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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Crawford Family goes Shopping

Chapter One

Our favorite place to shop is the Farmerís Market. We go there every Saturday morning and then after that we go to other stores. The Farmerís Market sells all kinds of fruits, vegetables, rice, pastas, and meat. My favorite thing to see there is the fish. They have snapper, halibut, crab, lobster, trout, and ten kinds of shrimp. They also sell cheeses. I like cheddar, but my dad likes Edam. Mum loves to eat Assagio cheese and any other cheese that comes from Italy. I didnít know there were so many different kinds of cheese. They sell spices and herbs too. I like to smell them all; they come in a lot of different colors. I think the mint smells the best and oregano reminds me of my granís house. They have a fruit called sapote and one called tamarillo. I like mangoes and guava and dried dates. Alec likes Mum to buy him Brazil nuts; those are his favorite. We always buy good things to eat there.

Chapter Two

We also go shopping at a regular grocery store. Mum and Dad buy canned goods, bread, and macaroni and cheese for Alec and me. Ethanís baby food comes from the grocery store. It comes in little round jars. He loves squash. Itís orange and tastes bad to me. I like wheat bread with a lot of sunflower seeds and grains. Mum loves that kind too, but Alec will only eat white bread, so we have to buy some just for him. Dad likes raisin bread. Alec and I get our cereal here. I like the kind with fruity flavors. Alec likes sugar-coated cereal but Mum doesnít let him get it very often.

Chapter Three

If we donít buy frozen things at the grocery store, we usually go over to one of the big discount stores. Dad always looks at computers and televisions. Mum goes to the book section with Ethan. Alec and I walk around and get free samples of food. I love it when they give out free chocolate ťclairs that are frozen with ice cream in the middle. Dad says we can get things cheaper here, so we go here a lot and buy a whole lot at one time.

Chapter Four

Sometimes, when we have extra time and Mum and Dad are in a good mood and Ethan isnít fussing, we go to the home improvement store. Dad is always doing things around the house to fix it up. He buys paint. I looked at the paint colors and there are a lot of them. I like Caribbean blue. My dad said heíd paint my room any color I wanted. Mum wants new cabinets in the kitchen and Dad wants a new shower. I looked at the cost of things and they are all very expensive. There are tools, and paint brushes, and pipes, and mirrors and electrical wires there. It isnít my favorite store.

Chapter Five

Mum likes to go to the craft store. She likes to sew and sometimes she buys fabric. Once she made a quilt for my bed. She also likes to paint statues and do scrapbooks for Ethan. Dad and Alec donít enjoy going to the craft store. They sit in the car and wait for us. I think I will do scrapbooks too. There are a lot of flowers in there. I like the eucalyptus. They smell nice.

Chapter Six

Ethan loves to play with toys so we go to the toy store a lot. I think Ethan has too many toys. Heís got blocks, toy trucks, stuffed teddy bears, rattles, and all sorts of other toys. His crib is full of stuffed animals, but Mum likes to buy him more. At the toy store Alec and I run off and look at things we like. I always look at dolls. I have a few dolls, but always want another. Alec looks at video games. Heís got a lot of them already. Dad and Mum bought Ethan a red fire engine. It runs along the floor and makes siren noises. I think it will give Dad a headache, but they bought it anyway.

Chapter Seven

When we are done shopping, it is always nice to get home. We all have to carry in bags. Dad carries the heavy ones and Mum carries Ethan. Alec and I have to carry most of the bags. We take them in the house and have to unload them all and put them away. I do enjoy shopping, but Iím glad we only go once a week.

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