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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Crawford Family Garden

Chapter One

When it is spring, the flowers bloom and all sorts of bugs come out. This is the best time of year. I love dragonflies and in spring there are a lot of them flying around. My mum loves spring too. That means it is time to plant our garden. Dad helps dig up the dirt and so does Alec. Ethan plays in the dirt and eats it. Mum has to pick rocks out of his mouth. Mum and I plant the seeds and cover them with more dirt.

Chapter Two

Dad gave me a packet of carrot seeds and told me how to plant them. Mum took a packet of watermelon seeds. Ethan loves watermelon. Mum planted pumpkin, squash, and green beans. I planted the peas, corn and brussel sprouts. I donít like brussel sprouts, but Mum and Dad do. It was a lot of hard work for our whole family, except Ethan. Mum put him in the bath while Dad and Alec put sticks in the ground with little signs to tell what seeds were in which row.

Chapter Three

Each day we had to take turns going out to water the garden. I had to stand with the hose in my hand and put a spray on the end of it. Water went all over the garden. The dirt smelled nice. Each day we have to keep the seeds wet, and hope the sun shines down on them so they will start to grow. Mum said to make sure I didnít give them too much water or too little water or they would not grow.

Chapter Four

One day I went out to the garden and there were a lot of little green things poking through the dirt. Our seeds were growing! The corn poked out of the ground and was the tallest of all the plants. The peas, watermelon, pumpkin, squash and green beans were growing too. Even the brussel sprouts were shooting up from the dirt. I wish the brussel sprouts hadnít grown. I hate brussel sprouts and donít want Mum to make me eat them.

Chapter Five

Every day our vegetables are growing more and more. The watermelon, pumpkin and squash are spreading on vines all over the garden. The peas and green beans are growing up sticks that Dad put in the ground next to them. We have to keep the pods out of the dirt or they wonít grow. The corn is as high as my knees now and I canít wait to eat corn on the cob. The brussel sprouts are doing best of all, so Mum says.

Chapter Six

The summer is passing quickly. All the vegetables in the garden are big now. There are lots of peas growing on the stem. I pick them sometimes when I am out in the garden watering them. They are good and tasty. The green beans are long and fat. Mum says they will be ready to pick first. The corn is as tall as my shoulders now and little corn cobs are growing. There are pumpkins and watermelon and squash all over. They take up most of the garden. The brussel sprouts are growing too. I can see them on the stem.

Chapter Seven

Summer is over. We have eaten all the green beans and peas now. Mum picked the brussel sprouts and put them in the freezer so we can have during the winter. Dad picked the corn on the cob and we had some, but the rest they took off the cob and put in the freezer for later too. The watermelons grew huge. Ethan and Alec ate a whole watermelon by themselves. We gave all of our squash away to our friends and family. None of us like squash, but it is fun to grow. The pumpkins are orange now and Dad put them in the cellar to use for the holidays. We had a great garden this year!

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