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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Crawford Family goes to the Zoo

Chapter One

Today our family is going to the zoo. It is ten kilometers from our house so we have to drive in the family car. My dad has his own car, but we all drove in the family car. It is silver. Ethan has to sit in a car seat, but Alec and I donít have to. We put on our seatbelts and sit in the back seat. Sometimes we fight, so Mum put me on one side of the car seat and Alec on the other. When we got to the zoo we had to pay money to park in the parking lot. Mum grabbed Ethanís stroller and we headed for the main entrance.

Chapter Two

I got to help take turns pushing Ethanís stroller. Ethan loves being in his stroller. I pushed him right up to the elephants. Alec wanted to give the elephants some peanuts to eat but Dad said no. It is dangerous to feed the animals in the zoo. They can only eat things that the zookeepers give them. We saw two elephants. Both of them were gray and had big ears and tusks and a long trunk. Ethan laughed when he saw the elephants swinging their trunks back and forth.

Chapter Three

My mum pushed Ethanís stroller up a hill. The lions and tigers were in a building at the top. One of the lions roared and it scared Ethan. I saw the sharp teeth and claws. I am glad lions and tigers are in cages. My dad showed us the tigerís stripes. I think tigers are pretty. I like their orange fur with black stripes. Alec liked the lionís fluffy mane.

Chapter Four

When Alec took his turn pushing the stroller we went to see the bears. Black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears and polar bears stood in their cages. Each of them had a pool of water to swim in and a cave to sleep in. I liked the polar bears the best because there was a baby polar bear with its mum. The babyís name was Iceberg. Ethan liked looking at the bears.

Chapter Five

Dad took his turn with the stroller. We stopped and had lunch. I donít like hot dogs so I ate a ham sandwich. Alec, Mum and Dad all ate hot dogs. Ethan ate a cheese sandwich that Mum had brought in a bag. While we were eating lunch, we heard the sea lions. They barked like a dog. Dad bought us each a snow cone. I got a blue one that tasted like raspberry. We walked down to the sea lion display and watched them splashing and swimming. Ethan loved the sea lions.

Chapter Six

While we were at the zoo we saw penguins, zebra, hippopotamus, snakes, camels and lizards. Dad pushed the stroller the rest of the time. Ethan started to cry, so Mum picked him up and carried him. I was tired and wanted to get in the stroller, but I am too big! Mum let each of us buy something at the zoo gift shop. Alec bought a rubber snake. I bought a stuffed koala. Ethan picked out a squeaky rubber hippopotamus. Every time Mum squeezed it, Ethan laughed.

Chapter Seven

We left the zoo and walked to our silver car. All of us were tired. Ethan fell asleep as soon as Mum put him in the car seat. As we drove home I closed my eyes and thought about all the animals. I think the penguins are my favorite animal in the zoo. I like the way they eat fish and dive into the water and waddle when they walk. It was a fun day at the zoo.

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