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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Crawford Family goes out to Dinner and a Movie

Chapter One

One day Dad came home from work and told us to get dressed. He was taking us out to dinner and a movie. We had to wear our best clothes and take a shower. Alec put on his black suit and white shirt and tie. Mum dressed in a pretty pink dress and put Ethan in a jacket and shorts. I had to wear a yellow dress and bow in my hair. Dad looked nice. He wore a tuxedo. Mum said he was handsome.

Chapter Two

We went to a nice restaurant. Dad had made reservations earlier in the day. A man showed us our table and got a high chair for Ethan. He gave us each a menu and gave Ethan a piece of paper and crayons to draw with. Dad ordered some filet mignon. Mum ordered escargot. They looked like snails to me. Alec wanted fish and chips, but they didn’t serve that there. He ended up with spaghetti bolognaise. I wanted a cheeseburger, but Mum made me order chicken cordon blue. It tasted all right. Ethan had some of Alec’s spaghetti. For dessert we had banana cheesecake and I liked that.

Chapter Three

After dinner Mum had to take Ethan into the bathroom and wash his hands. He had spaghetti all over his clothes too. She was not happy that his jacket was dirty. We drove to the movie theater. Mum and Dad didn’t know what movie to take us to. There were twenty movies playing in one cinema. Mum wanted to see one movie and Dad wanted to see another. They ended up picking one I wanted to see called “Igloo and Snowflake”, a movie about two penguins.

Chapter Four

When the movie started, Ethan cried. He wanted popcorn. Dad had to go and stand in a long line. When he came back, Ethan was happy. He dropped most of it on the floor and threw some in a lady’s hair. Alec spilled his drink and it ran all over the floor. I sat and watched Igloo and Snowflake splash in the water and slide down an iceberg. I giggled. Dad’s pants were sticky because he sat on a chair with bubblegum stuck to it. Mum had to keep getting up and going out with Ethan. She said we should have stayed home and rented a dvd.

Chapter Five

When we left the movie, it was dark outside. Ethan was tired and yawned all the time. Mum put him in his car seat and he fell asleep. It was quiet in the car. Dad asked if we wanted to go for a ride since the baby was sleeping. I said yes. We drove up to the top of a hill and parked the car. We could see the whole city. I saw a lot of yellow lights and red ones too. It was pretty. Other people parked there too. When Ethan woke up, Mum said we had to go home.

Chapter Six

Dad drove fast because Ethan kept crying. Mum remembered they were out of milk, so Dad stopped at the grocery store. He let me go inside the store with him. We bought milk and bread and a box of cereal for breakfast. When we got back to the car, Ethan was asleep again and so was Alec. Dad put the groceries in the back of the car and we went home.

Chapter Seven

Mum carried Ethan in and put him in his crib. Dad made Alec wake up and walk in by himself. He was so sleepy that he went to bed with his clothes on. Mum had to go in later and take off his shoes and his suit. I gave my mum and dad a hug and told them thank you for the nice dinner and the movie and for taking us for a drive to see the lights of the city. Dad was happy that I hugged him. Mum and Dad went to bed too. They were both tired. I don’t think we’ll go to dinner and movie again for a long time, at least not until Ethan is much older.

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