned. Iris presented the king with the most beautiful flower he'd ever seen. It was deep purple with touches of gold on the edge and in the middle.

Daisy handed him a plump juicy lemon.

Rose put a bottle of heavenly fragrance down on the table and then pulled a jar out from behind her back. “This is for you,” Rose said.

“There's a toad in this jar. Wherever did you get this and why did you give it to me? The princess will have no use for a toad.” The king looked at Rose.

Rose blushed and giggled and winked at the king. “I just used a little magic,” and then she flew away. Iris and Daisy followed.

The king roared with laughter. “So, you're the dragon. I'm sure you'll love living in our royal pond, eating mosquitoes and flies.” He went out into the garden and let the toad go. It hopped onto a lily pad and croaked.

The next day the princess celebrated her birthday. She loved her gifts, the flower, the lemon, and the fragrance, but most of all, she loved listening to the toad croaking in the pond.

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