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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Crawford Family goes on Holiday

Chapter One

ďFiona, weíre going on holiday. Weíre going to drive up the coast and stop at all the little towns on the way!Ē My mum came into my room and was so excited. I didnít know how much fun that was going to be. Driving for a week with Ethan in the car crying and Alec hitting me isnít something I look forward to, but I tried to act excited. At least weíd get to stay in a hotel and go swimming and eat out all the time.

Chapter Two

It took us a whole day to pack the car. Mum wanted to take all of Ethanís toys, but Dad wouldnít let her. She took some toy cars and rattles for him. Once the car was packed, Dad had to go around the house and make sure everything was unplugged. Ethan sat in his car seat between Alec and me. Dad drove the car for a long time before we stopped. The stars and moon were out. Mum made Dad stop at motel for the night. I was glad! 

Chapter Three

The next morning we drove again. We didnít drive all day. We stopped at a beach. Dad let us run around. I picked up three seashells. Alec saw a piece of wood. Mum said it was driftwood. Dad told Alec to keep it and when they got home, he would help him carve it. All Ethan did was get sand in his mouth and his shoes wet. He liked to chase the sea birds into the water. Mum took his shoes off and we got back in the car.

Chapter Four

We ate out all the time at restaurants. Ethan cried because he wanted a peanut butter sandwich. One night we had lobster. Dad dipped his in melted butter, but Mum didnít. Ethan ate chips and fish bites. Alec ate scallops. I donít know what a scallop is. One day we ate clam chowder and another time we ate pizza, Alecís favorite. Mum said she couldnít wait to go home and eat home-cooked food.

Chapter Five

We went to a museum. It had fishing boats in it. Some were old and broken. A man told us about a storm that killed a lot of fishermen. Next to the museum was a lighthouse. We climbed to the top and looked out. The man told us that the lighthouse used to have candles, but now they have electric lights. I liked the museum. I learned a lot of things about the sea.

Chapter Six

Farthingham Park was a lot of fun. We went on a roller coaster and carousel. Mum didnít want to go on the roller coaster, so dad took us, while Mum took Ethan on the carousel. I thought it looked fun to go on the horses. They went up and down and played loud music. We had cotton candy and snow cones. Alec cried because he wanted to go on the roller coaster again and Dad said no. Instead they went on a ride that spun in circles and Alec got sick.

Chapter Seven

We had to drive a long way to get home. It was a fun trip. We saw a lot of beaches and I collected a lot of shells. Ethan cried a lot on the way home. Mum got a headache. Dad wasnít happy when we got a flat tire. Everyone had to get out of the car and wait while he changed it in the rain. Iím glad we are home now. I hope the next time we go on a holiday that Ethan is bigger and we donít have to drive so far.

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