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Kentucky Journal
January 10th

I have been hugely busy working on the site so not had much time to do anything else.  However the younger members of the extended family came around last night to invite me out to play in all the snow we've had in the last 24 hours.  I admit to declining the invitation but did pop out to take a few pictures of their antics...

You can see from these pictures it was quite a heavy fall of snow we had

Even the cats were out enjoying it!

But one cat (Dip) decided it was far too cold outside :-)

Danielle and Laura came visiting with giant snowballs then Zack made an appearance

And then Jonathan turned up!

And a special pose for the special photographer! :-)

A picture of the Gauntlet game they are playing on the TV and A special plea for some Hot Chocolate PLEASE!!!

And Deb kindly agrees to make the Hot Chocolate!

They've collapsed in exhaustion?  Oh no they haven't!

A special pose from Jonathan...Hollywood is beckoning!

Spot the cats... Err the real ones I mean! :-) Top Left - Dip, Middle - Lou Lou, Right - Bandito and Bottom - Tiger

And while this was all going on Steve and Dev are playing a marathon computer game. It's now Steve's turn while Deb takes a wee nap on the couch :-)  And of course as usual I was working!

And in the morning it was all sunshine and looking real pretty!

We had a couple of giant 14" pizzas last night. Needless to say I only managed a couple of slices so plenty left for today (10th).  When I got up Deb kindly made eggs, ham and French toast for breakfast and I got to put maple syrup on my French toast which is something I'd never do in Scotland.  I admit to still having problems eating with just a fork and in my lap so I usually compromise and lift my keyboard off my wee desk and eat on that.  I still think the Americans need a special fork with one side a bit sharper to cut through everything and a larger handle so you can apply more pressure.  Guess I'll just have to try and educate them into using a knife and fork!  :-)

Deb has volunteered to give me her special recipe for Egg Nog to share with our extended family.  I do warn you that if you have high cholesterol you should avoid it like the plague!!! So if you are ready here it is...

4 cups of French vanilla ice cream
1 cup of crushed ice
7 raw eggs
Tablespoon of cinnamon
Tablespoon of sugar
Quarter cup of Vanilla flavouring
Half teaspoon of Nutmeg
1 cup of milk
Half cup to full cup of Rum (optional as without it Kids could enjoy it as well)

The just put it all in a blender and get blending.

Note that these are not totally exact measurements as Deb says she just knows how much to put in of what and she also notes that if using fresh nutmeg you might want to use less.

We all seem to be sneezing a lot right now... it started with the cats then we all got on the band wagon and started sneezing as well.  Mind you everyone has had the flu apart from myself that is.  Obviously all that good Scottish air has given me protection as well as my hardy Highland upbringing [grin].

I've been giving Deb a row lately for the mess in her Truck!  Just a few days ago I cleaned out all the empty cans and bottles and last night had to go down for some milk and it's all full again!!! 

Deb and Steve have taken a couple of days out to play a computer game and they seem to be going at it non stop.  When Steve has to rest Deb takes over and on thy go.  It's a Play station game called "Gauntlet" and they do seem to be hooked on it.  I remember one night Deb played through to 8am in the morning.

On the cat side... Dip has been in the dog house (or should that be the cat house?).  She's decided to poop on the floor instead of the littler box so has been chucked outside as a punishment.  I would add that she's taken to meet me outside the bathroom door when I get up in the morning and I did wonder where she was this morning so now I know! :-)

The one male cat (Fats) is also in trouble as he decided to "Spray" his territory and that being inside the house it was a touch smelly for a while.  Bandito is not feeling too well and looks a wee bit off balanced when she's walking.  Tiger has decided she needs more food and when she finds an extra snack is hissing away at the others to keep them clear.  Lou Lou looks to be pregnant and is deciding where to build her nest so is exploring all over the house.  So.. lots happening in the world of the cats :-)

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