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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Dragon and the Bird

Jokan, the dragon, had green scales all over his body. Spikes grew down his back, from his neck to the tip of his tail. His tummy was a bit on the plump side, and that was from eating so many blackberries. Oh yes, blackberries were Jokan's favorite food. While most of the other dragons ate cows and deer and bears, Jokan ate the blackberries. That wasn't the only thing about Jokan that was different. Jokan had a pet bird named Twitters. Twitters had light brown feathers on her back and wings and a soft, red belly and beak.

Whenever Jokan went flying around in search of blackberries, Twitters came with him. The two would soar high above the glen, looking for bushes growing along the banks of rivers and streams. Twitters liked blackberries too, but her favorite were red currants.

One misty morning, Jokan yawned and puffs of smoke belched from his nostrils. Twitters fluffed up her feathers and stretched her wings. She peeked out of the cave and knew they couldn't go hunting for blackberries and red currants as long as the mist covered the land, so she went out to find a worm. While she was gone, Jokan paced back and forth. He heard a noise coming from high atop one of the mountains. When he looked up, he saw a black dragon flying around.

Instantly Jokan worried about Twitters. She was out there somewhere, not safe and protected. What if the black dragon saw the bird? Jokan ran into the woods searching for Twitters. He called her name softly, so the black dragon wouldn't hear. The sound of dragon wings flapping grew louder. Jokan looked up and saw that the dragon was indeed Grayson, the meanest dragon in all of Scotland. Grayson wouldn't hesitate to eat every last Highland cow in the land.

Grayson landed in the meadow, just outside the woods. Jokan could barely make out his location because of the mist. The black dragon walked around, searching for something to eat. Just then Jokan saw Twitters. She was flying above Grayson, holding a plump worm in her beak. Jokan wanted to call out, but instead he stood still, biting his claws. What should he do? An idea came to him. He ran across the meadow and stood right in front of Grayson.

Grayson was somewhat surprised to see the green dragon.  He was much larger than Jokan too. He breathed a stream of fire at the other dragon, showing he was in charge. Jokan ducked and ran back into the woods. Grayson chased him around the trees and boulders.

Twitters heard the commotion and looked down. She could barely see through the mist, but noticed something big and black was chasing her friend. She gobbled her worm and flew back to help Jokan. Twitters grabbed hold of the branch of a willow tree. She made sure it was firm and flew up into the tree top with the branch held in her beak.

Jokan ran past, followed by the black dragon. When Grayson ran under the tree, Twitters let go of the branch. It flew in a jerking motion down toward the black dragon and hit it, knocking him across the glen. He bumped into a rock and was knocked out.

Jokan saw what Twitters had done. The bird flew down and landed on the dragon's head. They ran back to their cave, leaving the unconscious dragon in the woods.

From then on Twitters promised never to go into the woods or anywhere else by herself. Later that day the mist lifted and she and Jokan flew off to find some blackberries and red currants. They gathered as many as they could carry and took them back to the safety of the cave and feasted on them for dinner. With berry juice-stained lips and beak, the dragon and bird curled up in the back of the cave and fell fast asleep.

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