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Kentucky Journal
December 19

Well today was an interesting one as I woke up to some 5 inches of snow lying on the ground.  That explained the weird noise I heard during the night which must have been the snow clearing wagon coming through.

As you know my desk is situated right next to the kitchen so there has been a really good smell coming from it all day... the cooking of soup beans!!!  Now while I remember here is the recipe...

You take a large pot and half fill it with pinto beans.  You let them soak for 24 hours.  You then pour out the water and wash them in fresh water and then fill the pot to the top with water.  You then cook them for around 1 hour when you need to skim the froth from the top.  After about 3 hours you then add one cup of bacon fat and half a cup of lard and then add salt to taste. Then after another two hours you then add 3 large sweet onions and 1 green pepper. After a further hour add 3 granny smith apples or equivalent. You then cook for another hour and then let it simmer until the juice gets real thick.

I'm told here they serve it with fried potatoes, sauerkraut (German pickled cabbage) and corn bread. A meal fit for a King! :-)

Today I got to taste a wee helping on it's own and it was excellent.. tomorrow night we get the full works! <grin>

I am told there are variations of this recipe and every family has their own favourite way of fixing them.  So a real cheap meal for families was often gravy and biscuits for breakfast and soup beans for dinner. Both actually filling and nutritious as well as being very economical.

We also got into discussions about what a Redneck and Hillbilly are.  Of course I am likely to get into trouble by revealing what I was told so I figured I might just keep the opinions to myself for the time being.  I am told that Steve is a genuine Hillbilly and Deb is also but she does say she's not a "hollar head" :-)  On Hillbilly day you all need to wear them boiler suits... they call them Bib Overalls here.

Laura (Deb's daughter) came home early from working at Wal-Mart due to the snow and her boyfriend John also left early where he works at the local cinema.  As a result they popped into see us and ordered up a pizza and I got a wee taste.  I have to say that they are far better here than in Scotland. A much thinner crust making it much tastier in my opinion.  In fact I'll likely have another one whereas in Scotland I really didn't like them that much.

I've also taken to smoking Doral cigarettes here from the R J Reynolds company. Now to really cheese folk off in the UK!  They are only $18.00 for a carton of 200!!! <grin>.  I was relating the price in Scotland which was around $56.00 so a mighty saving :-)

Today I got in the new site search engine software but we are having problems configuring it so tomorrow we'll read the manual for a change and see if we can't get it to work.  We also had some problems with the new postcard program.  We need PHP installed but the company tells us they couldn't get the script to run so something seems to be incorrect in the setup so tomorrow looks like being a busy work day.  We might just get to visit Pikeville which I'm told is now only 30 minutes drive from here.  They have just announced the contract for the remaining part of the four lane which should be completed by end of 2004.  That will make Pikeville closer in time to here than Williamson and they reckon Williamson is going to suffer as a result.

And here are a few photos for you...

The outside of Steve's house with Christmas lights and a close up of Tiger

Here is the other member of the cat family "Fatso" and just to prove it really was snowing today!

And Bandit and Dip who took the opportunity to grab my chair while I was out taking that last photo!

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