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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Crawford Family's Favorite Foods

Chapter One

My favorite food to eat is sausage rolls. I love them. My mum makes the best sausage rolls in the whole world. She rolls out the pastry and cuts it into squares and then puts some sausage in the middle and rolls it back up. She bakes them in the oven and when they are cooking, I canít wait until they come out of the oven. I love to dip my sausage rolls into catsup and honey mustard. I also love to eat chocolate ice cream. I like it more if it has walnuts in it, or any kind of nut. I donít like peanuts and I donít like fish.

Chapter Two

My mumís favorite food is quiche. I think quiche is a grown up food. My mum makes good crust for quiche too. She rolls it out and puts it in the pan and then she mixes up a whole lot of eggs. She chops onions, mushrooms, broccoli, and even spinach, and then puts it in with the eggs. Sometimes she adds bits of chicken or ham and then she sticks it in the oven and the eggs get hard. It smells good and sometimes I want to taste it, but then I remember it has spinach in it and I donít like spinach. My mum loves ice cream too, but she loves to eat banana splits. She cuts a banana in half and puts it in the dish. She then puts two scoops of vanilla ice cream on top and then covers it with caramel topping and whipped cream. I once heard my mum say she doesnít like liver and onions. I donít like that either.

Chapter Three

Dad likes almost all the food that Mum makes. He eats every single thing she cooks. I know he loves steak with potatoes and corn and mince and tatties and haggis. He also loves meat pies and chips and fish. Sometimes my dad eats a whole onion to himself. He breaks it up into pieces and dips in gooey flour mixed with water and then fries it. I donít like onions that much! Dad will eat any kind of ice cream, but I know he likes raspberry ripple the most. He always gets that when we go out to the soda shop. I did hear him say once that he didnít like popcorn. The rest of the family loves popcorn. Dad even likes liver and onions. Gross!

Chapter Four

Alec is like my dad. He will eat any food that Mum makes. I think his favorite food is pizza. He likes cheese pizza with olives and mushrooms on it. When we go out to dinner and have pizza, he gets one all to himself. I could never eat that much pizza. Alec also loves potato crisps and spaghetti. He likes curry from the Fish and Chip shop. Mum says he needs to stop eating so much junk food and eat more vegetables. I did see Alec eat peas and beans from our garden, so he does eat healthy sometimes. He loves butter pecan ice cream. Mum tells him not to eat so much. He would eat it for breakfast if Mum let him, but she doesnít. I know Alec doesnít like liver and onions and he will not eat cucumbers. I love cucumbers.

Chapter Five

Ethan is still a baby. He is big enough now to eat normal food, as long as it is mashed up into small pieces. Ethan loves to eat bananas. Mum smashes them up all gooey and he picks it up with his fingers and makes a mess. Ethan makes a mess with all his food. One time Dad gave him some spaghetti. Ethan started to laugh and threw it all over the table and all over Dad. I think Ethanís favorite food is applesauce with raisins. He does not like peas! When Mum gives him peas, he picks them up with his chubby fingers and drops them on the floor next to his high chair.

Chapter Six

During the holidays we have special foods. Mum makes ham for Easter. She bakes hot cross buns and tiny potatoes. We have chocolate eggs and Mum lets us decorate them with our names and flowers and things. We go to the park and roll the boiled eggs down the hill. By the time they get to the bottom, they are all broken to pieces. At the end of the year, during the holidays, we have a lot of roast beef. We all like roast beef. Sometimes we have ham too and even roasted pork or duck. Mum is a good cook. Our family eats most of the things she fixes, as long as it isnít spinach, liver and onions, or brussel sprouts.

Chapter Seven

Sometimes Mum and Dad bring food home. Every person in our house likes Chinese food and curry. It comes in little white boxes. Ethan loves the rice. He picks the little white rice grains up with his fingers and sometimes it sticks to them and he canít get it off; even when he shakes his hand and cries. I love sweet and sour chicken. Alec loves lemon chicken. Mum loves egg foo yong and Dad loves moo goo gai pan. It is tasty and filling too.

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