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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis

Mac and Jan's favorite food was donuts. They didn't care if they were chocolate covered, sprinkled with colored sprinkles, or dripping with sugary icing. They'd eat any kind of donut, even plain ones. Mac would even eat donuts that were two days old.

They loved to drink lemonade with their donuts. The more sour it was, the more they drank. Sometimes they drank so much that they were grumpy all day long because they were so full of sour lemons.

One day a fairy walked past. Jan and Mac were sitting on the front porch. The fairy ran over to Jan. "Can I have a bite of your donut?"

Jan pulled her arm away and held the donut close to her. "No. It's my donut."

"Can I have a drink of your lemonade?" The fairy pleaded for a sip.

"No! It's my lemonade. You can't have any." Jan scowled and drank all of the lemonade.

The fairy moved closer to Mac. "Can I have a drink of your lemonade?"

Mac looked over at Jan. Jan shook her head no. Mac turned to the fairy. "No. It's my donut. You can't have a bite and you can't have any of my lemonade."

The fairy frowned. She lowered her head and flew away, landing on the branch of a maple tree. "Those children are greedy. They eat too much sugar and drink too much lemonade. It's no wonder they're so sour." She watched from above as Jan and Mac shoved donuts in their mouths, making a mess all over their hands and their clothes. "I think I should teach them a lesson. I will turn them into a donut for one day." She raised her wand and flicked it back and forth. Poof! Jan and Mac turned into a donut.

The fairy flew down to them. She laughed and turned the huge donut onto its side. Jan and Mac's eyes and mouths bumped and bashed as the fairy rolled the donut down the street. All day long she taunted them. "You should have given me a bite of your donut. You're very greedy children. Maybe the next time someone asks, you'll share."

The next day Jan and Mac turned back into children. Their mama gave them a bag of donuts. They sat outside on the porch and ate one. "I don't feel like eating donuts any more," Mac said.

"Me neither," said Jan.

From that day on they never ate another donut, or drank another glass of lemonade. Instead they ate carrots and celery sticks, or cheese and drank milk or water and they always shared whenever anyone asked for a bite.

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