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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
A Lazy Day

A Lazy Day

It was one of those days that youíd call perfect. The sun was shining, puffy white clouds floated lazily across a blue sky, and it was just the right temperature. Not many days like this happened in the savanna, so the animals enjoyed it. The hippopotamus waddled into the river and splashed about, sinking down under the water. The only thing you could see was their ears, eyes, and tops of their heads. Fish jumped out of the water and then dove down to the reeds that lined the riverbed. Butterflies spread their wings and fluttered from flower to flower. Dragonflies danced through the trees, enjoying the summer day.

Chike, Juma, Chiamaka, Kisha, Faraji, and Jabari sat among the grasses lining the riverbank. They watched the hippos playing in the water. "Do you think one of those hippos could swallow me?" Jabari wondered.

"I donít think they could swallow a whole lion," Chike replied, "but they could eat a monkey like me."

Faraji croaked. His tongue flew out of his mouth and wrapped around a fly that was buzzing near his face. GULP! "Hippos are vegetarians," he said.

The two mice started to squeak. "Thatís good. Iíll bet a hippo could fit a hundred mice in its fat belly," Keisha laughed.

"I feel lazy today," the monkey said. "My mom took Chipo to find some bananas. I didnít want to go with them. Iím glad I didnít. Now I can sit by the river with my friends."

Juma yawned. A growl came out of his mouth. "Itís nice to have friends, isnít it? We can sit together and enjoy a beautiful day. We donít have to do anything else except be ourselves. I love living in the savanna. One day, when Iím not a cub anymore, I want to do some exploring. I hear thereís a great mountain north of here. Maybe Iíll go there and see what itís like, but for now, Iím content where I am."

All day long they sat at the river. It was just one of those lazy days where friends should enjoy each others company not doing anything at all.

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