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Devolution & Independence
My own take on the state of the Scottish SNP Government.
Alastair McIntyre 4th March 2021

I am quite upset at the dishonesty in Scotland when it come to openness. I have always said that at the end of the day an Independent Scotland should be truly honest with its dealings and show ambition to promote Scotland to the world.

Right now an Independent Scotland under SNP leadership would be a disaster for Scotland as they are clearly not honest or competent.

Let's us look at the recent Sturgeon v Salmond enquiry. The Scottish Government won a majority to ask the SNP to make available the legal advice they got on this sad matter not just once but twice and yet only when a threat of a no confidence vote was threatened on John Swinney did he eventually make available a redacted version and only a little before Sturgeon went on the stand to answer questions.

Then we have the current situation where they are also refusing to release the report on the state of Education in Scotland and have now said it will only be released after the next election. I would understand this only if the report is not a good one for Scotland as why else would they delay it's publication?

What are they hiding? It's obvious to most that this SNP Government is no longer fit for purpose. In fact it's now being seen globally as a tin pot third world regime.

After 14 years in power they seem to have cowed both the law and journalists in that neither are also fit for purpose any more.

I don't mind if a government gets it wrong as long as they admit their mistakes and tell us how they intend to fix them. That's the honest thing to do but the SNP are clearly not honest.

In fact when it comes to the EU they clearly want to re-join as soon as possible despite all the problems the EU have with several countries looking at leaving the block and even Germans looking increasingly anxious to leave the EU themselves.

Right now the EU is in a mess and yet the SNP clearly ignore all that. I've also noticed that the SNP are uping their attacks on Westminster. I guess they figure the more they piss off the English they hope the English will vote to kick out Scotland. What they fail to realise is that if they succeed on that front then the English will also not wish to purchase Scottish goods or services. And let's not forget that Scotland exports to the rest of the UK is some 60% and then the US is in second place and the EU then comes up in third place.

And in 14 years of being in power what have they actually achieved? All I can see is a drive towards getting more power to the central Government and less power to our Councils and Police and Justice system. Where is the ambition for an Independent Scotland? What have they done to promote Scottish business and exports?

Considering they will lose the some 10 billion in the shared money they get from the UK Government how will they replace that?

They have shown absolutely nothing to suggest they have any talents to promote the country other than to run it down and make it a laughing stock around the world.

It's clear to me that the saying "The best of Scots have left Scotland and left the also rans behind" is increasingly true.

That's not to say of course that there aren't local Scots with real talent as there are but increasingly if they aren't SNP supporters they rarely get a look in.

The SNP has been a disaster for Scotland and why the significant number of SNP supporters haven't rebelled is beyond me. It must be because the news in Scotland is very much against Westminster and thus incapable of holding the SNP to account. Why is it that no newspapers in Scotland are asking the ackward questions? Like Scotland is now the drug capital of Europe. Homelessness is greater in Scotland than anywhere else in Europe. They can't even build a new hospital on budget and in time. The police in Scotland are probably the most ineffective in Europe due to centralisation. Our legal system is a disaster with Judges not fit for purpose and our legal system can't keep up with all the outstanding legal cases and is just getting worse.

Then where has all the extra money gone that they received from Westminster? At last account they can't explain where some 2.7 billion pounds has gone. At last account Scotland gets some 2,000 pounds more per head than they get in England but they get it as a block grant and while it is calculated to be risen for health, police, transport, etc. they are no rules on how it should be applied once the money arrives in Scotland.

There are just so many questions like how an independent Scotland will be independent under the EU which is not a democratic organisation. It's clear to me they will be rule takers under the EU and if you look at how the EU has treated Ireland recently you have to wonder if Scotland would fare any better.

Of course we do know why Sturgeon wants to be in the EU as an Independent country... it's because Sturgeon knows the SNP are incompetent and they'll need the EU to run lots of matters for them. That's even worse than being under Westminster.

And let's not forget the lessons under the Darien scheme and also how as a result Scotland joined with England and some years later became hugely successful in it's own right.

The Civil Service in Scotland are also seen as being biased and dishonest from the Salmond fiasco.

With Brexit now behind us Scotland continues to work on the premise that it will all go away instead of doing their best to take it in their stride and work to make a success of it. Yet in the Scottish Press there is rarely a mention of the some 60+ free trade deals that the UK has already signed with lots of promise of many more to come. The SNP are increasingly looking to be totally out of touch with reality and don't seem to understand where global trade is going in the world. By 2030 some 60% of the global middle class will be in Asia and that's where the UK are working very hard to be a part of.

So while Scotland is languishing in poverty and seems incapable of getting past this independence idea the world it moving on and leaving Scotland behind.

And let us remember that health equality is now worse in Scotland and our life expectancy is well down on the average in Europe. Poverty is rife in Scotland, and our social system is getting worse every year and yet far too many Scots see Sturgeon as doing no wrong and yet in actual fact she's been a disaster for Scotland.

We can't even build ships in Scotland and our wind turbines are all made outside Scotland.

And never mind the current pandemic where again secrecy has dealt a blow to Scots by ignoring the Nike outbreak in Edinburgh and the care homes scandal.

What has Scotland done well under Sturgeon? I can't think of anything at all. So why have Scots become so unambitious for their country? They simply lack honest information and instead just get biased information from journalists and Government. Even the new history curriculum in schools in Scotland is dishonest.

Why aren't we building the 5G network in Scotland and why aren't we moving to add electric re-charge stations throughout Scotland and why aren't wee looking to build electric cars in Scotland?

If you read just some of the history on Electric Scotland under the "Scots Diaspora" you'll be amazed what Scots have done and achieved in the world. This shows what Scots were capable of yet today we're s pale comparison to what we once were.

I say if you really want to be an Independent country then you need a new government and get rid of the dishonest SNP. And I respect Scots rights to suffer financially if they are successful in getting independence. After all that's what we got from Brexit. After all the doom and gloom predictions from the remainers the people of the UK were prepared to risk that to get out of the EU. I respect that and would also respect the Scots for also making that decision. BUT you do need to ask yourself if the rather incompetent and secretive SNP can deliver and do you really want to live under an autocratic SNP regime?

And to finish I would simply say that I'd be happy to receive any comments and information on how you think the SNP have done well for Scotland.

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